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by OPOVV, ©2013

Liberty Island is a national landmark and has been closed to the public since late October last year because of Hurricane Sandy

(Jun. 21, 2013) — In Police Speak, “connecting the dots” is a euphemism for “follow the money.” The money of which we speak is, of course, “stimulus” money, which is in itself a double debit, a clever accounting trick to fool the examiners. But that’s another story, the story of “The Fed & the National Fleece,” which we’ve covered in previous editorials. In this editorial we’ll discuss “dots,” what they mean and where they lead.

Everyone likes a good story, and what you’re about to hear is a Jim Dandy, and it would be really far-out-there if it weren’t true, but, alas, it’s true.

Once upon a time, born in the human spirit, was the belief that all humans could live in peace and harmony, without fear of reprisals for individual initiative, in any endeavor, be it questioning the story of time to imagining the end of time.

Through countless trials and tribulations, in the course of thousands of years, a system of checks and balances between the State and subjects finally reached a point of equilibrium where those who were governed had the most freedoms possible within a framework of continued peaceful transference from generation to generation.

This was not an easy task. Many obstacles were put up to thwart the transference of power from the few to be shared equally among all. Many subjects/citizens felt comfortable being ordered throughout their lives, relying on the State to determine what they were taught, where they lived, what they did, who they married, how the children were to be raised, what to believe in. The State’s ante in this game had nothing to do with morals, of right or wrong, of freedom or slavery, but the continuation of expanding power, which makes the invention of the Constitution that much more unlikely.

Checks and balances were put in place to prevent the citizens from losing the protection of liberties from an ever-intrusive government. This system of Freedom and Civil Rights would have lasted had it not been for the breakdown and failure of the system of education, for in order to have an intelligent vote, you first must have an intelligent voter.

At the inception of the citizen voter were certain requirements that excluded the uneducated. One had to be a landowner of means.  One had to be able to read, write and speak English; in short, one was required to be an educated citizen who had a direct economic stake in the State. Through the years the requirements to vote have been watered down so that even dead people manage to vote, and many citizens vote more than once, which negates the whole premise of “one citizen, one vote,” the very backbone of a Democracy. Those who have no respect for our Republic, our representative form of government, will be just as responsible for our Republic’s demise as if they put a knife in the back of Lady Liberty.

Support Obama and his Gestapo Administration, support the State that is responsible for foreclosures, homeless, jobless, millions on welfare and Food Stamps, the National Debt out of control, the devaluation of the dollar, gas prices more than doubled since Obama took office in 2009, and you support despotism, tyranny, and the death of the Beacon of Freedom for the World.

Birth Certificate, dot one. Stolen Social Security number, dot seven. IRS scandal, dot thirty-three. NSA, dot fifty. Voter intimidation, Fast and Furious, TSA Fourth Amendment violations. Dots, dots, dots.

Benghazi . The final four dots.


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