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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

The U.S. Supreme Court released a ruling on June 26, 2013 invalidating Proposition 8 in California

(Jun. 26, 2013) — I am numb as I look at the endless middle fingers sticking in God’s face, now the Supreme Court saying the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional and gay marriage is OK.

The slippery slope will now push for the rights and bold expression of bestiality and polygamy.

Our country and her leaders continue to rip the flesh from our bodies and call the oozing and smelly sores beautiful.  In truth, we look more and more like a hybrid Zombie made up of Agenda 21, Islamic, U.N. and Communist body parts.   We used to be ‘One nation under God’…now we are ‘One nation under sex’ AND ‘One nation under Internationalism.’

Whatever happened to America being a nation founded and built on ‘Judeo-Christian’ values and traditions?  Our founders were 95% Christian and submitted to the God of the Holy Bible.  Our first elected leaders and members of Congress publicly and privately asked for God’s help in leading the country.  That was the norm.

There were all kinds of behavior from different types of people back then. However, our country and her differences were sifted through the Christian-inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights.  That was our core that protected freedom, our culture, our families and future.

There has always been gay behavior in our country and around the world.  This is not new.  However, the gay agenda and rights battles end up being nothing but another weapon on our Judeo-Christian values and Christian core.  This latest assault at the hands of the Supreme Court is a vicious and aggressive attack on families, the safety of our children, traditional and historical boundaries surrounding sex and its expression.

The battle in some states for gay marriage by gay activists is not new.  The Supreme Court sucking out our moral DNA and definition of marriage is.  What gay activists and the leftist progressives don’t realize is that the more they gut our Christian traditions, laws and morals from our culture, the more the increasingly blank canvas demands to be filled by something else.  Something quite deadly is eager and willing to fill it.

Who is lining up to fill the canvas and be the new picture of America? — Islam, Agenda 21 and Communism.

Expression of Christian faith and freedom of speech must be crushed first.  God and Christians must be forced into submission.  First Amendment rights must disappear and God must be fired.  Now that we have major support for gay marriage, it joins the other Satanic-frontal assaults on our Christian core and freedoms. 

One of these attacks is at the hands of ‘Common Core,’ the dangerous School curriculum pushed by the Feds.  It boldly rewrites our history, pushes all sexual expression and lifestyles as normal, while crushing achievement and data-mining our children.  It turns them into submissive ‘Stepford Wives’ for Obama and the government agenda.  As with the ruling on gay marriage, Common Core aggressively draws our children away from the God of the Holy Bible.  Once again the empty canvas has to be filled, and the government intends to fill it and be God.

It is nice to be loving and allow for differences of opinion in our society.  However, with this ruling we are continuing to go way beyond that.  We are cutting out our heart and peeling off our skin as the tyranny of Islam/Sharia law and Agenda 21 wait in the wings. 

Gay people may think they are moving toward more power and freedom.  It is exactly the opposite.  With a country that protects her Judeo-Christian values and traditions, we live and are safe.  If Islam and Sharia law grow much more in our country, gays will be crushed. 

Gay behavior isn’t a sin in Islam and Sharia Law; it is a capital crime.  It means a death sentence throughout the Muslim world.  These executions occur on a regular basis.  Check it out for yourself.  What is left when you take our Christian core and God out of our country?  You have tyranny — redefinition of worth — sin becomes crimes – family and culture is gone and disease runs rampant.

Let us all be open-minded and loving, but let us not be stupid fools.  Right and wrong is not defined by you or me but by our creator, God himself and His Holy Bible.  We know what sin is regardless of how normal and wonderful it feels.  Our Lord, in His amazing love and power draws us all back to Himself and will forgive us for all manner of things if we will submit to Him and humbly repent.

Pray for our nation and seek God while He may be found.

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  1. All federal government involvement in marriage is unconstitutional. It is time to ban the federal government from American life.

  2. I was horrified at the SCOTUS decision. And I agree wholeheartedly that this is about getting God out of America. History always repeats itself. Over and over again in the Old Testament, God gave his people the chance to leave their sin and live by his laws, some of which are our laws today. If they refused, God destroyed them only after many warnings. America has been warned and America’s leadership has failed to listen. Many American citizens have failed to listen. God’s way will win in the end – that, I am sure of! I totally fail to understand why so many people want God out of our great Country. What in the world is wrong with the teachings of truth, goodness and kindness to our fellow man? In the book of Luke in the New Testament, people in hell were praying for Abraham to warn their brothers about their sin. It was too late then. Abraham basically told them that “they had their chance”. Too many people today fail to realize that our Almighty God will keep His promises. I, for one, do not want to spend an eternity in hell, because I believe it is REAL. God has blessed me over and over again for this belief. Folks, you really do not know what you are missing!

  3. I suppose the silver lining would be, once the Muslims take-over (if that really happens), they’ll know who to hang from the lampposts, after all, once America substitutes Sharia for the Constitution, that’s exactly what Muslims do: kill same sex lovers.
    Hey, guess what? Obama is a Muslim, but maybe our same sex lovers don’t know that, I mean, they can‘t really be that stupid, can they?
    We’re in the colosseum and we’re getting our flesh ripped off our bodies in strips, a little here, a little there. After a time they’ll come after us Christians, I mean, they go after Christians in every Islamic country that Obama supports: Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan and all the others who harbor the US and Israel ill will.
    But I wish our fellow Americans well, after all, we’re in the same sinking boat.
    On a positive note, we haven’t sunk yet, and we need everybody on board, including same sex lovers, that is, if they ever get with the program and see what’s going down.