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by OPOVV, ©2013

In 1776 in Philadelphia, 56 men pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to form a Republic based on the concept of liberty and self-governance

(May 18, 2013) — Man, do I ever have a deal for you, and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to do one darn thing and if, by chance, anything had to be done, why, your elective representatives would handle it for you. You just sit back and let the world be a great place, just as it was even before you were born, and no military service to delay your entrance into the world of commerce, to set you back a couple of years from the crowd you went to high school with. You won’t have to worry about writing anything, either; it’s old news in the form of our Constitution and the Civil Rights Act.

Yep, all the groundwork has been done for you. You’re not required to even know or care about the whole sordid history of the concept of freedom, and sordid it is, paved with the corpses of millions who lived before you who believed that freedom was worth dying for.

Before America, every large human population had a king whose rule was absolute. A pharaoh is a king: a king by any other name is still a king. How the Jews managed to become slaves of the Egyptians in the first place is another story, but at some point in time they decided enough was enough and got out of Dodge, one of the first exoduses for freedom ever recorded.

And from that time on, the Little People (subjects) nibbled away at “absolute rule.”  We have the Magna Carta (1215) which stated that there was an absolute law that superseded the arbitrary whims of the king. The biggest step forward in our quest for freedom had to be the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439. Radical ideas could be translated and disseminated throughout the world where (pun intended) everyone could be on the same page.

You see, the quest for freedom, once it’s explained, becomes an universal quest for all.  At least it used to be, that is, until Engels and Marx (who just sat around with nothing better to do) decided that, in 1848, the rewards of the entrepreneurs should be shared equally, but not the risks. It’s pretty easy to say that the factory owner should be despised for being rich, but not admired for providing employment. When I studied economics in college, “The Wealth of Nations” was required reading.

The point? If the voter doesn’t know the issues to be voted on, doesn’t comprehend that trading security for freedom isn’t a trade-off at all, then we end up with exactly what we have here in America today: citizens depriving other citizens of their rights under the Constitution. Going backwards, or giving up freedoms, is, without a doubt, the most asinine thing a human being can do.

America has been attacked by enemies from every corner of the globe since her inception.  Have you ever wondered why? For instance, what have we done to them that gets them so upset? It’s because the Kings/Rulers/Dictators/Tyrants of those countries fear that if America’s freedoms reach their subjects they’ll lose their kingship, their power, their wealth, and, most likely, their shallow sense of self-worth to boot.

Ever thought about Islam’s insane quest to conquer the world? It’s because if Muslims become acquainted/tainted with Western values, freedom for all, for instance, then who in his right mind would choose slavery? Women becoming doctors treating men. The doctor who performed my hernia surgery was a woman, and a darn good surgeon she turned out to be.

No, freedom isn’t “free,” and none of us, no matter who we are, can take our freedoms for granted, for if we don’t fight for our country every day, now more than ever, we won’t have a country to fight for.

The IRS scandal is just the tip of the iceberg: the goal of the government is to trash the Constitution and implement Sharia Law. If we don’t remember and pay homage to our forefathers who gave us the gift of freedom, we’ll have squandered our responsibility to the next generation of (hopefully) free Americans.

America is a very young country and our Constitution is, once again, under attack, but this attack is unlike all the previous attacks. This attack is by people giving up their freedoms, something no rational person would ever consider, just as we never considered psychos flying commercial planes filled with passengers into buildings. If America is to last even a thousand years, we better get together or it’ll never happen. Support deporting illegal immigrants and Muslims; that would be a good start.


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