by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.)

Robert S. Mueller III is a former Marine who fought in the Vietnam War, after which he obtained a law degree and worked in various capacities within the offices of U.S. attorneys. He has not acted upon the complaints of treason and forgery filed against Barack Obama to date.

(May 19, 2013) — Mr. Obama can be tried in a federal court just like you or me or anybody else.

A federal trial includes a jury and does not allow him the political protection which impeachment would.

If enough people get behind a complaint naming Obama in the commission of treason, which happens to be a felony offense, who would prosecute him?

We have a whole bunch of people who would like to prosecute Obama right now; they just don’t have the political backing they need right now.  But We the People can take this matter into our own hands, and we don’t have to rely on the legislators.  We can do this, and it’s by bringing against Obama uncounted numbers of criminal complaints naming Mr. Obama in commission of treason.  It’s something that every United States citizen can do on his own in his own name and then can come together in a group and say, “We accuse Obama of treason.”

That can be an effort spearheaded by the Special Operations Speaks (SOS) group or it could be the families of the Extortion 17 fallen SEALS who could bring a treason complaint against him.  And why not?

You can bring a complaint against him because of what he did in Samson, AL; you can bring a complaint against him because of what he did in Fast & Furious; you can bring another accusation for what he tried to do with the Super-Congress when they were trying to figure out to do with the budget…

The point is TREASON, TREASON, TREASON, TREASON, TREASON!  There are so many things that we can accuse Mr. Obama of and anybody in his administration. 

“Is it not treason?” — On May 9, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith went to the podium and spoke those words at the National Press Club.

A large number of people have to come together, and the complaint is out there.  It’s been out there for years and years and years.


You have attorneys in the Justice Department who know that people like William C. Killian and the others who prosecuted Darren Huff need to go.  Adm. Gaouette, General Ham – there are people in the military who want Dempsey out of office as fast as they can make it happen.  Right now, though, they do not have the political backing that they would need from the American people.

The American people are going to protect the people who are going to stand up against Obama, and the way to do that is by bringing tens of thousands of complaints for treason against Obama.

File the complaint with the U.S. attorney in the geographic area where you live, which is part of the Department of Justice.  It’s not about where you file it, but rather, the numbers of filings that we make.  If enough people do this, it cannot be ignored. The U.S. attorney is named as one of Obama’s criminal assistants, and for that reason, the U.S. attorney and Eric Holder would have to step aside and say, “I cannot be a part of this process where I am subject to prosecution myself.”

This gets us back to the issue of the grand jury.  We need to get enough people in a community saying, “Treason, treason, treason, treason, treason,” and then finally a grand jury kicks in and says, “Yes, it’s treason,” and then the grand jury says, “We want a special prosecutor who has no connections to Mr. Obama.”  Then other grand juries across the country say the same thing, and this is how we take our grand juries back.  Then if you have a U.S. attorney who is in a position to prosecute Mr. Obama and does not do his job, the grand jury says, “Excuse me, but you’re fired.”

All of the alternative media luminaries need to come together on the same page:  “Treason, treason, treason, treason, treason.”  Then we exercise our grand juries.  We the People have the power in our hands to do what needs to be done.

Once this treason thing starts to gain momentum, there will be no stopping it.

On May 8, we had the Benghazi hearing, then the next day Rep. Ann Wagner said that Obama was the only one who could have issued the stand-down order.  You published it:  Obama is the only one who can stand down a contingency plan.  The Post & Email said it before anyone else did:  no one can stand down these people except Mr. Obama.  We have a former U.S. ambassador, now a U.S. representative, saying exactly the same thing.  And it came out on May 8 that stand-down orders were issued.

Had there been an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea that night, Obama would have stood it down, which would be more telling about what Obama did that night than anything else.  Obama would have had to have issued an order to that carrier’s Strike Group commander to “stand down.”  Because there was no carrier, that hasn’t been raised up as an issue.

People don’t necessarily understand how the military works with unified commands.  Africa Command (AFRICOM) includes the whole continent.  One of the commands that was named in the testimony was the Special Operations Command for Africa, SOCAFRICA, which is not AFRICOM.  They are two different operational commands.

Special Operations reports to Adm. William McRaven, a specified commander who is functional, not geographic.  Unified commanders are geographic, and there are nine of them.

Everyone is talking about Lt. Col. Gibson who was ordered not to move out of Tripoli.  The order to Gibson could have come from either AFRICOM or Special Operations Command dealing with that part of the world in Africa.  So it could have come from General Ham or Admiral McRaven.  Now I don’t know who Lt. Col. Gibson is or what his unit was; I cannot tell you if he was assigned under the chain of command that found its way up to Gen. Ham or Adm. McRaven.

So who gave the order to stand down?

Gen. Ham was fired because he refused to convey the stand-down order.

If Gibson was working under Special Operations Command, then we know for certain that the stand-down order came from Adm. McRaven, who was repeating the order from Obama.  If Lt. Col. Gibson was working in the AFRICOM chain of command, there would have been more confusion for him than in any other circumstance.

Why would Obama not have wanted Amb. Christopher Stevens and the other Americans besieged in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 last year to be rescued? Why does he say he doesn’t know what happened that night when only he could have given the order to abandon contingency plans?

Here’s what happened:  The order came down to all commanders that night:  “Stand down,” and some of those commanders refused to obey.  One of them was Gen. Carter Ham, who knew there was a contingency plan under way and that it was being carried out without anybody doing anything other than letting it continue.  So if Gibson was working for Ham in that moment, Gibson knew what his orders were and he was carrying them out.  Then, at that moment, when the order to “stand down” came to him and Gen. Ham refused to obey, Gen. Ham got fired.

The stand-down order came in, and Gen. Ham allowed the contingency plan to continue.  I’m told he was arrested in the National Military Command Center (NMCC) in the basement of the Pentagon after allowing his AFRICOM contingency plan to play out.  He was told to stop it by Obama, and he didn’t stop it, and it was at that moment in time that he was relieved of his command, placed under arrest and then the order to “stand down” would have been issued by a guy named David Rodriguez.

The order to stand down, then, if it came from AFRICOM, came from Rodriguez, who was appointed to assume Ham’s place afterward.

So the order came from Adm. McRaven of Special Operations or from AFRICOM, as it was restructured that night, from David Rodriguez.  At the top of that chain of command is a guy named Obama.

In every other place where Obama knew there was a contingency plan under way and an automatic response triggered, he turned them all off and said, “I don’t need your help; I’ve already decided what I’m going to do.  Stand down.”  And we know what happened then.

Obama was the guy who decided not to send a carrier into the Med.  Obama is the guy who decided not to let Lt. Col. Gibson proceed with his contingency plan.  Obama is the guy who fired Gen. Ham when Gen. Ham refused the order to stand down and replaced him with Gen. David Rodriguez, who did follow the order to stand down.  In other words, Obama is responsible for all of this. Obama is the guy who said to the State Department FEST team, “I do not want your advice.  Do not go.”

All of these things are actionable against Mr. Obama.  Every time he said, “Don’t go,” he committed an act of treason.

Treason complaints can go to a federal judge; people can start to clamor in their communities; they can attempt to file them with a U.S. attorney and federal grand jury in their geographical area.  Additionally, you can file them with the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction to place Obama under arrest:  the director of the FBI, Robert Swan Mueller III.

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  1. I was informed by U.S. District Court Magistrate Leslie Foschio,U.S.District Court-WDNY that criminal complaints against Obama must be filed in DC. That is the venue in which the Usurpation of the Presidency occurred. The US Attorney there is Ronald Machen.It has been claimed that US Attorneys can decide not to prosecute and that filing an AO9 (Criminal Complaint) is done by the US Attorney. This ignores the fact that there is the Constitutional process of “Presentment” which is issued by a NON-Judicial Citizen’s Grand Jury.In 1946 errant rulemakers for the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure stated that such “Presentment” Juries were “Obsolete”,which,of course,they are NOT. The Fifth Amendment has NOT been repealed. It states that a person can not be held to answer for a crime UNLESS on “Presentment OR Indictment”. Presentments are the purview of NON Judicially empaneled Citizen’s Grand Juries while Indictments are handed down by a Judicial Grand Jury. “There can be no…rulemaking that would abrogate a right guaranteed by the US Constitution”-Miranda v Arizona,USSCt.

  2. Well written and explained as usual Walt! You, Darren, Lakin, Wood and all the others that stood up should be the ones on the news since you were the first to be attacked and intimidated by Democrats running the system and offense for Obama and his criminal assistants and liberal socialist goons! All these people involved that were compliant were obviously Democrat Operatives and it couldn’t be more obvious at this point. The lies, coverups and pretense are all too amazing. No one is mentioning Obama’s $35 million dollar “retirement” mansion in Hawaii that his finance minister Pritzker the billionaire paid over half ($15 million) for Obama to make sure he got into his pad on time. It’s all on http://www.wnd.com in the search box. I wonder if Obama will be inviting any Republicans to his big house party when he gets out of POTUS? I guess the Democrats think he should be rewarded for running cover for them while all the ponzi schemes played out. Solyndra and MF Global were $1.2 Trillion alone that was never accounted for and I’m sure lined many pockets in the DNC and Union Bosses got very lucrative “bonus checks” for playing the game. I don’t thing even they know how much money was stolen but they may be counting it for a long time unless they trace all the thefts. Criminals, punks and hoods will sooner or letter learn the hard way but we the citizens and veterans are paying until then.