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by OPOVV, ©2013

The Department of Homeland Security employs people in high positions who have connections to The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic group which has declared the U.S. an enemy

(May 19, 2013) — Fact vs. fiction; Truth vs. lies, right out there for everyone to see vs. turn your head, stick it in the sand, cover your ears and call people names. Nice going, Janet Napolitano, on your quest to “monitor outspoken conservatives” for reporting, I don’t know, maybe what’s really going down; how’s that working for you?

Just because government employees drink the Kool-Aid doesn’t mean the rest of us do, and because we’ve kept our wits about us, at least we can honestly say we do not know who the person masquerading as the president is, and neither does anyone else. We know that Obama is not his real name and he’s using multiple fake identification practices to keep it that way. Identity theft is a crime, a felony.

Now, to the heart of the matter: calling a spade a spade. Now I know that the vast majority of the people reading this are rational patriotic citizens of America, so this is not for you. Most of you know that Islam is a political philosophy that divides the population into two parts: the rulers and those who are ruled. The rulers get to keep their money and their posh environment by keeping the rest of the population in check, and that’s called Totalitarianism. In other words, there’s no “religion,” but there is sleep deprivation from being called to prayers from sunup to sundown.

Scapegoats are the key to keep mentally-challenged individuals preoccupied with something that they have control over other than their lives. Beating and killing pre-arranged wives who want no part of the transaction, beating, disfiguring and killing girlfriends, wives, daughters and helpless animals gives the unimaginative an outlet to pursue other than to strive to make this a better world for all.  To top it off, as if the aforementioned wasn’t enough, they add Jews, Christians and all other Infidels (unbelievers) into the mix to hate, to keep their mind off possibly living a life without rancor and evil intent: no revelations of the Golden Rule for Muslims.

In Islam’s 1,400-year history they have never been compatible with any other system of living other than Sharia Law. Besides turning the clock of human achievement back a thousand years, more than anything else it’s how Muslims treat women and helpless animals. The word “cruelty” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. A Muslim woman was working at an apparel store in London and had acid thrown on her face. Girlfriends have been beaten for refusing to marry.  These reports are all true, and many of them are posted by the very Muslims who commit the atrocities, on film in living, or dead, color.

And so, Miss Homeland Security, don’t you dare presume to tell the citizens of the United States that we can’t tell the truth about anything, but especially what a bunch of savages Muslims have been, are, and will continue to be. Furthermore, we don’t want them in our country and the fact that you do just shows the rest of the world how out-of-touch with the facts you and this Administration are. Americans don’t want any Muslims within our borders: if they want to kill each other somewhere else, all the power to them. Leave us out of your sick equations.

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  1. I have always agreed 100% with OPOVV. He has my vote if he runs in 2016,and of course if there is an election then. The only way i will consider another election to be fair is when all states have voter identification mandatory and have done away with electronic voting machines. The temptation to “program” those like last election is too great.