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by OPOVV, ©2013

Edward Snowden was a contract employee working for the National Security Agency (NSA) when he decided early this month to go to Hong Kong and release information about the NSA’s spying on virtually every electronic communication of Americans

(Jun. 23, 2013) — Plan ‘A’ was to build a “Mother-in-Law” apartment in the basement; plan ‘B’ was to build an apartment that we could rent out, and now we’re in the plan ‘C’ stage, where I’m building a “Saf,e House” for Edward Snowden.

Of course if Snowden wants to live somewhere else, that’s his decision. I’ll put a sign out front, “Government Whistleblowers Welcomed.”

Freedom costs; there’s no doubt about it. It used to be the enemies of the United States lived somewhere else, not here. Now we have three enemies living within our borders: government employees, Muslims, and illegal immigrants.

I’m not going to write about government employees turning their backs on their Oath to defend and protect the Constitution by allowing this usurper de facto Muslim embarrassment to act as our president and not doing one darn thing to stop it. And I’m not going to mention that following illegal orders is a ticket to prison, but apparently the Nuremberg Trials after World War II  hasn’t been a topic around the water cooler, displacing the never-ending conversation of the date of any individual’s retirement. 

Muslims in our country is like inviting the plague into your home, something prudent people wouldn’t do, which doesn’t say much for America. It’s no mystery why our former allies no longer respect us, going after Snowden rather than going after those who would turn their backs on their Oath. No wonder everyone wants to help Snowden: helping Snowden is NOT assisting the Muslims in achieving their insane goal to make the world a Caliphate State. Snowden ought to land in every country in the world, if nothing else than to show the Americans just what the world thinks of Obama.

No sense in ruining this editorial with any mention of the word “Illegal” since everyone, except, of course, the politicians in Washington, know that “illegal” means “unlawful, as in breaking the law, cheating, stealing, lying.” So, no mention of illegal immigrants and deporting them one by one, starting yesterday.

So what’s left? Ah, government whistleblowers, people who think that the rest of us have a right to know that we’re being lied to by our very own government. Good for them. A rare breed. I applaud their message, which is often overlooked in relation with how outrageous their news is.

The rule here, if there is a rule, is to not focus on the whistleblower but on the whistleblower’s message: NSA, IRS, Obamacare, all pieces of ONE puzzle, of ONE entity that wants complete and total control over everyone’s lives. Not me. I’m all for sending Obama and his Goons (Administration) down to rot the rest of their miserable lives away in a cage in Gitmo, and if we can get any help from the whistleblowers to accomplish that task, I’m all for it.

Want to make us safer, for real? Deport each and every Muslim.


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  1. Incredibly immigration from the middle east increased dramatically after 9/11/01.Anyone else feel we’ve been on this path to destruction for a lot longer than Obozo has been in? I would estimate since the first Bush Presidency the stage has been “being set”! OPOVV hits the nail on the head again!