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by OPOVV, ©2013

How many elected representatives in Washington are willing to tell the truth, no matter where it leads?

(May 17, 2013) — The other day I was at a home center to buy a couple of small sharpening stones for my nifty little hand-held tool, and there they were, two of them, just what I needed.  But, as it turned out, the package behind the first one was empty: someone sliced open the plastic casing and pocketed the little stone that I needed to sharpen my lawnmower blades. The price was $2.98, such a small price to pay for one’s integrity, I’d say.  I told that to the guy in charge of the tool area.

On the way home I fumed at the cheapness of it all: someone took the chance of getting caught, charged, fined, incarcerated, whatever, for $2.98, not including tax. And I thought about what makes a successful politician in today’s world and I came to the conclusion that if you’re not willing to play the game, not willing to accept a “favor,” what good are you?

When I ran for President last year I made it perfectly clear that I wasn’t for sale for anyone, anything, at anytime. Donations received were equally divided between the USO and the ASPCA. I think you could count all the votes I received on one hand, heck, maybe even one digit.

So how do these career politicians retire with so much money? It’s not from a careful savings plan or from a dead rich uncle. No, it’s from how the game is played, and if, by chance, the IRS really wanted to audit a crook, any of our retired politicians would be a good place to start.

Selling out one’s country comes pretty cheap these days; just look at most, not all, mind you, but most of the government employees who didn’t make any noise when LTC Terry Lakin was convicted. What made it even worse was that Obama released his Birth Certificate just before Lakin’s six-month sentence was up. Forgery or not, it’s exactly what Lakin went to court over, and here Obama makes his long-form Birth Certificate public. It begs the question: why wasn’t the White House Birth Certificate released when Lakin asked for it during his Court Martial? The Judge said she wouldn’t allow it to be presented in court because it would “embarrass the president.”

Nothing adds up. It’s halls of mirrors and lies, and our politicians in Washington are tongued-tied when it comes to the phrase, “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?”

You really have to wonder how these politicians and the other government employees rationalize their actions but, as Bruce Lee would say, “Taking no action is action.”

No, a knight riding in on a white horse just wouldn’t fit in with the crowd that scurries from under rock to under rock in Washington these days, but that’s exactly the kind of person we need to get our country back on the straight and narrow. We need people who have respect for home-schooling, for the flag, for our Veterans, for the Second Amendment and for our Constitution, and who aren’t afraid to articulate: “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?”

Next time you come across a sliced open package at a store, chances are that you just missed seeing a future politician, maybe even a future president.



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  1. That sums it up pretty well I would say, if there were any honest ones in government, then barry soetoro would not be there, would he now? Unfortunately, I believe that every blasted one of them must be replaced. How stupid we are to allow an illegal alien, foreign combatant, to make are rules for us; and of course we just follow along like sheep to the slaughter! DUMB!, DUMB!, DUMB!