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by Sharon Rondeau

Photo and tweet posted by the White House on June 16, 2013, Fathers’ Day

(Jun. 17, 2013) — Two days after the school shooting in Newtown, CT, Barack Hussein Obama met with some of the surviving siblings and parents to allegedly grieve with them and offer consolation and support.

The meeting included a photo-op with a group of children posted at the top of a montage at the White House website titled, “A Year in Photos” which shows Obama widely smiling while some of the children sit on his lap.

Following the shooting, the Obama regime embarked on an aggressive campaign at both the state and federal levels to change existing gun laws in the interest of “keeping our kids safe.”  The states of Maryland, Colorado, New York and Connecticut quickly passed legislation to restrict the number of ammunition clips and expand the list of firearms considered to be “assault weapons,” among other measures.

Some sheriffs in Colorado have vowed not to enforce the new state law.  Connecticut has no county sheriffs, but a lawsuit has been filed against the new restrictions in federal court in addition to a separate lawsuit filed by a disabled individual.  The New York law, entitled the “SAFE Act,” has also been challenged in court after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed it without the normal three-day public comment period.

Following the Sandy Hook shootings, Obama said that December 14 was “the worst day of his presidency.”  His remarks at the prayer vigil which followed indicated that “caring for our children” is “our first job.”

In March, Obama spoke to a group of “parents and teachers of gun violence victims,” where he stated, in part:

I don’t think any of us who are parents can hear their stories and not think about our own daughters and our own sons and our own grandchildren.  We all feel that it is our first impulse, as parents, to do everything we can to protect our children from harm; to make any sacrifice to keep them safe; to do what we have to do to give them a future where they can grow up and learn and explore, and become the amazing people they’re destined to be.

Why, then, did the White House tweet a photo, which may or may not be authentic, on Fathers’ Day of Obama running around a swimming pool with a gun in his hand and a child who looks like his daughter Sasha in the pool?  The same photo appears on the White House website with the caption, “Our 13 Favorite Photos of President Obama Being a Dad,” thereby confirming that one of Obama’s daughters is depicted in the scene and it is he carrying the gun, which is larger than the average toy water pistol.

In April, Obama spoke at the University of Hartford, which diverted and stalled traffic during the afternoon rush-hour, about gun control after meeting “privately” with seven victims’ families of the Sandy Hook shooting.  The regime provided transportation for parents of some of the Sandy Hook victims to his speech and then to Washington, DC on Air Force One for a “lobbying push” to Congress.

Obama has used children as props while signing 23 “executive actions” to effect changes to gun policies without involving Congress, which to date has not agreed on further firearms restrictions.  However, Obama has included children on his “kill list” which became public last year by The New York Times.

The photo release follows by three days a meeting with Obama, Biden, and some of the Newtown parents this past Thursday in the Oval Office to mark the six-month anniversary of the atrocity.  On Friday, the White House held luncheon to “talk about family” and “celebrate Father’s Day.”

The same Sandy Hook relatives are described as “grieving gun control advocates” by The New York Daily News and were reportedly told “not to give up” by Obama and Biden.

In regard to the Sandy Hook survivors, putative White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated that “We will never forget and we will continue to fight alongside them.”

But what kind of fight is Obama waging?  How do the fathers of Newtown’s lost children feel after seeing such a photo?

Is everyone a prop to Obama?

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