Constitutional Sheriffs’ Convention Under Way


by Sharon Rondeau

Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo presented evidence of forgery and fraud on two occasions last year, after which the media sought to discredit him and failed to conduct its own investigation

(May 31, 2013) — The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association (CSPOA) annual conference at which Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo will be speaking has begun in St. Charles, MO.

The conference is free of charge to peace and police officers, county commissioners, sheriffs and other public servants.  Rep. Steve Stockman from the 36th District of Texas will be in attendance as well as other unnamed congressmen as of publication time.

Stockman will be giving a presentation entitled “The Principles of State Sovereignty and Local Autonomy.”

Zullo has been conducting an investigation into Obama’s long-form birth certificate and stated at two press conferences last year that it was found to be a “computer-generated forgery.”  He is scheduled to give a presentation to the conference on Friday at 3:30 p.m. CDT entitled “Forgery….Want the Proof?”

Other speakers include Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers; KrisAnne Hall, former Florida prosecutor, radio host and constitutional scholar; and Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA).  Sheriff Richard Mack will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

Zullo will also be giving two private presentations for credentialed attendees during which he will be providing new evidence of the forgery behind the birth certificate image bearing Obama’s name which has appeared on the White House website since April 27, 2011.  Zullo stated last July that the evidence the posse had gathered exceeded the standard of probable cause of forgery and fraud.

Zullo and Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave two press conferences last year to allow the media the information it would need to launch its own investigations into their findings.  Last fall, the Maricopa County attorney, William Montgomery, stated in an email to an Arizona resident that the posse had not gathered “sufficient evidence” to file a criminal charge against the perpetrators of the forgery and that there was no indication that a crime had been committed within his “jurisdiction.”

For months, Zullo has been seeking a congressional investigation.

The posse operates at no cost to taxpayers, relying completely on donations from the public.  Zullo has worked unpaid since commencing the investigation in September 2011.

Following the CSPOA, Zullo will be meeting with additional officials to make his case that a criminal prosecution be launched into the forgery of the birth certificate and its “attempt to deceive.”

Zullo told The Post & Email in a recent interview that the forgery raises the question of “Why?”  During the 2008 election cycle, questions were raised about Obama’s constitutional eligibility as a “natural born Citizen” because of news reports that Obama had been born in Kenya or Indonesia, not Hawaii.  His claimed father was never a U.S. citizen, which initiated much research into the intent of the Framers of the Constitution having included the “natural born Citizen” requirement in Article II for the presidency.

The Cold Case Posse provided a sworn affidavit containing its discoveries to the Alabama Supreme Court in a case charging that Secretary of State Beth Chapman did not properly vet candidates for the presidency in 2012.

To date, many in Congress have been unresponsive to the claims of forgery and fraud in regard to Obama’s identification documents, continuing to tell their constituents that the matter was settled by the posting of the image more than two years ago.  Former Congressman Allen West was approached by Zullo at CPAC in March but declined to become involved in exposing the crime, citing “future political aspirations.”

During the month of May, at least three cases of potentially criminal actions on the part of the Obama regime have come to light in the mainstream media:  the IRS having targeted “conservative” groups for extra scrutiny and invasion of privacy after they applied for non-profit status; the accessing of phone records and email accounts of journalists at Fox News and the Associated Press; and the ongoing investigation into why four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 last year after a “stand-down” order was given by an as-yet-unnamed person.

Retired military officers and a U.S. congresswoman have affirmed that only Obama could have issued the order not to send help that night.  Obama’s communications director, Dan Pfeiffer, would say nothing to Fox News’s Chris Wallace on May 19 about Obama’s whereabouts or what he was doing that evening except to say that he was kept informed by those monitoring the situation.  Wallace stated, although Pfeiffer would not confirm, that Obama had “wanted to deploy forces” to Benghazi, which is not consistent with the fact that at least two military teams had been ready to launch contingency plans immediately but were told not to go.

Congressional investigations have been launched into the conduct of putative Attorney General Eric Holder during testimony on May 15 at which he said that he knew nothing of the seizing of phone records and emails of journalists, as within days, it was confirmed that Holder had signed the warrant to access Fox News reporter James Rosen’s email account and phone records without notification.

Putative Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius is also under investigation for possible violation of The Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity while serving in the federal government.

Former White House reporter Keith Koffler has listed 20 “scandals” perpetrated by the Obama regime.  Zullo has stated that “The lies that you’re hearing now are not an anomaly; they started with this [birth] certificate.”

Because of the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate, questions remain about his constitutional eligibility and citizenship and whether or not any of his actions while in the White House will be considered valid if it proven that he was never eligible.  Multiple ballot challenges were filed during the 2012 election cycle and dismissed by judges and commissions relying on the authenticity of the birth certificate image.

During Obama’s first term, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) wrote three memos which attempted to obfuscate the fact that U.S. case law showed that the citizenship of an individual’s parents was a factor in declaring him or her a “natural born Citizen.”

Another investigator from the Cold Case Posse will be a guest on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” radio show this evening to discuss the alleged fraudulent Social Security number Obama has been using which appears to have been issued in the state of Connecticut.  The show airs from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. each Friday on WEBY and via live streaming on the internet.  Podcasts of the shows are available the next day by noon CDT.

Although commissioned by the First Amendment to be a watchdog on government, the mainstream media has not aggressively reported on government corruption in many years, instead featuring stories which do not enhance the public’s understanding of the activities of Congress, the courts, and the Executive Branch of government.

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