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by OPOVV, ©2013

On Sunday, which was Mothers’ Day, Pat Smith, mother of slain Benghazi Information Officer Sean Smith, told Hillary Clinton, “You have your child; I don’t have mine.”  Mrs. Smith said she has received no answers as to why her son’s life was lost on September 11, 2012

(May 13, 2013) — Like most people of my generation, I was taught that honesty and hard work were all you needed to make it in America; therefore, I supported Martin Luther King, Jr.’s efforts to make it an even playing field for all Americans, including the American Indian. As it turned out, all Americans benefited from King’s heroic efforts against seemingly insurmountable odds to get the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed and signed into law. America became an even more harmonious place to live and raise a family but, unfortunately, sinister forces were already gnawing away at our way of life, unbeknownst to all except the most astute, and the John Birch Society.

Looking back on it, the Birchers had it right, but their approach turned a lot of people away, me included. Rants and raves is probably not the best way to win hearts and minds, although how does one really tone down the willful trashing of the Constitution? It would almost be the same today, but, thanks to the internet, we can listen and, hopefully, learn exactly what to expect from our enemy because they’ve made no bones about what they’d wish our fate to be: they publicly state their intentions and even post videos showing the results of their hatred of The West and their total disregard for human life.

One of the most heart-wrenching displays of the separation of understanding between Dark Age mentality and the here and now happened when an American truck driver was taken hostage, his cargo of polio vaccines for Muslim children destroyed and he was slain while being filmed as his executioners chanted “Allah Akbar!”  The explanation was the Infidel truck driver desecrated holy Islamic land while delivering Western “hocus-pocus” American-Israeli “unclean” poison.

In normal times one would have expected to hear that the US government would track down the murderers and “do the same to them,” but we didn’t hear anything, not even when the same thing happened to a CIA Station Chief. Our government remained mute to the murders of its citizens.

The writing was on the wall for all of us to see, but we just weren’t paying attention. We should have realized that these weren’t “normal times;” anything but.

The government acted just as a pet owner would act when, every morning, the dog would chew on the morning paper, and it would go on for years.  Then, one day, all of a sudden, the owner would say to the dog, “You know, chewing on the morning paper is just not acceptable.” How was the dog supposed to know? And why couldn’t the government let those four unfortunate souls be murdered in Benghazi?  After all, nobody cared before.

Ah, but we did care; our government just wasn’t listening, wasn’t paying attention to the pulse of the citizens. Just like with today’s police forces across the country: they’ve separated themselves from the “civilians,” the very people who they‘re working for, or should be.

No, Benghazi was not an abnormality but a symptom of how this administration views American-Infidel human life. We should not be surprised, but we should be outraged, tremendously so, so much that indictments of willful disregard for human life need to be forthcoming to all who had a hand in denying help when help, as in NOW, was asked for, was pleaded for, and was REQUIRED.


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  1. Radical Islamists murders aided and enabled by Bari the Kenyan Muslim …… 4 in Benghazi , 13 by the crazy Muslim shooter at Fort Hood ( Allah Akbar ) , 25 members of Seal Team 6 in the 1965 vintage helicopter after Bin Laden was shot , 2 US border agents … Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata .. plus OVER 200 Mexican civilians from Obama delivered guns vis Fast and Furious , and there are many more. Fact .. obama is a murdeous Muslim who has acted to destroy the USA and the U S Constitution, People Get Ready!

  2. What aka obama did in actively suppressing the rescue of our people who died in Benghazi is murder just as surely as an arsonist is guilty of murdering unintended victims of his pyromaniacal blaze. Aka obama aided and abetted our enemies in killing our fellow countrymen. This is nothing less than high treason for which the penalty should be a legally sanctioned sentence of death. Pardon at any level should not be an option.

    Justice fully served would be a healing salve to both country and Constitution and would send a powerful reminder to the DC beltway elitist, both R’s and D’s alike, that they are in fact our servants and not our masters as so many today seem to fancy themselves.