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by Sharon Rondeau

Freedom Watch, founded by Atty. Larry Klayman, held a press conference which accused the Obama regime of “deception and lies” in the shoot-down of a Chinook helicopter carrying 16 Navy SEALS on August 6, 2011

(May 9, 2013) — A video has been released of the press conference held at the National Press Club at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Thursday during which parents of elite Navy SEALS killed on August 6, 2011 accused the Obama “administration” of endangering their sons’ lives by a policy of “political correctness” with an agenda of “winning the hearts and minds” of Islamics in Afghanistan.

Trentovision.tv produced the video, which runs more than two and one-half hours.

Representatives Louis Gohmert and Michele Bachmann attended, as did Brigitte Gabriel of ACT! for America, which works to expose the dangers of radical Islam.

The conference was announced and hosted by Atty. Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch.  A press release from Freedom Watch was reproduced at The Post & Email on Wednesday with permission.

Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, Adm. Ace Lyons, and other retired military commanders were also in attendance.

One parent called for a “congressional inquiry” after he said the Obama regime has offered no explanations as to why the crash occurred.

The SEALS were flying on a Chinook helicopter last retrofitted in 1985 but of 1960s vintage.

A shocking revelation was that a Muslim cleric who was brought in to officiate at the funeral service held for the victims in Kabul, Afghanistan, whose Arabic statement translated to a condemnation of the soldiers’ mission and souls.

“Who’s profiting from this?” Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange, asked.  “Follow the money.”

Adm. Lyons said that political correctness has imposed “restrictive rules of engagement” which has “cost numerous lives and thousands with horrendous permanent injuries, all in the failed hope of winning the hearts and minds of a tribal society.  This makes no sense.”

Lyons has stated that a rescue mission could have been mounted after the Benghazi, Libya attack on September 11, 2012.

Lyons accused “somebody” in the military of “dereliction of duty.”  “This same dereliction of duty you see reflected in Benghazi today.  Not to come to the aid of our diplomats and our personnel who were under attack is un-American,” he said.

He then said that the Rules of Engagement mandate that a soldier cannot fire on the enemy unless he has been fired upon first.  Lyons said it has cost thousands of lives and caused thousands of injuries.

Joe Biden had revealed that SEAL Team 6 had carried out the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in May of 2011, something which had been considered classified information.  Several months later, the SEALS were shot down in the Chinook.

Lyons said that he was “sure” that the Rules of Engagement had been influenced by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He cited a letter sent to CIA Director John Brennan complaining about the characterization of Muslims in military training materials.  “We know that, based on that letter, all our training manuals were purged of any reference to Islam and terrorism and jihadists.  The enemy was given a free pass,” Lyons said. He referenced the “disciplining” of Col. Dooley, who was reprimanded and his military career ruined by Gen. Martin Dempsey after teaching a course in radical Islam.

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who has charged Barack Hussein Obama of treason on seven different occasions, was invited to attend the presser but was unable to be there.  “He is a foreign-born, domestic enemy,” Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email.

Maj. Gen. Vallely spoke next and contended that countries around the world have lost respect for the U.S. government.  He told Steve Malzberg in an interview published Wednesday that he believes there is a conspiracy involving the White House, Department of Defense, CIA and the State Department.  Vallely also said that a rescue mission should have been launched to save those attacked in Benghazi.

Gen. Boykin told the group that he believed the enemy has been obscured from those currently fighting in the military today.

Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) spoke next, stating that the circumstances under which the helicopter carrying the Navy SEALS went against military protocol, as some of the identities of the Afghanis on board were unknown.

West suggested that a president and vice-president should have military experience in order to serve.

The next speaker, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith, asked if putting Islam first before soldiers’ safety, “Is that not treason?” after which applause followed.

Col. Larry Bailey, spokesperson for Special Operations Speaks, which has demanded a congressional investigation of Benghazi, said that “We are dealing with a theological enemy.”

Brigitte Gabriel spoke next, saying that she was honored to be there.  “9-11 was a defining moment for our country…realizing that there is a dedicated enemy who is focused on our destruction,” she said.  She thanked the parents’ for their sons’ and daughters’ service as well as all veterans.  “Thank you for building a nation for me,” she said.  She described her immigration to America 25 years ago.  “I want to thank you, those who served our country…where I can exercise my freedom of expression…I know that my freedom is built upon your shoulders and your sacrifice…” she said.

Klayman took the dais again and said that the American people “hold their own fate in their hands.”  “We have entered into a revolutionary period…Frankly, it’s as if we don’t have a government…and what we’ve heard today is proof positive of that,” he said.  He likened today with “another tyrant, King George III.”

Klayman said that “we forget who our God is” and that America has lost its ethics and principles.  He quoted from the Declaration of Independence which referenced “the people’s grievances” and compared it to the Navy SEALS who gave their lives…”when those grievances are no longer being heard, then we have a God-given duty to…” change our form of government.

“We’re hanging by a thread,” Klayman said.  He predicted that the Middle East is about to “explode” and named Iran as the most dangerous enemy.  “We sit there and play patty-cakes and…play these games with our servicemen and don’t let them fight…”  He said that was the reason for the press conference today.  “The story here is that we have to rise up, first peacefully, and change this country back to the vision of our Founding Fathers, and to rise up as one nation under God…”

Klayman then took questions, the first of which asked, “What if they know exactly what is going on?”

Klayman responded that “We have to lead.  The American people don’t understand…We need to educate them..They’re the ones that elected our new tyrant, Barack Hussein Obama…We need to do it with logic; we need to do it peacefully…” Klayman said.

The same questioner then said, “We must be just as serious, just as vigilant, about changing what’s going on in America.”

A second response to the questioner was that answers were needed as to whether or not the SEALS were “set up.”

Charles Strange then said that Islamics have come to America’s universities and “changed the Constitution.”  “Hopefully today, the word gets out…” he said.

Klayman then asked what would have happened if Gen. George Washington had “forsaken” the Continental Army while fighting the British during the American Revolution.

A mother’s voice said that Americans are “comfortable” which could prevent “action,” but said that we are facing “evil.”

A father said he did not “trust” John McCain to investigate what occurred with the SEALS.  He said that Rep. Louis Gohmert “will call the enemy the enemy.”  The man’s wife said that a high-level commander visited them on January 4 and “lied to them so continuously” based on the documentation they had.  She said that the commander asserted that the military would never withhold “any truth from the parents of a fallen soldier,” to which the commander reportedly exhibited anger.  “We knew at that point our discussion was over,” the woman said, “and it was embarrassing that this was one of the highest-ranking commanders of our Navy.  They’re demoralizing our troops; they’re demoralizing our nation…”  The husband then identified the commander as head of JSOC, man-of-the-year by TIME Magazine, who sat “in the box” at the State of the Union address in 2012.  “He has not asked to be protected, because he made it clear to us that day in our home…’you’re a man who can change what is going on in our military…’ “and his name is four-star Adm. William McCraven,” the husband said.

Klayman said that McCraven visited the parents because he “knew that something was wrong in Denmark.”

Columnist Diana West asked a question next.

The husband said that McCraven was a gentleman when he visited their home and that they spoke for 3.5 hours.  “He made it clear where he stands,” the husband said.

A man who indicated he was an “independent writer” asked why the Islamic prayer took place at the funeral services of the fallen SEALS.

The father made clear that the ceremony did not take place at Dover Air Force Base, but rather, at Bagram Air Force Base in Kabul.

Klayman said that he “would welcome congressional action” and would be taking legal action, on which he would not elaborate.  Klayman said that Speaker of the House John Boehner preferred to “spend his time at tanning salons” rather than attending to the business of Congress.

Several other people asked questions, particularly about relatives of survivors who could not travel to Washington for the presser.  The father and husband who spoke before said that others he had spoken to also identified the Rules of Engagement as harmful to the military.

Vallely was then consulted by Trentotelevision.tv owner Tom Trento as the meeting adjourned.  Vallely said that “a very strong congressional hearing” was required for “Extortion 17,” which is the name given to the helicopter on which the SEALS died.

Trento provided a recap of the press conference and the cumulative experience of the retired military commanders who attended.  Trento explained how the Navy SEALS had ridden to the helicopter “on tricycles.”  “Guys that could have won the day were put in to a piece of equipment that was improperly equipped…” he said.

Treno reported that the parents of the fallen SEALS were speaking with reporters following the press conference.

He spoke with Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, asking him what the “next step” was in the fight against radical Islam.  McInerney said that he believed the U.S. should stay out of Syria and that Iran is the source of Islamic terror in the region.  He said that the extremists want to place nuclear bombs in U.S. cities.

Adm. Ace Lyons then spoke with Trento and explained the “Threat Doctrine,” which showed that most Muslims want to be governed by Sharia law.  He said that the goal of Islamic jihadists is to “replace our Constitution with Sharia law.”  He said The Muslim Brotherhood has been able to penetrate all departments of the U.S. government.

Lyons referenced “57 Muslim groups” which wrote a letter to then-National Security advisor John Brennan, after which objectionable language to Muslims was taken out of military training manuals.

Diana West told Trento that she believed Marxist ideas have been incorporated into Islam.  She said that McCraven’s “load of propaganda” given to the parents on January 4 shows the political correctness which has penetrated the military.  She said that the Muslim cleric “cursed the Americans to hellfire” and wondered if the events were prearranged, although she hypothesized that such ideas are as yet “fictional.”

Trento then spoke with former Navy SEAL Ben Smith, whom he asked to “share your human thoughts.”  “First you want justice for your guys,” Smith answered.  He said that SEALS depend upon one another for backup.  He said that Obama surrounds himself with socialists and communists.  “We have to go to the press,” Smith said, in response to what could be done, although he predicted that the mainstream press would not cover the matter.  “We have to take it to the edge of the limits that we have left to stand for what we believe, and it doesn’t matter what happens to us.  I don’t care what happens to me…I’m an American…I will speak, I will write, anything I can do…stand in front of that person who is your enemy, who has said, ‘Death to America…'” he said.

Smith said that Americans have to recognize when someone “is not on their side.”

Note:  This report does not include all speakers’ names and summaries of their addressees and may be updated.

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  1. Call me “Oz”, I know everything.
    So these Americans come to me and ask, “Oh, Mr. Know It All, what can we do to win the hearts and minds of Islamics in Afghanistan?”
    “Golly, but how dumb are you people, really?
    No, no, you don’t answer a rhetorical question.
    Let’s see if I can put it all together for you.
    Pay attention.
    Islamic (Muslims) get a free ticket to Paradise for killing Jews, Christians and all the other Infidels of the world. They also get riled if an Infidel would so dare walk on Islamic soil. Muslims get upset over Birth Control Methods and have been known to kill those who would even suggest such a topic.
    They kill truck drivers delivering polio vaccines to Muslim children.
    I could go on and on but, if you’re paying attention, you get the picture.
    To make Muslims happy, Infidels must die. That’s how you win them over, you die, it’s as simple as that.
    Want to make them happy? Well then, fly planes into buildings, shoot up Ft. Hood, down a helicopter and they all take to the streets cheering and have themselves a big block party.
    What, you got a better way? Maybe be friends with them? Maybe treat them as human beings? Give them food stamps? Call them “moderate”?
    Get real. If you for one instant think your going to “win them over” then you haven’t been paying attention, now have you?
    Don’t bother me, I never want to see your face again”.

  2. If I were a politician right now I would have a decision to make… 1. Stay on barry soetoro’s hideous muslim jihad against America, fraud, islamic-traitorous-greedy-theft of taxpayer money and risk loosing their employment and be accused as an accomplice- traitor, OR, 2. Turn against this regime in support of the American people, (like they were elected to do in the first place), and supply whistleblower information to good trustworthy folks like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, Orly Taitz, or any of the retired military that attended the TrentoVision 5.9.13 – Navy SEAL Extortion 17 Press Meeting. I personally watched ever riveting minute of the 3 hour meeting. Every American needs to watch this LIFE CHANGING EVENT. You owe it to yourself and your family to do so… for any that missed it, here it is again… http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=rqtJrJ40Cio . Not even the folks that are organizing to try and save us are sure that America can be saved, unless we band together and start arresting those that are culpable – not a good place to be right now.