by Sharon Rondeau

(May 15, 2013) — In light of recent Obama regime scandals, including the Justice Department’s seizure of phone records from four offices of the Associated Press, The Post & Email contacted the Hartford, CT and Washington, DC divisions of the AP on Wednesday morning.

We called the Hartford office and asked if it was investigating the Justice Department’s seizure of the telephone records and were told that the Washington, DC bureau is handling it.

We then briefly related several items:

  • That we know that our phone line has been tapped.
  • That we have broken two national stories on corruption perpetrated by the Obama White House, referring to The Fogbow’s open admission that one of its guest hosts was “a White House attorney” in September 2010 and the “Sovereign Citizen” campaign against constitutionalists, particularly white male military veterans.
  • That the image of a birth certificate posted by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a forgery as proven by a law enforcement investigation and that the purported Selective Service registration card disseminated to the public was found by the same investigation to be a forgery.
  • That the crime of forgery is reaching the level of federal prosecution.

The person answering the phone in Hartford was courteous, while the “desk” person in Washington, DC said that he was not a reporter and could not act on the information “at this time.”  He clearly did not wish to hear about the fraudulent birth certificate and the fact that a criminal investigation.  “I’m not a reporter,” he said on two occasions.

The Post & Email has known for some time that “the Madisonville Hoax” stemmed from the White House, just as ABC News has now reported that the IRS scandal “goes into the West Wing.”

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  1. The foxes are now living in the hen house… The Muslim Brotherhood is now Obama’s chosen ones in the White House! pic.twitter.com/J0r945WFhE . Our nation resides in the fires of hell at this time thanks to an evil congress and pseudo-Americans who allowed this to fester and grow right in our midst including those who voted for him. And Obama says that he’s not Muslim? …of course he lies every time he opens his mouth.

  2. The Obama minions have so many fooled into thinking that only people who “wear tinfoil hats” believe that Obama is NOT ELIGIBLE.

    AP probably has not wanted to risk its self imagined “reputation” not realizing that OBAMA has used their “nonchalance” as cover for his deception and malice.

    That malice now has bitten their own media derriere in the ultimate act of betrayal by the man they had turned into a human idol, almost like Ramses in Egypt.

    Speaking of Pharoah, one remembers his encounter with Moses and Aaron.

    The court magicians pulled some mediocre tricks in front of the envoys of the God of Israel, only to be astounded that TRUTH triumphed over ARTIFICE when the serpent from Moses’ staff devoured that of the Egyptian priests.

    So it is now, the AP and media “cover” for Obama is about to be DEVOURED by TRUE REPORTING and clear, concise and damning Evidence.

    If only the AP and OBAMA had read the Bible.

    They would have known that the current USURPATION would not last long, just as the Third Reich did not last 1000 years when all its sycophants boasted of its magnitude.

    Perhaps the AP will wake up and still learn from its injury which it enabled in a terrible co-dependency with Soebarkah!

  3. Well said Martha,

    The AP is “in for a pound” and they are now in a position where they
    have to close ranks and hope (against all hope) that it will all blow over or they will wake up in a bad dream. God Bless all of you who are staying the course while all around you persecute and revile you for seeking the truth. You are in my prayers.
    Bless You All

  4. What sounds like nonchalance may well be masking for behind-the-scenes panic. How do they explain their willful avoidance of the greatest political fraud ever perpetrated upon America?

    It will take some doing for The Great AP to gracefully step in and cover a.k.a. Obama’s Identity Fraud.

    But they will.