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(Jun. 25, 2013) — “The Patriot Wave” will sweep the country demanding that Congress impeaches President Barack Obama, James Neighbors, National Coordinator and Founder of a movement called Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, announced today. He said there will be nationwide overpass protests this summer in July and August. The movement is inspired by a similar protest earlier this month in California.

Protestors in Carlsbad, California made news a couple weeks ago holding a protest on a nearby highway overpass on Interstate 5 on June 8. The protesters held up a variety of “Impeach Obama” signs and the demonstration slowed down southbound traffic on the highway for hours.

“On June 8th, a group of patriots protested in Carlsbad, Cal. led by Roger Ogden. After reading several news stories on that protest, the inspiration struck me that if such protests were to occur nationally, that surely Congress would listen and act, Neighbors said, “After thinking for several hours on how to create something like that, Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment was born.”

Neighbors says the Overpasses movement is growing rapidly and it’s organizers have a goal of having overpass protests in all 50 states. He said, “As we speak, organizations across America are planning protests. California, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana.. For now, local groups are planning their own protests, throughout July, beginning July 4th.”

The members of the Overpasses movement regard President Obama as so thoroughly involved in the scandals as to warrant his impeachment. Neighbors said, “His administration is the most scandal ridden that I have ever known of. His policies fly in the face of the U.S. Constitution. For anyone to say he has no knowledge or part in the growing list of scandals is simply astonishing. Nixon said the same thing, and history shows how deep his involvement actually was.”

“The goal is to have all 50 states coordinated for mass protests in August and continuing until Congress acts on our call for Impeachment, Neighbors said, adding, “Our plan is to have a wave of protests, as we’ve coined it ‘The Patriot Wave’ to sweep across America in August. Beginning in the Eastern time zone, proceeding by time zones across the nation.”

Organizers of the protest seek to influence Congress, with protests sweeping across the country, to pressure members of Congress to hear their constituents demanding impeachment of the president.

“I believe that when We the People speak, Congress will listen and act. If for no other reason, than job preservation, Neighbors said, “We’ve all seen Obama’s ratings continue to fall. This is with a media that is by and large sympathetic to him. Congress members understand this as well. 2014 elections are coming up, and having seen elections in the past, many politicians will begin to attempt to distance themselves from Obama as they run for re-election.”

When asked how the movement will respond when defenders of the president cast the protests for impeachment as “right wing” and “partisan,” Neighbors clearly stated, “I would urge them to stop what they are doing, and spend time to read the US Constitution. There is no ‘right wing’ to this, it’s simply a matter of Americans who realize this administration has gone beyond the limits of the Constitution. If we allow this to go without bringing it to a halt, it will set a horrible precedent for the future of America. Simply look at the scandals that exist. No other administration in history has ever acted in such a manner, regardless of political affiliation.”

Neighbors said that the Overpasses movement is not affiliated with the Tea Party movement or other groups, but members of Tea Party groups do support and have joined the movement. He said the movement is an independent movement of citizens who believe in the Constitution and that the president should be impeached for violating the Constitution.

“Just that I would like Americans to take a long, hard look at the direction America is headed. Is this a direction you want your children, or the youth of America and future generations to inherit? If you answer is no, I would implore them to join the cause. Once Congress is aware that We the People have awoken from our slumber and are paying attention, we hope and pray they will act in the best interests of the nation in the future,” Neighbors said, urging citizens to look at the record of the Obama administration and consider the argument for impeachment of this president.

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  1. If “overpasses would simply change the word impeachment to arrest,a better context of what needs to happen would exist. Once the top arrest is made….the other arrests would happen “fast and furiously”!

  2. I totally agree with gigclick, LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick and Martha, you can’t impeach an illegal, fraud POTUS – because for one, all the democrats who perpetrated this fraud would in lockstep rush to his defense, thereby continuing this disgusting sham. My idea would be to arrest Barry and all those who helped him get there, including those in Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm and charge them all (every one of them), with High Treason as accomplices’ for the many, many felony crimes committed against America.

  3. You can’t impeach an “illegal” POTUS as explained by LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick. Doing so would falsely make or assume to make him “legal” when he is not and Obama was falsely vetted by Pelosi/Biden in 2008 on the DNC papers to vet him. Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud are all added to murder with Benghazi and Fast And Furious with Muslim Holder and to make one happy family in DC. We are already in coup and usurpation 5 years folks and nothing has changed except the clock ticking adding more time that nothing has been done while America and our military burns.

  4. When will Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle release Obama’s Citizenship Papers, COB Longform, college records and who he really is to the American people? We know Obama has used multiple aliases and we now ask what is he and the DNC hiding from the American people? How long will a “usurper” remain in the White House and be allowed to steal at record levels? Why won’t ANYONE in a “trust law” job expose Bari Shabazz and his criminal entourage, prosecute and sentence them and let the people see how they have been lied to and how they plotted to destroy America?