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by Sharon Rondeau

Sen. Mike Lee’s press representative told The Post & Email that he is not scheduled to be a guest on Glenn Beck’s show today

(Jun. 17, 2013) — On Friday, radio show Glenn Beck announced that Sen. Mike Lee would be a guest on his show on Monday, June 17, 2013, to say that surveillance of lawmakers by the Obama campaign occurred during the run-up to the 2012 elections, which was stated by Rep. Steve King that day.

Beck said that on Monday, Lee would specifically confirm that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was “pressured” into changing his vote on Obamacare last year to uphold the law.

At 12:12 p.m. EDT, The Post & Email contacted Sen. Lee’s office and asked for the media person.  We were placed on hold for a few moments and connected with Emily Bennion.  We asked her if a press release about the contention that Roberts was pressured would be issued after his appearance on Beck’s show today, to which Ms. Bennion responded that, contrary to Beck’s announcement, Sen. Lee is not scheduled to appear on Beck’s show.  “We’ll have to contact the producer of his show,” she told us.

On June 7, Beck made reference to Roberts by asking two questions which suggested that Roberts had been blackmailed over something after someone discovered details about his personal life that are not publicly known.  In several more broadcasts last week, including Friday’s, Beck indicated that something monumental would be revealed within the next “ten days” which would “rock the world.”  He implied that he had met with several members of Congress about it in anticipation of releasing the information.

It has been suspected by many, and reported by CBS News shortly after the ruling was handed down in late June of last year, that Roberts had written both the majority and minority opinions and had changed his position inexplicably about 30 days before.

Beck claimed that a whistleblower “in fear for his life” possessed a document which was given to “an ally” which was enough to “take down the whole power structure.”

“We are going to be greatly divided as a nation,” Beck predicted.

The Post & Email has sent a message to The Blaze to inquire as to why we were told that Sen. Lee will not appear on the show on Monday and is awaiting a response.

Update, 3:55 p.m. EDT:  No response has been received from Ms. Bennion.

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  1. Was that it?? Was that the bombshell that is going to bring down pretty much the whole power structure?? More like a water balloon than a bombshell. Typical Beck “Hype and Fizzle”. He’s a phony.

  2. June 18: video airing on THE BLAZE (and Youtube) of Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)addressing the issue of intimidation of Chief Justice Roberts.

    1. Exactly what I refer to in my comment. Is that the “Earth Shaking Revelation” that Beck was referring to on 6/12/2013. If so, it shaketh me not. Beck is a shameless self promoter in my view and could care less whether Obama is eligible or ineligible. He only seems to care about how it affects his audience (for the moment).

  3. I ended up in the FBI “castle on the hill” in Knoxville back when I was doing the Obama ballot challenge in Georgia. The FBI had attempted to bring charges against me for something else and I was there to inquire why they had done that. But during the “conversation” they made it quite clear that I was to stop challenging Obama’s eligibility or I would cause “a civil war”. Los federales know full well what the ramifications of booting Obama will be and are fighting it tooth and nail. And they will defend the status quo and be damned to the Constitution.

    Would not flushing the sewerage out of the District of Corruption not be the redo/reset the country needs at this time? Who would not deal with a temporary hardship for a return to liberty and freedom? Most folks who desire to defend the Constitution will look at these kind of issues as incentive to work harder for freedom, again.

  4. Beck is a mormon. It is fair to consider Mitt Romney’s position as representative of the Mormon Church. Romney only recently came out that he was not going to jump on the bandwagon and attack Obama over the multitude of current scandals. Beck will have been contacted by Latter Day Saints leadership and told to back off.

    It is difficult to comprehend how Romney, especially in light of all the recently revealed election fraud he was victim of in the 2012 fiasco, could refrain from jumping on the bandwagon and taking the reins in order to drive over Obama.

    Romney is a member of the elitist faction which rules both major political parties. There were 8 attempts at passing legislation which would have re-defined the meaning of “natural born citizen” in the 6 years leading up to the 2008 presidential election.

    Ppsimmons.blogspot.com has an informative little video documentary on the conspiracy to contravene the Constitution.

    Obama needs to secure the advances he has made for Islam within the fabric of American society. The one threat to Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency of the most powerful nation in human history is for the American people to legally elect a legitimate, legal president who will honor the Constitution and his or her oath to preserve, protect, and defend the law of our one nation under God.

    That is why the elitist faction has already put in the forefront of the field those who the Republican Party might nominate to be their presidential candidate in 2016 THREE constitutionally ineligible potential candidates: Rubio, Jindal, and Cruz. Ask yourself: What is the statistical probability that if one considers the potential Republican nominees for 2016 the first three presently being touted as front runners are all not constitutionally eligible?

    By electing a Republican Party candidate in 2016 who is as constitutionally ineligible as the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, the Democrat Party preserves, protects, and defends everything that the criminal usurper has accomplished in the commission of his crimes, for such a constitutionally ineligible Republican president’s hands would be tied from ordering a congressional committee to investigate the irrefutably forged documents that Mister Obama has presented as purported evidence of his constitutional eligibility–and this, the presentation of the forged electronic file that Obama maintains is a true copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate–after having a surgeon in the US Army, LTC Terrence Lakin, court-martialed, stripped of his rank, dishonorably discharged from service to his country, and imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth military prison.

    The elitist faction, about which Dr. Alan Keyes has written a great deal since having been fraudulently robbed of a fair chance to run for the office of president at his loyaltoliberty.com website, will not permit Glenn Beck to take them down. They have decided to ‘fundamentally change’ the United States of America, and the Constitution is already a meaningless document in their eyes. They own both political parties. They have infiltrated the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street crowd so that the vast majority of candidates promoted by either group is in fact a plant by the well-funded elitist faction running both parties. Is it any wonder that whosoever we send to Congress stabs us in the back?

    Beck has been given his marching orders from the Mormon Church. The Congressmen who were to come forward will be made to change their minds. With the PRISM apparatus family members and friends of the congressmen involved can be investigated in a manner heretofore only written about in fiction novels. People can be made to disappear like the homosexuals in the choir at ‘Bath House Barry’s’ Black Liberation Theology hate group that calls itself a “Church” led by the so-called ‘Reverend’ Wright. Dead men tell no tales.

    In order to save the American experiment in government of the people, Christians in America must turn from their wicked embracing of the deception of Liberal Theology.

    Liberal-socialism and Secular-humanism are two sides of the same coin.

    The moral relativity espoused by those who march under the hypocritical mottos of “inclusion,” “tolerance,” “unity,” and “political correctness,” when in fact they are exclusive, intolerant, divisive, and factually incorrect, is the cancer within our society that needs to be eradicated.

    We must nominate and elect independently-aligned candidates who will go to Washington and disempower the unified elitist faction running both major political parties, the judicial system, and the mainstream media and work to restore the American experiment in government of the people unto a solid foundation established upon the reverential acknowledgment of the Truth–the absolute Truth–that ‘all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator…” (none other than the risen Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible who came in the flesh), “…with certain unalienable Rights,…”

    American Liberty is being systematically stripped away from American citizens by a falsely presented two-party paradigm which in truth is led by a unified elitist faction that embraces Liberal-socialist, Secular-humanist moral relativism as its core ideological belief.

    ‘We the People’ may be able to defeat them, but only with God’s blessing. Please participate in the 9/11/2013 Day of Prayer and Fasting that Chief Editor of WorldNetDaily (wnd.com) Joseph Farah has proposed all Christians join together in that we might seek the Face of the Lord and His blessing–that God might bless America…, like Americans sometimes sing.

    The time has come where ‘We the People’ must put the inscription on our currency where our mouth is and live out said inscription that reads ‘In God We Trust,’ for only God can save the American experiment in government of the people from perishing, as so many civilizations and empires have before, from the earth.

  5. I think that Mr. Beck is using the Alinsky / Marxists “toolkit” against the Regime. How about some false flags, some mis-direction, some leaked false timelines, a little rope-a-dope — just enough confusion to allow the bad guys to look the wrong way !!

    And then – one big gotcha !! . That is what I think.

  6. Sharon,

    I hope you aren’t holding your breath in anticipation of Glenn Beck’s “Power Structure” shattering revelation. I will be surprised if he reveals anything at all. I gave up on Beck when he refused to even look into the “Ineligibility” issue. He is either ignorant of the evidence, too stupid to understand it or now too stubborn to even entertain the thought that the Current Oval Office Occupant is a “Fraud”. Beck claims to “Love the Constitution” – I think he (Beck) is almost as big a phony as the aforementioned “Occupant”. We’ll soon see if he produces anything other than a lot of self promoting hot air.
    Thank You for your diligent pursuit of this story.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We shall see.

    1. Hi Elmo, Like most of Congress Mr. Beck knows perfectly well that Mister Obama presented forged documents and is in fact constitutionally ineligible to be president, but like Alan West who quite honestly told Pastor Carl Gallups and lead detective of Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold Case Posse Lieutenant Mike Zullo that he wouldn’t want to look at the evidence for Obama’s fraud because it might adversely affect his political aspirations, Mister Beck and anyone thinking of revealing the ‘earth shattering’ news that would purportedly ‘take down the whole political structure’ will be read the ‘Riot Act’ by representatives of the ruling elitist faction concerning their recent ‘threats’ and they themselves will be threatened with retribution by the full force of the ruling elitist faction’s legal, political, financial, media, arms of the monstrous beast that has conspired to contravene the Constitution and ‘fundamentally change’ America from the sweet land of Liberty to a Liberal-socialist dystopian experiment in government of the elitist faction ruling class–one nation under moral relativism. You feel me?