Does the Cold Case Posse Have New Information on Obama’s Social Security Number?


by Sharon Rondeau

How did Obama obtain a Social Security number which appears to have been issued in the state of Connecticut, where he neither worked nor lived?

(May 30, 2013) — In a press release on Thursday, PPSimmons announced that Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo will be giving several presentations at the Constitutional Sheriffs Convention beginning on Friday in St. Charles, MO.

PPSimmons further reported that “Hundreds of Constitutional law enforcement officers from around the country will be in attendance as well as U.S. Congressmen.”  Zullo has been attempting to gain the attention of members of Congress regarding evidence the posse gathered over the last 20 months which has confirmed that the long-form birth certificate image presented to the public on April 27, 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Zullo and Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who commissioned the posse to perform its investigation, gave two press conferences regarding their findings on March 1 and July 17, 2012, respectively.  While the mainstream media reported the pressers online, there was no television coverage, and no media company launched its own investigation to prove or disprove the posse’s contentions.

Zullo will address the entire sheriffs’ conference with previously-released information but also will be speaking to two groups in a private, screened setting with new evidence of forgery in the matter of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, which has been posted on the White House website for more than two years as purported proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.

In 2008, questions were raised about Obama’s and Sen. John McCain’s eligibility for the presidency.  Obama claimed to have a foreign-citizen father, and McCain was born in Panama to two U.S.-citizen parents.  While most Americans understand the “natural born Citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution to mean that anyone born on U.S. soil is eligible to the presidency, some scholars believe that the requirement means that a person must also be born to two U.S.-citizen parents either naturalization or birth on U.S. soil to be eligible.

In an interview on “Freedom Friday” with Carl Gallups on May 23, Zullo stated in response to a listener’s question that investigating the allegation of Obama’s use of an apparent Connecticut Social Security number would be time-consuming and difficult to research and prove by the posse.

However, Gallups stated in the press release today that an investigator from the Cold Case Posse will be discussing that topic on his upcoming radio show on May 31.

Of this new development, Gallups told The Post & Email, “I was introduced to Investigator Don Jeffrey today by Investigator Mike Zullo. I spoke to Mr. Jeffrey over the telephone and learned the information that he had concerning the Obama social security number. It is my understanding that this type of work is Mr. Jeffrey’s specialty in his many years of law enforcement career investigations. Mr. Jeffrey has agreed to come on my show tomorrow and talk about the SSN issue in detail. This will be my first interview with Mr. Jeffrey. It is also my understanding that Mr. Jeffrey is at the Constitutional Sheriff’s meeting with Mr. Zullo.”

In addition to radio host, Gallups is a former Florida deputy sheriff, pastor and author of the Amazon best-seller Magic Man in the Sky.  He will be releasing a new book through WND Books in the near future.

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