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by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

(May 9, 2013) — We like to think that our form of government was designed and built to the desires and intents of the citizens who populated the “several states” existing after the war brought us independence, but the truth is, “the people” had almost no input, little impact on the principles chosen as its foundation, the ideals which would be inserted in it very carefully.  In truth, the whole of its design and implementation can reasonably be called “imposition” of the republic, ameliorated only by the fact this foundation, the ideals, and the plan had to ratified by “the people of the several states,” and by the states themselves.

For a business to take note of empirical changes in technology and calculate the point at which altering ways and means is most economically effective, it is a natural matter of “keeping books” and ensuring one is fully understanding of economics.  No matter what else it does, if a business does not make a profit, it fails and ceases to exist.  No principle for business can come before that fact; work done must produce profit, because the “most noble” goal intended can only be reached if the business succeeds; therefore profit must be first.

The 58 men who made up the “Continental Congress” were selected by both communities and by leading figures in such, and by this, it was “representational.” However, every act they took from that point forward was done by their own determination, on their own authority.  These were, in fact, dictators, alone in the position of establishing the Government according to the determinations made from animated discussion of ideas.  They met in private, efforts made to keep most of the work out of public view, the aim to put forth only a finished product, that the principles be secured by the whole of the congress in harmony in everything substantial.

Our founders noted The Roman republic was formed by reasoned consideration; however, they did not have the advantage of so much history, and in truth, our own form is more one greatly revised, but owing its foundation to Rome.  Few governments have ever been designed.  Even today, with over 190 governments represented in the U.N., less than a handful are anything but the natural descendants of forms going back millennia.

The actions of that congress were an utter failure for weeks; they concluded confederacy could not perform the necessary functions of “government,” yet another way was not to be found, only argument.  At that point, one of those who had been seminal in the independence from the very beginning, Ben Franklin, took the floor to stand and state:  “We founded our stance on the principles of God, and entered war for independence upon faith, and won it.  We have argued over form and substance to no avail, and the singular thing missing has been acknowledgement of the source of our success.  If a sparrow cannot fall without God taking note, is it likely a nation can rise up, without God’s approval?  I suggest we take this opportunity to break, take our supper, and upon our return, begin our session with prayer to The Almighty God we placed our faith in, to achieve our goal.”

The congress took this as inspirational, and on their return, they opened with prayer, partaken by all, fervently, and according to the records, from that time on, the flow of work was steady, steadfast, and progressive, with little discord over principles, and almost every consideration long debated over issues of “man’s proclivities” and whether “we, as people” could choose to hold to the truths being established into a government with an exact purpose, limited no less accurately than any scientific endeavor ever was at the time.

I stand absolute on the fact we cannot restore such a designed and considered government except by peaceably stopping the current behemoth, noting its abject denial of legal constraint, and follow the same process, with exactitude, or accomplishing the same by force, because we can’t find enough “good men” to stop it by our word.

It is completely irrational to believe we can achieve what 58 minds, dedicated to logic, principle, completed in their faith in God, in any way that doesn’t follow what every creator of anything knows as first founding principle.  We must follow rational means, if we would achieve that rational form.

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  1. We are where we are due to “incrementalism”, the very same process that creates “habits”, both good and bad.

    The Founding Principles were NOT taken up out of the whole cloth of 58 men’s minds, but rather from the compendiums of knowledge of humanities social history and their place in nature.

    The U.S. Constitution is a road-map complete with textual directions that offer “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…(ownership of private property, whatever that may be)…” to the society that follows the directions.

    We have “incrementally” departed to the extent we are now heading in the wrong direction. But it is NOT the Road-map at fault, but rather the back-seat drivers ‘nudging’ us off the hiway.

    Any “conservative” proposition is now seen as extreme while the incrementalist want us to burn the map and jump on their gravy train that rides on the rails leading to hell.

    I, for one WILL NOT abandon the Constitution on the “notion” that it is old, dusty and out of date.

    It’s the johnny come lately’s that are on the wrong road and those 58 Old White Guys saw much farther into the future than WE have as yet seen.