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by OPOVV, ©2013

Does the Department of Homeland Security keep us safe or spy on us?

(Jun. 18, 2013) — A little kid points his finger and moves his thumb up and down and for this he’s suspended from school, his record reading “Strong tendency towards extreme violence.”  A man comes home from work and catches his home being invaded by teenagers, who he overpowers and locks in a closet until the police arrive, when he’s subsequently arrested for “child endangerment.” We have laws against speaking the truth about Islam. It’s becoming unglued, I tell you. We’re acting as if our brains have red-lined and we’re duplicating zombie television behavior into real life.

But just when we don’t think Americans can possibly act any more stupid, we surprise ourselves by letting Eric Holder , the putative Attorney General, get away from prosecuting an open-and-shut case about voter intimidation. We allow fraudulent elections to take place before our very eyes and do nothing. We watch television news shows that out-and-out lie to us, but we continue to watch the same news program the next night.

We elect egomaniacs, people who belong in a “home,” to represent us in Congress, and then when they vote and speak irresponsibly, we reelect them. We’re afraid to offend anyone.  We fear being called names and labeled a meaningless name that elicits emotion rather than reason.

Well, gee whiz, we know all that, we know what’s going on, going down, is happening and already happened. Do you want the Truth or do you want me to sugar-coat it? If you want lies, watch mainstream media, listen to the America-haters, watch how people act who have no country: they avoid the facts, avoid the truth, don’t want to discuss the LTC Terry Lakin judicial farce, the fraudulent Birth Certificate, the stolen Social Security number. Even the Obots know things aren’t kosher in Peoria, so what gives? Why are we accepting a damaged set of goods?

There are too many rats in the maze and a technology that is controlling us rather than the reverse. The too-many-rats analogy is self-explanatory; the technology is a little more complicated. We invent machines, devices, that have the ability to record and store zillions of telephone and email exchanges. Are we using the devices because we need them, or are we using the devices because we can?

We hear that if we listened in on the phone calls of the 9-11 terrorists there wouldn’t have been a 9-11, but we don’t hear that if Muslims weren’t allowed in our country in the first place there wouldn’t have been a 9-11. We are fighting a war in which we’re afraid to even name the enemy, where we’ve allowed the enemy within our borders and in our military and in our government, and we act helpless about the whole thing, afraid to even offer suggestions on how to fix the problem, on HOW TO WIN THE WAR.

We have TSA goons, a byproduct of the Gestapo arm of the government, DHS, spreading out from airports to every nook and cranny in America. Hey, if we didn’t have any Muslims in America, maybe we wouldn’t need any of the DHS 4th Amendment nonsense; how about that?

What’s happening is that we, as a people, have become the employees of the very people that we’ve employed.  In other words, the table’s been turned on us and we can’t seem to get it right, either because we don’t think we can or we don’t even know about the table in the first place.

Obama said that he’ll bring America down to the level of the rest of the world, true Affirmative Action hogwash. Why not bring the rest of the world to the level of America? Imagine women having equal rights everywhere in the world? And that’s the whole crux of the war. Muslims are anti-women’s rights, and the Constitution is for equal rights for all. It’s really just that simple. It’s what’s happening.


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