China, Snowden and Coca-Cola


by OPOVV, ©2013

The U.S. has sought out trade and outsourcing with China, granting them “Most Favored Nation” status, then deplored the dearth of American manufacturing jobs over the last 30-40 decades

(Jun. 17, 2013) — GM and Boeing

Marlboro Cancer Sticks.

Dear Readers,

Remember when our spy plane had to make an emergency landing in China because the Chinese jet pilot had to show off? And then they wouldn’t give us our spy plane back, and when they finally did, it was in boxes and couldn’t just be flown out of there? The North Koreans acted as sea pirates on the high seas when they seized the USS Pueblo.

When Tricky Dickey (President Nixon) went to China, he was under the impression that China was just one big opportunity for American businesses to make a killing. The tables have really turned on us; at least that’s the perception most of us have. Maybe it was all about payoffs and kickbacks from the start. Just maybe this “Favored Nation” status that Clinton (“depends upon what ‘is’ is”) gave the Chinese didn’t help America at all. Maybe the Chinese came out ahead, way ahead, to the tune of many billions of dollars, money that could’ve been ours.

So on your Economics 101 final the question is: what are the chances of a Capitalist country borrowing money from a Communist country? And if, by chance, the money that is borrowed is called “Stimulus,” as if, somehow, since money is money and has no conscience, and the politicians in Washington have taken a permanent holiday from the fact that maybe China isn’t really our friend, no one questions the “Why did we have to borrow any money in the first place?”

The money that paid for Obama’s 2008 election is undocumented, but one can easily figure out that the money is petrol dollars that bought, since the disposal of the Shah of Iran, media companies in the US, companies that produce films, television and radio stations, and, perhaps the most important, advertising agencies that skew the message through the clever manipulation of visual and words that have double meanings. Our educational centers have been infiltrated by people who teach the meaning of the Constitution in an skewed way, so we have citizens who parrot “The Party Line” when describing the Constitution as just an old outdated document written by WASPS that has no relevancy in today’s world.

Everything that the US is importing from China is something that could have, and should have (in my mind), been manufactured in America by Americans. Parts for our military weapons are being imported from China. The global reach of the Chinese is exactly that: global. China has a first-rate aircraft carrier, a vast submarine fleet, and has demonstrated excellent capabilities of rocket technology through its space program. China has nuclear weapons. In the time it took you to read this editorial, thousands of dollars have been transferred from US banks to Chinese banks; such is the balance of trade between the two countries.

No, the focus shouldn’t be on China, or Snowden, or any of the thousands of American companies who have turned their backs on the American worker. No, the focus should be on Washington and the sleazes who’ve allowed China to be the dictator of terms to America. Certainly we can blame Obama, but Obama is an outsider, not one of us. Congress, on the other hand, are of us, and they are, in the end, when it’s all said and done, the ones to shoulder the blame.


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  1. meyerlm   Monday, June 17, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    When will it be time for another “Boston Tea Party?”, BUT instead of “Boxes “O” Tea”~Let the Patriots Throw the 535 “TRAITOR People’s Representatives, OVERBOARD, wearing “Anvil-Neckties!”

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