New Information Released in Obama “Identification” Fraud


by Sharon Rondeau, h/t PPSimmons

The image released in April 2011 to convince Americans of Obama’s alleged birth details has been declared a forgery by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse and a federally-certified document examiner from Hawaii who has testified for Obama’s law firm, Perkins & Coie

(Jun. 12, 2013) — In an interview with Rick Wiles of TruNews Radio on Wednesday, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo said that “there are going to be some problems” for Obama in light of independent confirmation of the posse’s findings of forgery of his long-form birth certificate.

An image purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s original Hawaii birth certificate was posted on the White House website more than two years ago “with the attempt to deceive,” according to Zullo in an interview with The Post & Email last month.

As he has previously, Zullo explained that the “image of a birth certificate” was “manufactured completely inside a computer.”

Wiles responded to Zullo that if Obama’s “documents” are fraudulent and he is “not who he says he is,” it will prove to be “the ultimate scandal” in the history of the United States.

In an interview with Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler last week, Zullo stated that Obama has four aliases, which he referenced in speaking with Wiles.  Zullo identified the four names as “Barry Obama,” “Barry Soetoro,” “Barack Obama,” and “Soebarkah,” the latter of which was noted as crossed-out on a passport application for his alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, released by the State Department in July 2010.

Zullo added that the posse has found “no evidence that this individual was in the United States before the age of five.”  He reiterated the lack of evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. are Obama’s biological parents.  “I can’t track his roots,” Zullo said.

During his investigation, Zullo discovered that there is no vetting by anyone in the federal government of presidential and vice-presidential candidates.  He was told that research into candidates is done by “the Constitution, the loyal opposition, and the media.”

Zullo told the listeners to familiarize themselves with the constitutional provision of “natural born Citizen,” which is required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5.  “You are being conditioned to accept things that perhaps are not really legal,” Zullo said of the omission of the “constitutionally qualified” provision by the Democratic National Committee on its nominating forms in 2008.

“You’re starting to be told what you can and cannot do,” Zullo said.  Recent revelations involving the First Amendment’s right to freedom of speech, expression and assembly have included the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, William C. Killian, stating that anyone posting “inflammatory” remarks about Muslims could be prosecuted and the U.S. Army prohibiting displays of Christian faith or the reading of “conservative” books.

Since at least 2010, the IRS has targeted groups applying for non-profit status which included the words “patriot” or “Tea Party” in their titles, among other terms.

Another disclosure is that the FBI has been working with the Department of Homeland Security in a program launched in 2009 by the Department of Justice entitled “Operation Vigilant Eagle,” which targets veterans suspected of susceptibility to “radicalization.”  In August of last year, a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan was seized and incarcerated in a psychiatric facility for posting “anti-government views” on his Facebook page in a move reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984.

Since determining that the birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are fraudulent, the goal of the Cold Case Posse has been to galvanize members of Congress to launch an inquiry.  “The American people’s voice has been silenced on this issue,” Zullo said.  “If you get enough public outrage behind you, that moves mountains.”

“We’ve got the evidence.  We’ve got the goods,” he told Wiles.  Zullo believes that information was “changed, concealed or erased,” resulting in the fraudulent birth certificate.

He stated that the investigation would refocus on Hawaii, where Zullo traveled on two occasions in an attempt to glean information from the Department of Health.  He told Wiles that he does not yet have a “number one suspect” as to who created the forgery.

In Hawaii, information on vital records can be altered by “self-reporting,” and a birth certificate can be obtained based on an uncorroborated statement from a relative.

A new revelation Zullo provided was that “We think there’s something on that certificate that necessitated the creation of this fraudulent document,” referring to the trip which Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley, allegedly took to obtain two certified copies from the Hawaii Department of Health just before the image was posted on the White House website.

Wiles asked Zullo, “When are you going to take this evidence to the U.S. Congress, and what can American citizens do to put pressure on their members of Congress to open an investigation?” to which Zullo responded that a “hard date” has not yet been established, but that “We’re going to make it known how we’re going to do it,” Zullo said, adding that he believes “a groundswell of support” will be needed to move the issue forward in Congress.

“There are people being put in harm’s way every day at the authority of this individual,” Zullo observed.

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  1. Chamberjac   Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 10:34 AM

    I pray the Liar In Chief does not get away with his frauds for much longer. He has really been pushing the envelope lately and he may just push himself over the cliff. In other words, maybe Congress will soon reach their limit of how much abuse they will allow him before the hammer falls. So far their limit seems endless. Everbody needs to contact their Congressman or woman and ask for investigation.

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