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by OPOVV, ©2013

As Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid controls the bills which are deliberated and ultimately voted upon

(May 15, 2013) — I’m really beginning to wonder if there aren’t really aliens, not in your normal everyday illegal immigrant or an insurance agent from another State, but real Outer Space aliens who look and talk like us but sure as heck don’t think like us. There’s this “Gang of Eight in Washington trying to shove law-breaking illegal immigrants down our throats and they call their bill “Reform.” How’s this for starters: theBlack Death,” aka “The Plague,” shall henceforth be called “Common Flea Migration.”

Bank robbers arrested for “Violating proper fund withdrawal procedures.” Vehicular homicide is “Inadequate protection of the occupants resulting in death.” Husband murdering wife and daughter will be called “Honor killings.” Get the picture? A bunch of psychos bent on murder we’ll call “The Muslim Brotherhood.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the atrocities committed by Muslims worldwide every day.  They don’t limit their collective mob sickness to torturing and killing other humans; oh no, they have to do the same to animals also. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the lowest form of human is one who wantonly inflicts pain and suffering on helpless humans and animals.  There is a cure, a permanent cure that’s simple, swift and just and we know what it is. The trouble is, the “Gang of Eight” are so far out of touch with the rest of the country that there’s no hope of ever making them see what their constituents want or, for that matter, need.

Klaatu barada nikto” doesn’t work; the idiots in Washington are still there. I’ve even come to the point where I wished I could be Superman for just a day; now wouldn’t that be something? But the reality of the situation is that I don’t have any magic words, ‘cause if I did I sure would have used them by now. No, we just have to plug along and hope that we get there before “they” do. We’re fighting with one hand tied behind our back, thanks to people like Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and all the other brain-dead “can’t see the forest for the trees” Obots of this land of ours.

So it’s high time we start taking our boxing gloves off, no more not telling it like it is (political correctness), and hit them with upper cuts and kicks to the groin. Another way to say the same thing, short and sweet, is to say that we are a nation of laws and we’ll put our money where our mouth is: deport all of those people who are in our country who shouldn’t be. Now, really, how simply can you put it? Illegal immigrants and Muslims, get out of our country. We don’t want you and we sure as heck don’t need you.

These Muslims and illegal immigrants come to America, not for the Freedoms, but to transform our home into the garbage dump they left. I’m not going to cite each and every atrocity committed by Muslims in Europe “in the name of Islam;” it’s all on the internet, posted by Muslims showing gruesome videos of torture to animals and humans.

As far as the illegal immigrants go, it sure doesn’t say much for them about respecting our laws, our country, or us. They’ll take our handouts, though, because we’re so stupid to allow it, and the epitome of stupid is our accepting “anchor babies. We are, indeed, paying for our stupidity.  Just look at the antics of “the Gang of Eight.”


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  1. “The Day the Earth Stood Still!”, and “Gorte”~~just the Movie and the Robot is what we need, along with “A Few more Rednecks!”