Abolish the IRS


by OPOVV, ©2013

Has the Internal Revenue Service become like Hitler’s Gestapo?

(May 14, 2013) — Ask a little kid to define the word “fair” and he’s likely to respond with “Rides, cotton candy, and corn dogs.”  After putting the same question to a lawyer, you might hear, “The amount of money one spends is equally proportional to the amount of justice one wants to receive.” Ask a taxpayer and you just might hear “flat tax” in the answer.

The concept of being “fair” is relatively new, as far as words go, because the whole idea is abhorrent to a King, Dictator or Tyrant. I mean, how dictatorish would a dictator be, for instance, if he drove around in a Yugo, just like everyone else, without a chauffeur? Or paid for his own vacation? I ask you, where does it say that the president has the use of Air Force One for whimsy vacations? I used to work for the government and I didn’t get any such perks: I had to pay for my transportation just like everyone else.

Did you ever really think about what the Constitution means and not just what it says? The Constitution is, in essence, a document that preaches “fairness” by using the word “equal,” as in “equal opportunity” or “equal in the eyes of the law.”

We understand the need for a central governing power in order to regulate equal (fair) requirements for transportation and commerce interests. We are aware of the need for a standing military force to protect us from foreign powers that have designs on our resources, human or otherwise. We understand that a military comprising every segment of the population is better than one made up of just the lower economic classes of our society, which is the price we’re all paying since doing away with the Draft.  The moral is, “You don’t get something for nothing,” so we may be left with a military that wouldn’t know an illegal order from a legal one, unlike the troops we had since the birth of our country.

It’s less costly to live with a lot of money than with not much money. The rich pay cash for a house while the rest of us have to carry a mortgage. The wealthy pay cash for a car while we usually make car payments. The well-off hire tax lawyers who are experts at hiding assets from the IRS, making charitable contributions to offset any tax owed to the government and defer payments of possible taxes owed to give them time to hide yet more money in off-shore accounts, art, and things that will fit in a safety deposit box.

It is indeed a game, a high stakes money game and, as usual with most games, those with the most money wins. We’ve all played Monopoly, but how many of us played the game by ALL the rules? It’s the beginning of the game and you land on Oriental, but you don’t have a lot of money, you’re looking to have enough cash for New York, Marvin Gardens, maybe a few Railroads and Park Place, so you decline purchase. Guess what? Since you didn’t buy Oriental at the list price, it automatically goes on the auction block and “Daddy” Warbucks snatches it up, as he does with all the other properties on the board that people don’t buy because they’re cash-poor. That’s why every player starts the game off with the same amount of money: to make the game fair.

Now what if, in order to run the country, everyone had to pay a tax to support roads, the Army, and everything else that we expect the government to do to insure that our lives are as safe and fair as possible? We have two people:  one is a zillionaire while the other lives paycheck to paycheck. Does the Army assign more troops to protect the rich one and fewer to protect the poor one? When driving on a highway, is there a special lane for the rich while the poor cope with muddy or gravel roads? No, of course not, so why don’t all the citizens of this country pay equally for the same services provided by the government to each one equally?

A nationwide flat sales tax is the only equitable (fair) way to gather the funds in which to run the government.

No Income Tax.

No “write offs” or “deferments.”

No IRS with Gestapo underhanded politically-motivated tactics to go after the citizens of our country. Abolish the IRS. Let’s make the whole ball game fair for each one of us, every day, every year. No more April 15th. No more IRS.


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