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by OPOVV, ©2013

The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights states that Congress may not pass a law establishing a national religion or prohibiting the “free exercise” of any religion. It also enshrines free speech and a free press as rights guaranteed to the citizens of the republic.

(Jun. 19, 2013) — A child is abducted and we’ve eyewitnesses who know who the “alleged” abductor is. White male, around 5’8” tall, slim, walked with a pronounced limp, wearing glasses, long blonde hair in a ponytail, last seen going east on 9th.

The APB goes out: child abduction, traveling east on 9th. That’s it? But what about the race, sex, height, body type, glasses, color and length of hair and style?  Wouldn’t the police need that information to catch the animal…oops! the “alleged” twerp, oops! the “suspect?”

Here’s how it works: you can’t say “white” because that would be “racial profiling,” and that’s supposed to be, somehow, bad.  I mean, what if the “alleged” abduction was by a “black” or “albino?” Can’t mention the sex, M or F; that would be “sexist. Can’t mention height; that may offend short people, oops! “vertically-challenged” people. Can’t describe the “slim” person as slim; that may, somehow, be disparaging to fat, oops! overweight (better?), or how about the “dare-the-scale” crowd? You can’t mention the limp; why, that might offend the handicapped. No referencing the glasses; that might offend the seeing-impaired. Can’t mention the color of the hair (more racial profiling nonsense) or the length; after all, we wouldn’t want to offend bald people.

So what’s left, really, at the end of the day?  What do we go home with? Well, in this case, a child has been abducted, gone perhaps forever. You know what that means? It means that the mother, every second for the rest of her life, will be thinking about her lost child. Not a moment’s rest. Waking up in the middle of the night crying, and there’s not a thing anyone can do or say to alleviate the mother’s fears.

I do not jest. This so-called “Political Correctness” will, in the end, get us all killed. Meanwhile, what we’re witnessing is the beginning of the end for our libraries, for the First Amendment, and for our country. Being “offended” is just part of life, and for those who haven’t learned that necessary lesson, well, I hope I offend you when I say the train has left the station and you’re not on it.


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  1. So we can’t “offend” a Muslim by telling the truth about Islam. BUT when he cuts my head off for telling the truth, I’m “offended”. I guess my rights don’t matter.