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by Sharon Rondeau

Is the Irish lineage story another attempt to obfuscate the truth about Obama’s heritage, life story, and identity?

(Jun. 17, 2013) — Mark Knoller of CBS News tweeted from Ireland that Michelle Obama and her daughters, who traveled separately from Obama on Air Force Two, have seen proof of Barack Hussein Obama’s Irish lineage going “way back to the 1600s.”

Barack Obama is visiting Northern Ireland for the G8 summit.  Michelle and her daughters are staying at a hotel which costs $3,300 a night on the premise that the trip is “diplomatic” in nature.  She and the girls allegedly researched Obama’s history at Trinity College in Dublin, attended a performance of Riverdance and spent time in a national forest.

A statement issued by Trinity’s Communications Office stated that the Obama women “were shown an original 19th century map provided by the National Library of Ireland of lands of Gorthgreen from where some of the family originated.”  There is no reference to lineage dating back “to the 1600s.”

The press release states that Obama is related to the Kearney family, one of whose members, John Kearney, was a provost of Trinity from 1799 to 1806.  The Kearneys were reportedly from County Offaly, Ireland, but Stanley Ann’s biography states that her family was “of predominantly English ancestry.”

The photo accompanying the press release depicts daughters Sasha and Malia unsmiling.

Cold Case Posse lead investigator and detective Michael Zullo has stated that Obama “has no history.” In an interview with TruNews Radio, he stated that photos of two people purported to be Obama’s parents have been presented to the public repeatedly to build a life story which might not be accurate.

Zullo has stated previously that there is no proof that Obama’s parents are the people he has identified.  Stanley Ann Dunham, who allegedly has the Irish or English ancestry, has inconsistencies in her life story, including the claim that she gave birth to Obama in Hawaii in August 1961 but began attending classes at the University of Washington two weeks later.

One version of Stanley Ann’s biography does not mention the University of Washington at all.  Another reports that Stanley Ann is descended from “the first enslaved African in America” as determined by “DNA analysis.”

There is also no proof of Dunham’s alleged marriage to Barack Obama Sr., who was a citizen of Kenya after it gained its independence from Great Britain in December 1961.

In response to Knoller’s report, we replied on Twitter, “Is there a bridge anywhere for sale?”

We will report if we receive a reply.  To date, Knoller has ignored everything we have tweeted regarding the fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service registration card as determined by the Cold Case Posse.

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  1. I agree with Martha. Michelle and Barry and their handlers have inflicted severe trauma on the two children. Judging from their increasingly bizarre and frenzied behavior, I’d say they’ve become completely untethered from reality. The crash and burn should be close on the horizon. Very sad.

  2. My, how eagerly The “Obamas” go to the other side of the world to ‘validate’ their Identity Fraud – especially when the American taxpayers are funding their evil-making.

    What a photo op! The girls, learning all about papa’s history! His roots! With mama right there, beside them.

    Have any of you stopped to think about the psychological and spiritual damage inflicted upon these girls by their own parents?

    How do The “Obamas” rationalize their disgusting deceit?

    In this aspect alone – their chronic outrageous deceit – is evidenced their hypocrisy about being Christian.
    Deceit is the hallmark of Satan, not Christ.

  3. That is if Stanley Ann is his BIOLOGICAL mother, and that seems shady with her tales of birthing in Hawaii, flying with a nursing baby to Washington to study days later, etc, etc, etc.

    Of course, it is great theater just as the USA is gearing up to to challenge him on his credentials.

    Irish roots might fly in Chicago, let’s see if it flies in Boston.


    hmmm hmmmm hmmmm

  4. Furthermore, all the medical professionals that give barry soetero checkups as putative prez are also liable to criminal fraud. The list of accomplices covering the coverup, will be more than gitmo can house. Tent City in AZ can handle more prisoners. The ID theft of all American history is coming to a close. The liar-in-chief will be exposed.

    Readers of P&E put your list together (by name) of all the players that cover the treasonous usurping of the Oval office. Send it in for public display. ALL WHISTLE BLOWERS- NOW IS THE TIME !

    Occidental staff, Columbia staff, Harvard (shame to that name, their ivy classification is poison ivy), CONgress, the Napster, Mueller, Holder, Petreaus, etc. and more and more…

  5. O’soetero cannot be two separate blood lines. DNA can clear this up real quick.

    “Those who won’t disclose the truth have something to hide”. quote-barry soetero aka Barack Obamafraud

  6. Whom ever BELIEVES This is TOO STUPID to buy TWO Bridges~!!
    This is NONSENSE, JUST ARREST ‘Da Jerk and drag ‘Em away in Chains!!