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by OPOVV, ©2013

Experimental aircraft developed by NASA

(Jul. 1, 2013) — What is it, what do you think our greatest export is? The cynics would answer it’s the almighty dollar, the American Greenback being spread around like rose petals before a conquering enemy; a few billion to Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a lot of other ‘stans that we don’t know anything about except that they’re Islamic States. That would be fair, a good choice.

You might answer that America’s greatest export is the weapons that we manufacture and sell on the open market, billions’ worth every year, to keep the war machines of many nations well-oiled, but we sell an equal amount on the Black Market, for the same end game, and here’s where I’ll let the philosophers of the world take over and finish this sentence.

We’ve exported billions’ worth of used airplanes, both military and civilian, and a few new ones to boot, and the Boeing aircraft company would have gone under if it weren’t for China coming to its rescue. Many of our fellow citizens and politicians feel really good about the deal, only isn’t it too bad giving the Chinese the opportunity to reverse-engineer first-generation technology from the new planes?  Oh, well, at least some of us made a short- term profit from the deal. The long term? Maybe our great-great grandchildren will be speaking Chinese.

Certainly the exports from Hollywood for the silver screen can be a viable contender, and if we throw in television, maybe we’re on to something here. And then add Nashville, except the only truth can be found in Merle Haggard songs, and maybe a few others, so the world gets a skewed view from our entertainment industry that is purely pro-Islam and pro-Socialism, so we have to eliminate it as an answer to what our greatest export is.

The United States has the greatest collection of Nobel Prize winners, so we must consider such topics as science and medicine as our greatest export, and rightfully so. Centers for higher learning and research, M.I.T. and the University of Chicago’s Applied Physics Department, as two examples, give credence to the suggestion.  If we tag-on patents it seems as if we’ve found the answer, so you can stop reading and go on about your business.

Hold on, now; don’t get up. And I agree, that last paragraph, the one about our leadership in the world of medicine and all the other sciences, and patents, and manufacturing techniques, are second to none. But we’ve got something better that we export, OR AT LEAST WE USED TO.

That’s right: used to. We used to help countries to overthrow the bad guys and introduce the concept of Freedom through our Constitution. We used to want other countries to emulate us so they would have what we have: freedom of speech, religion, the right to have guns, the right to overthrow a despot, a government who would dare violate their God-given, unalienable rights. People wouldn’t need to come to the United States if they had the same freedoms in their homeland, the land of their birth, the land of their ancestors.

Yes, we gave Europe and England the opportunity to live as a free people, gave them the opportunity to grab the Brass Ring. After World War II, we brought our troops home, our citizen military which had gone off to save the world. But look at what’s happening in Sweden, in Europe, and England today: being taken over by Islam, a veil of darkness enveloping womanhood and the animal kingdom: if one were to say anything about Islam, it’s the horrible treatment they dish out to females and the way they treat Man’s Best Friend. Disgusting, and the one country who was in the position to save the world is doing the opposite: billions sent to the enemies of Western Civilization, open support of Islam by allowing Muslims within its borders, same-sex “marriage,” women in combat units, on Navy ships, decimating the cohesive force of combat troops, weakening our country so we’re too weak to resist a takeover even more than we’ve been already taken over.

Obamacare: nothing about care but 100% about control. DHS: targeting American citizens and turning a blind eye to the MILLIONS of Muslims around us. NSA spying and listening to everyone EXCEPT MOSQUES.

Yes, America’s Greatest Export used to be the concept of Freedom, but no more. A sad day for Freedom-lovers everywhere, thanks to the likes of Pelosi, Obama and his cabinet, and our very own Obots.

On July 4th of this year, what are we going to celebrate? I’ll tell you: we’re going to celebrate the overthrow of this rogue government, of this Administration that tramples our Constitution, that weakens our military, but fails to dampen our resolve.

We got a Muslim as the de facto president who isn’t even a US citizen. Give me a break. I want Freedom to be our export once again: “Let Freedom Ring.”


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