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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, blogging at Gulf1

(May 16, 2013) — For the last five years, we’ve been treated to the sight of a two-party system with one party radicalized, fulfilling the promise of “fundamentally transforming our Nation,” while most citizens call, write and communicate with Congress demanding our nation return to Law, restore National Principle; in every way reform our Nation back under the Constitution.  Instead, we have watched the last five years culminate over a century of active subversion changing of our country from “the republic,” with government under the rule of law, to a central government which has no use or respect for law whatsoever, and whose actuaries believe themselves to be “the law.”

A substantial part of the moving from the constitutional powers vested in the three branches of government, and forming other bonds, with the intent of “getting things done” has come about because the constitutional form of Congress, two houses, each with different authority over different aspects of legislation, and both constricted from authoring bills based on the authority of the other.  This was designed specifically to prevent any legislation from being passed which could not meet the standards of constitutionally minded senators in the senate, or representatives in the house.

One of the singular, and most critical aspects of our bi-Cameral congress, has been the ideal that two houses, each with a different directed focus, must run into intractable disagreement whenever a party or group wishes to move legislation which is antithetical to first principles.  Deadlock was considered the proper way to ensure only “Constitutional legislation” could pass two houses and an executive signature, and keep “crony politics” from overruling reasonable denial.

When the debt ceiling was reached, instead of Congress doing its constitutionally demanded job and shutting down the aspects of government we can’t afford, members of the two houses illegally colluded, formed “the gang of 12” and came up with a “compromise” by which the debt ceiling was raised by 1.6 trillion dollars, in return for owing more, and having a greater portion of the GNP consumed by the interest we owe on our debt.

Had Congress followed the constitution, the house would have written a budget which consumes the revenue taxes generate, and scheduled payment of debts by priority, and leaving off at the point when only ten percent of the revenue was left, it  by principle, saved for emergencies, which we always have, every year.

Had the Senate followed the constitution, they would have formed a committee, gone over the draft budget, made suggestions, but that is all.  The members of both houses know what the constitution requires of government and exactly where its authority stops.  The gathering of “gangs” to iron out “intractable issues” is forming illegal councils, to illegally convene outside constitutional standards, on bills in Congress.  Such groups commonly enmeshed themselves around pieces of legislation in the Parliament, and our form was laid up specifically to deny this from occurring.

We now have had all sorts of “gangs” which have committed a good many crimes, substantially altering our form and ways as a Nation and as “A People.”  It may appear we recently got “Chicago-style politics” moved into D.C., but in truth, at the point Congress first decided to form an “external committee” of the two houses, it flung the doors wide open to the exact form of crony “tradeoffs” which a “triumvirate form of government with a bi-cameral Congress” was specifically designed to prevent.

Whenever there is “gridlock” in Congress, it is the definitive sign of illegal powers being sought, and the proper function of our form, preventing the success.  If “We, The Sovereign Citizens” allow Congress to simply make up its own rules as it goes, we have surrendered all our natural authority to those we elect, and we make them “sovereign masters” and ourselves the subjects under their sovereignty.  We are a “Sovereign People” only if we exercise our sovereignty; to do so we must exercise it every time the smallest part of government oversteps its authority.  Once allowed, government never relinquishes stolen authority without a fight.

You want to know why Congress, the executive branch, and especially the Judiciary, don’t care a whit about what “we, The People” have to say over law, its execution, and the judicial consideration of it?    We have allowed the elected to tell us what “our Constitution” means, and we have failed to remind them we own it.

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