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by OPOVV, ©2013

The U.S. Constitution established the concept of self-government for citizens of the new nation, The United States of America, after its ratification in 1789.  The Bill of Rights, which was ratified first, was put in place to safeguard against government encroachment into individual liberties

(Jun. 9, 2013) — The “Bully” concept. We’re all familiar with it:  the playground bully who has to have the ball, has to call the shots, has to make the rules up as the game goes along to give him an unfair advantage. A cheat, an undesirable, a social misfit, a square peg in a round-hole world.

There were short movies that we were made to watch in grade school about how, when it first starts to rain and we see water percolating down to the seed, the seed sprouts before our very eyes and shoots out of the ground as if an Atlas Five rocket is being launched, all in full-color time-lapse photography.  The drone of the narrator causes heavy eyelids to fall so when the film ends and the projector is still running, it’s the slap-slap-slap of the end of the film that hits the projector which acts as an alarm clock and even wakes the teacher up. Yawn. But we did learn something: survival of the fittest.

Might over right. He who carries the big stick wins. But then real life kicks in, at least for most of us. Others, unfortunately, are left behind to fend for themselves.  The bullies cling to one another for moral or some other kind of support and form gangs.  The gangs grow until you end up just as Germany did in the 1930’s: Socialism, where the gangs steal and plunder from those who have the brains and the wherewithal to understand that cooperation is the key to survival, not brute force.

Sure, in the short run Neanderthal tactics forge ahead, but if we’re talking about the survival of the species, then we’re doomed as a race and will become extinct. So what, we’re so special that it can’t happen to us; just dinosaurs’ extinction traveled that road? If you thought that the human race can’t become extinct, then welcome to the “Bully” classifications of humans.

Nothing, but nothing, clarifies the situation any more than during an emergency. A firefight, for example, would be considered, as far as I’m concerned, an emergency. Now to some Generals behind the lines, way behind the lines, maybe an office in the Pentagon, my being shot at 8,000 miles away doesn’t constitute an emergency, but it should be.

Cooperation is the key ingredient to survival. Bullies have no place in a group effort, and it takes a group effort to survive; ergo, bullies aren’t wanted, needed, are superfluous, a drag, a downer, a liability.

Our country, we, the citizens of the US, are in an emergency, and if there’s one thing we don’t need now it’s division among the ranks. We all have had “standing” as to whether or not the de facto president is eligible to serve, irrespective of lawyer gibberish, because, if nothing else, Obama has financed the terror war on the US by raising the price of gasoline so the oil-producing countries (Islamic States) have more dollars (petrol profit) to spend on waging the war against us. Besides the State Department handing over billions to our enemy, they’ve handed over weapons that will be used against our allies (Israel) and, eventually, our young men and women in uniform.

The State of New York just passed a bill that can get any of us arrested if we “annoy” a police officer. Since affirmative action has taken hold of the common sense of this country, the standards of our police officers have plummeted so much that respect for our “men in blue” is now at an all-time low.  To make the division even more acute, there are now laws on the books that make the division between the citizens of the US and the government of the US even broader, a chasm that is beginning to appear insurmountable.

We can take the road to destruction and eventually the extinction of the Constitution and America, of the Freedoms guaranteed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, where it states that women shall receive equal treatment under the law, and the Freedoms under the Constitution, Free Speech and the Second Amendment, among others, or we can kiss it all goodbye and have failed the next generations of Americans.

Freedom isn’t “free;” it never was. If you don’t fight for your own freedom, there’s no one left to do it for you. I’m in the fight of my life to pass down to my children what my parents passed down to me. It’s not asking a lot if you’d do the same for yours, but with a little cooperation, we can restore our great land together.


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