by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

Internal Revenue Service
Washington, D.C.

Attn: Custodial Department Chief

Dear Chief Custodian,

I am writing to you because the recent disclosures of malfeasance in the use of the Internal Revenue Service, used by politicians to attack political enemies, means I can’t address this serious issue to those who should handle such matters, but had to look for the most likely “honest person” who might work there.  I don’t know your name, but if you don’t mind, will address you as Mr. Smith, so we can get through this with the greatest ease.

I find that I owe taxes, and as a Sovereign American Citizen, I know how important it is for the government to have regular continuous revenue flow in order to keep up with its obligations.  At the same time, given the depth and breadth of this current scandal, I don’t believe I can faithfully pay my tax debt as it is, while there is no surety it will not be abused, wasted, or end up lining someone’s pocket.

I am writing this letter, sending it by registered mail, to ensure you, at the department of revenue, know I am aware of my debt, and have every intent on paying it, yet I cannot include a check with this letter because as a sovereign citizen, I am also responsible for seeing it is used well and properly, and not wasted, and currently, I have no way of ensuring such will take place.

Mr. Smith, please accept my assurances I have all intentions of paying every cent of tax I owe, and take this letter as a legal document attesting to my intent, and acknowledgement of the debt, and my willingness to settle it just as soon as the IRS gets its house in order.

Mr. Smith, I don’t know if you are aware of it, but it has come to my attention, the government is now borrowing 46 cents of every dollar our Nation spends, this up from the 40 cents being spent just two years ago, and I am very worried you have allowed fools to enter the accounting department, and they are just simply not as good at accounting as you are at keeping the maintenance and cleanliness of the facility properly accomplished, meeting high standards we should all strive for.

As I said, I would address this issue to the department heads, but for some reason, they seem to have greater respect for politicians than they have for The Sovereign People who are The United States.  They have gone behind your back and are doing all sorts of things which are not only immoral, but entirely illogical, and determined to lead our nation into bankruptcy.

Mr. Smith, I am hoping that as a working man, one who has earned his way to the head of his profession, you would be such a man who is able to enter the conference room at will, excusing your presence as natural, and by such, you may hear or see some of this foolishness, and be able to step forward and show these poor befuddled failures, you simply can’t just borrow and borrow never expecting to pay it back.

And for an extra measure:

Meeting Eric Holder

“Eric,” I opened, holding out my hand to shake his. “We have never met but I thought after all these years I would finally personally introduce myself,” I added somewhat sarcastically. Looking at me from his tall but hunched-over frame with a bemused and wry smile, as Holder had apparently downed a few brews as well, he responded in his characteristically smooth and slick voice: “Larry, nice to meet you, too.” He then closed, with a smirk, “Have you come to serve me with a subpoena?”

Larry Klayman is an attorney who has worked tirelessly for more than thirty years to battle the constant abuse of power in the White House, and throughout our government, being more successful in getting public attention on scandals, than getting the crooks actually indicted and put in prison.

Larry met Eric Holder for the first time recently at a dinner, and having the head of “the Justice Department” close the introduction with that smirk in and of its self is a demonstration of the moral fiber, the character of the man of office.  Imagine yourself as a farmer who has devoted most of your life to observing, considering your plants, your ways, your work, the instruments you use, and making the best of your findings, doing your best to grow more food with less effort, less cost, because people need to eat and there are more today than ever before.

Then imagine meeting someone who has made a name for themselves as a professional in farming, raising crops, in nutrients, weeds, in fertilizers and pest control.  Meeting a leading figure in the profession, in the Nation’s heritage of farming and agricultural education and having that person smirk at the end, asking if you intend to indict him for his life’s work, the smirk demonstrating this to be a genuine question, and by no means a joke.

This is the exact meeting Larry Klayman, civil defense attorney just recently had at a Washington party with the head of Our justice department, and that question, asked with a smirk, came solely because there had never been a previous meeting, because the two are indeed polar opposites, Klayman earning a name and reputation as a hard fighting honest attorney, with decades of success in exposing government abuse by criminals in power, but with little success in seeing any of the primaries ever punished, and only watching the chosen “fall guy” end up taking the rap if any rap is ever taken.

During the same time frame, the attorney Eric Holder remaining a few steps ahead but connected in every single investigation of the past couple decades, yet far enough removed from “the grunt work” to avoid ever having to face Klayman directly, but having to watch the damage and destruction caused by the exposure of the crimes which have been committed, and having to scramble to cut any ties, and ensure no strings connect him with the current investigation.

Such a meeting would have little meaning were it Klayman meeting some attorney, hired by the justice department, someone new, settling in, yet starting with a bad reputation earned by nefarious acts taken, but carefully, beginning operation as a criminal as an attorney, and recognizing the best, easiest place for such activities without real oversight is working for government.  It would mean starting an investigation, and pursuit, but little else.

That this meeting took place with the department head, and that man made it plain, he fully understands and acknowledges this understanding of the myriad of crimes he has committed, and so far, gotten away with, this is the emblem of government which has no ties with the law, whose principals exercise no legal constraint of any sort.  Bad enough you might say, but consider this:  this man, his boss, all those carefully chosen no less than himself, were all selected the same way, for the same reasons, and the whole of the executive branch, elected and appointed, consists of such people.

Now explain to me how we take back control of our government, restore our “rule of law” over it.  Tell me how we peacefully put the Constitution back, and how we reform such an institution, except that we halt it completely, “apprehend” all of them who make it up, holding them, until law is re-established, and with no incumbents, indict and try the criminals.

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