Nobody Listens: Why?


by OPOVV, ©2013

Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card have been declared forgeries by a law enforcement investigation, and his Social Security number appears to have been issued by the state of Connecticut, where he never lived or worked

(May 21, 2013) — Years ago, last decade, I wrote that Obama was a Muslim plant whose job was to do whatever he could to destroy America. Billions of dollars (of our own money), in the form of petrol dollars, funded Obama in Chicago and then to the White House. Obama’s past history shows him using multiple names, addresses, phone and Social Security numbers, which raises the question of a money laundering scheme being carried out which smuggled billions into America and disseminated the funds to various banks, money that would be used to buy television and radio stations, advertising and other media outlets throughout America, money that would eventually buy the presidency.

Along the way, promises made of payoffs, bribes and kickbacks were funded by “stimulus” money, money borrowed from a Communist country (China) which pays little to no tariffs while dumping its goods on America, items that were once manufactured in America.

Yet another nail was driven into the coffin that holds the Constitution when Obamacare was passed, and, looking back on the first six months of the Obama “presidency,” we see a massive push of anti-American legislation and rhetoric, “Muslim heritage,” which would be true if one was talking about the Barbary Pirates.

No, the forces that shoved Obama into the White House were caught completely off-guard when, after six months, Congress still hadn’t addressed the Birth Certificate, and, therefore the eligibility issue. Further investigation revealed, way back in 2008, that “Obama” wasn’t his name, wasn’t born in Hawaii, is an illegal immigrant and, therefore, not an American citizen; attempted to pass a fraudulent Selective Service Registration card, is currently using a Social Security issued to a man from Connecticut, and was not properly vetted as to being Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of president. Members of Congress and of the Democrat National Committee are culpable for the deception.

I have written about Obama arming the countries that surround Israel (with the Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda). The Obama administration has allowed millions of Muslims to be within our borders, all facets of our government, and within our military. He has allowed our military to be weakened by allowing gays within its ranks, females aboard Navy man o’ wars, and, if you remember, trying to have the Oath changed from defending and protecting the Constitution to defending and protecting him, the de facto president.

The forces of Islam, Muslims, have invaded every large city of America. Muslim women in Muslim attire get sent out to stores, not necessarily to purchase products, but to be seen, gotten used to being around, the majority of the time by themselves or with children. Mosques are multiplying at prodigious rates. Think “weapons caches” and you get the picture: “mosque” in Arabic means “armory.” Muslim conclaves strategically spread throughout America called “Islamovilles” are urban terrorist training camps.

But we know all of this; it’s not news.  We’ve known that the United States has been targeted, just as Europe was, for an Islamic takeover, abolishing our Constitution to be replaced with Islamic Law, which is called Sharia. Yes, we’ve known all of this for five years and all we’ve done is…nothing.

But that’s not news, either. Nobody listens: Why?


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