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The American Revolution was fought to free the colonists from British empirical rule and to launch the “Great American Experiment” in self-governance

(Jun. 1, 2013) — It was never a fight between “Good” vs. “Evil,” “Light” vs. “Darkness.”  Although metaphors are useful, it’s better to call it what it is: people with brains fighting off the stupid actions of those who haven’t figured it out and never will. What this is all about is nothing less than “The Meaning of Life.”

It’s not complicated, never was, never will be.

Here’s a little bit of information for the mentally-challenged idiots who are reading this: the year is 2013. Blaming Bush doesn’t work anymore. Calling Obama a de facto usurper illegal immigrant who is committing identity theft, even as you are reading this, isn’t being bigoted. Being against Obamacare and not liking your health insurance premiums double isn’t racist; it’s fact.

And here’s another fact: Islam is nothing less than an excuse for old men to “marry” young girls, fifty-year-old men “marrying” little girls through an “arranged” wedding, which doesn’t say a heck of a lot for equal treatment under our laws. Men are allowed to have multiple wives, but I’ve heard nothing about women being able to have multiple husbands. Muslim males are given a free pass to murder any female for any made-up excuse and get away with it, and they’ve even given it a name: “honor killings.”

To keep the insanity from ending, they made it so that anyone who leaves Islam, even if he was born into it and had no choice in the matter, is condemned to death.  And they have the audacity to market this draconian political philosophy, this Totalitarian concept of subjugating females as mere chattel, with no more rights than a cow, as a “religion” in the Western Civilization sense of what a religion is.

Religion in the West is a personal quest for self-awareness, for a mental refuge from the uncertainties of life, be it everyday experiences or the phenomenon of a super nova in a far-away galaxy, to assist in defining a physical dimension that we can’t see but live: time. We who live in the West are free to choose our path. We have free choice in the matter: to each his own.

Islam makes no allowances for free choice or any freedoms whatsoever. No leaving and choosing your own path. No “constructive criticism,” inspecting, debating: no cosmologists allowed.

If everyone in the world would practice the “Golden Rule,” do unto others as you would wish done unto you, we wouldn’t have the toil and strife. Unfortunately, we do have rapes, tortures, murders and war, but there would be a lot less mayhem without Islam.  To attempt to censor anyone from speaking or writing the Truth about people who deliberately target “unbelievers” is the ultimate disservice for freedom-loving people anywhere on our planet.

So that’s it, the Golden Rule is our brass ring. That’s all there is to it.






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  1. Any decent “shrink” will tell you, if you feel the need to brutalize another into subjection – it means you have very low self-esteem. And the more you do it, the less self-esteem you have. Or else, why do they have their faces wrapped in a towel when they shoot at you or chop your head off?