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by Sharon Rondeau

Since 2010, the IRS illegally prevented many organizations from obtaining tax-exempt status or even having their applications reviewed in a timely manner

(May 16, 2013) — Late last week, a scandal in which employees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted groups applying for non-profit status which they perceived as Obama’s political enemies became headline news even among the mainstream media.

On Friday, the IRS officially issued an apology to those singled out for special scrutiny, including Tea Party groups, which spurned the apology.  It was first indicated that only a small group of IRS low-level employees acted improperly, but The Washington Post has reported that personnel in Washington, DC and California “were involved.”

Some groups’ applications for tax-exempt status were delayed for two years or more, with some reporting intimidation.

On Wednesday evening, Obama announced that Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller had “resigned” over the scandal after Miller had denied to a U.S. Senator that targeting of particular groups was taking place last year.

CBS News has reported that the extra scrutiny began in 2010, particularly focused on the “Tea Party” movement, and that “senior IRS officials” gave “instructions” to their underlings to carry out the practice.  At least 300 organizations are reported to have been affected, with some disbanding after cumbersome and unusual documentation was requested by the IRS.

The IRS reports to the Secretary of the Treasury, whose Inspector General issued a full report on Tuesday revealingd that “progressive” groups had not received the same level of scrutiny as those perceived as “conservative.”

Tea Party groups have called the politically-motivated targeting “tyranny.”  After reviewing documents from 11 groups which reported extra IRS scrutiny, Politico reported that “the agency wanted to know everything — in some cases, it even seemed curious what members were thinking” (emphasis The Post & Email’s).

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted that “some at the White House were aware of reports that IRS was targeting conservatives, but that nobody bothered to do anything about it.”

Jewish groups were also targeted.  Christians have been targeted by a left-wing bigot who is an official adviser to Obama’s Pentagon.

As noted by Townhall.com, four years ago, Obama joked about using the IRS as a political tool when a university at which he gave a commencement speech did not grant him an apparently expected honorary degree.

After conducting an interview with Obama with “tough” questions, a St. Louis reporter stated that the IRS began harassing him.  When asked for clarification by Politico, he refused to elaborate and then said that “To be fair, I should disclose that my issues with the IRS preceded that interview by several years” and “Corporate does not want me to do any interviews.  Sorry.”

Congressional Democrats and Republicans decried the activity and vowed to hold those responsible accountable.  Speaker of the House John Boehner said he wanted to know how many people were “going to jail” over the misconduct.

On Monday, Obama said that he “would not tolerate” such targeting, calling it “outrageous” and “inexcusable.”
However, when Obama was running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, he targeted his political opponents by exposing what had been sealed personal information, specifically regarding their respective divorces, with the help of a compliant Chicago media.  The information released was potentially harmful to former opponent Jack Ryan’s young children.

Since 2009, Obama’s FBI, Department of Justice, “advisers” to the regime and corrupt state governments infused with federal dollars have been targeting Obama’s perceived political enemies.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-leaning organization which favors “immigrant justice,” “LGBT rights,” and Cesar Chavez ideology, has labeled Tea Party and “Patriot” organizations “extremists” and “hate groups.”  The SPLC is a documented adviser to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

At approximately the same time that the IRS began targeting groups focused on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, limiting the size of government, and which were critical of the regime by asking for donor lists, printouts of their website material and “views on issues,” the media was demonizing some of the same individuals and groups in apparent lockstep with government employees.

The Obama regime has intimidated and threatened members of the media to deter them from reporting about his questionable documentation and his proposal of sequestration, which took effect on March 1 of this year.

In September 2010, TIME Magazine’s Barton Gellman wrote a featured expose titled “The Secret World of Extreme Militias” which targeted Darren Wesley Huff and CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) without having interviewed them, identifying them as “promoters of armed confrontation with government” and “sovereign citizens,” a term promoted by the FBI since 2010.

The FBI warns that “Several indicators can help identify these individuals.

  • References to the Bible, The Constitution of the United States, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, or treaties with foreign governments8″

The Knoxville, TN office of the FBI has worked in tandem with corrupt officials in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee to allow lawlessness, illegal grand juries and judicial corruption to continue unabated.

A training program for law enforcement issued in August 2011 by the state of Tennessee with federal taxpayer dollars named Huff and Fitzpatrick as “Sovereign Citizens” and criminals even as Huff awaited trial on two charges based on what the government claimed he had been “planning” to do on April 20, 2010.

Like Fitzpatrick, Huff is a veteran of the Navy.

Gellman’s managing editor wrote that “The story portrays those who believe that government is more than just the problem; they believe it is the enemy. The most extreme militants do not believe in change through peaceful means and think it is only a matter of time before they will have to take up arms against the federal government.”

Huff had traveled to Madisonville, TN to attend an assignment hearing for Fitzpatrick with the full knowledge of the FBI.  He had taken his legally-owned firearms with him and locked them in the toolbox in the back of his truck prior to arriving at the courthouse.  Once there, along with many others, he was denied entry to the courtroom by armed sheriff’s deputies.

As a result of false threats having been called in to the mayor’s office on April 19 and 20, a massive turnout of federal, state and local law enforcement personnel purportedly ready to confront armed militias, as claimed in Gellman’s article, patrolled the town, its outskirts and exit and entry ramps from the highway.  No one was arrested that day nor cited for illegal carrying or brandishing of a weapon.  At least twelve sworn affidavits from those who attempted to attend the hearing have been collected and shown to members of the press by Fitzpatrick.

Ten days later, Huff was arrested for allegedly planning to “take over the Monroe County courthouse,” even though he took no such action and displayed no firearm in Madisonville.  Prior to his arrest on April 30, 2010, Huff’s bank account information was given to the FBI without a search warrant, although the Fourth Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees a citizen’s safeguard against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The media falsely reported that “Huff, 41, was armed with a Colt .45 and an assault rifle on April 20, 2010, when he and about 15 others, some also armed, arrived in Madisonville, a small town about halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga.”

Who were the “15 others,” and why were they not arrested?  Where did the media obtain its information?

Two months ago, after Obama made it clear that he wanted Congress to pass more restrictive firearms laws, Obama-sympathetic media featured Gellman and a “shocking new report” on “anti-government hate groups.”

After former Marine Brandon Raub was arrested for statements he posted on his Facebook page last summer, other veterans told The Rutherford Institute, which handles First Amendment violations, that that they also had been the subjects of FBI, Secret Service and law enforcement shakedowns, intimidation and false arrests after expressing disagreement with the Obama regime.

In 2009, former Obama communications director Anita Dunn said that the Obama campaign had “controlled the media.”  Relatives of CBS, CNN and ABC currently work in the White House.

In 2010, an Obama support group claimed a “White House attorney” as a member and guest radio show host.  An attorney working at the IRS is reportedly a member of the group.

Early last year, Fitzpatrick’s military pension check was garnished by two-thirds without a hearing or proper review.

After Huff’s trial, a hung jury initially ensued, with the judge urging the jurors to return to deliberations.  Huff was then found guilty on one charge and acquitted on the other.  After his sentencing to four years in federal prison, an FBI agent said in a radio interview:

This case is monumental to the FBI because it will set precedent for case law in future domestic terrorism cases throughout the United States.

But of which type of “domestic terrorism” was Huff guilty?  There were no victim, no violence, and and no one carrying a firearm, although Huff was convicted of “carrying a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use it in a civil disorcer.”

Anyone who has objected to Obama’s policies has been labeled a racist by supporters of the regime.  Anyone questioning the legitimacy of Obama or his scant documentation has been ridiculed, harassed, insulted, defamed, and marginalized in Saul Alinsky fashion, including detectives who have concluded that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are “computer-generated forgeries.”

Crime has been allowed to stand for years in the Obama regime, beginning with Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute “his people” after they defaulted in a clear case of voter intimidation caught on video during the 2008 election.

Democrat officials in Indiana were recently found guilty of creating forged signatures to place Obama and Hillary Clinton’s names on the state ballot, with enough fraudulent signatures discovered to have rendered Obama disqualified in 2008 throughout the state.  Reports of voter fraud in 2012 are just now being investigated, although widespread reported “vote-flipping” of votes from Romney to Obama has not yet been explained.

Earlier this year, the Obama regime vowed to closely monitor “online radicalization” allegedly perpetrated by “violent supremacist groups, and violent “sovereign citizens.”  After submitting a Freedom of Information Act request for documentation on the new program, The Post & Email was advised that the only information in existence was that which is found at whitehouse.gov.

Although the Boston Marathon bombers expressed Islamic radicalism online and were known to the FBI, the murders of three innocent people and injuring of more than 260 bystanders was not prevented.

Obama has reportedly purposely deceived the public on the general sentiment toward further gun control legislation.  Those who have voiced opposition to his health care plan appear to have been reported to the IRS.

Despite the formal declaration that Obama’s Selective Service registration form and long-form birth certificate, which is posted on the White House website, are fraudulent, the mainstream media refuses to investigate.  In an interview with PPSimmons earlier on Wednesday, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo stated of the fraudulent birth certificate:

The White House PDF has no evidential value at all. And the simple truth is it could never be submitted to any court as a bona fide certified verification of the birth event. I think one has to come to the conclusion that the White House attorneys and Mr. Obama himself, as an attorney, would be acutely aware of that fact.

Although now a target of the Obama “Justice” Department for what they might have been discussing with colleagues and sources, the Associated Press told The Post & Email on Wednesday that it had no interest in Obama’s fraudulent documentation.  Many AP reporters demonstrated bias in their reporting about Obama both before and after the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

Are Obama operatives now routinely targeting and prosecuting private citizens and journalists for what they are thinking?

Rep. Steve Stockman said on Tuesday:

Government reforms adopted after Watergate prohibit the White House from coordinating with the IRS to target citizens.  We know White House critics were targeted by the IRS.  We know the White House maintained an active enemies list through Flag@WhiteHouse.gov.  Investigators must find out how targets were picked and what, if any, White House personnel knew about it.

ABC News has reported that the IRS scandal emanated from the “West Wing of the White House.”

Perhaps that is where the Fogbow “White House attorney” works or worked.

Is it 1984 yet?

Nazi Germany, 1938?

Or the United States of America in 1973?


Update, May 16, 2013:  In an email newsletter issued on Thursday, the National Association for Gun Rights reported that it has been waiting for 19 months for IRS approval of its request for non-profit status.  The communication reads, in part:

Last week, you and I learned the Obama administration wiretapped Associated Press reporters.

But perhaps the worst of it all was that the Obama administration used the IRS to target and harass political enemies!

In fact, the National Foundation for Gun Rights non-profit filing with the IRS is still yet to be approved after 19 months — and I can’t help but think I’ve been one of the IRS 500 top targets for “extra scrutiny.”

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  1. I used to wonder what’s wrong with these people, government employees who, along with the rest of us, pay (through taxes) for the services that the government provides for its citizens. What? They think that going after Patriots is somehow going to make America a better nation, that it doesn’t affect them, that they’re somehow immune from denying others their Civil Rights but they’ll go through life scot-free and squeaky clean?
    I think not.
    I know not.
    The “eternal vigilance” starts everywhere all the time, and it’s not for “the other guy” to be concerned about, to step forward and stand tall, it’s for all government employees to follow the rules.
    Playing childish and silly games for a regime that wants your head is a little too off the wall for this Red Blooded American Boy.
    One thing our government employees best remember is that, in the whole history of mankind, there’s never been such an animal as a benevolent dictator.
    No, in denying one citizen their Civil Rights is to deny all, paving the way to Despotism. Everyone is responsible and those that violate the Public Trust deserve to suffer the consequences.
    In my private thoughts I see the word “dire”.