by Sharon Rondeau

(May 8, 2013) — In early February, elections integrity organization TruetheVote.org filed a federal lawsuit to be able to scrutinize voter registration rolls and ballots cast in the congressional race between then-Rep. Allen West and contender Patrick Murphy, the latter of whom was declared the winner.

The lawsuit asked the court “to compel the Defendant to produce and make available public election information and records relating to the 2012 Federal general election for Florida’s 18th Congressional District under Article I, section 24 of the Florida Constitution, and chapter 119, F.S.”

St. Lucie County, FL Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker was named as a defendant in the case.  Walker had reportedly been hospitalized after West took legal steps to obtain a recount after a reported influx of several thousand votes on Election Night tipped the race in Murphy’s favor.

West stated that he harbors “future political aspirations” during CPAC in mid-March, where he told Lt. Michael Zullo and Pastor Carl Gallups that he did not wish to become involved in publicizing the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice employee turned whistleblower, is representing TruetheVote in the lawsuit.  Adams resigned from Justice after Eric Holder and Thomas Perez ordered the 2008 voter intimidation case, on which Adams had been working, against several members of the New Black Panthers dismissed.  Holder justified the dismissal on the grounds that the defendants were “his people.”

Adams published a book claiming that the Obama Justice Department has a “racial agenda.”  Holder was called upon to resign by several U.S. Senators after the Fast & Furious scandal was exposed but has remained in his post as putative Attorney General under Obama.

Walker has made a pledge to ensure that every vote is counted in St. Lucie County to “preserve democracy.”

There were widespread reports of election fraud in the elections of 2012, and the state of Ohio began formal investigations in February.  A Hamilton County poll worker was indicted for allegedly having voted multiple times in multiple elections, with several other voters also charged.

Several well-known political forecasters and the University of Colorado, which has correctly predicted the outcome of presidential races since 1980, had stated with confidence that Mitt Romney would unseat Barack Obama for the presidency.

TruetheVote’s purpose in filing the lawsuit against St. Lucie County was to “determine a precise vote count, document any illegal participation in the election and offer solutions to prevent similar failures in future recounts.”

The U.S. Justice Department filed lawsuits against states which passed laws requiring voter identification at the polls or which took steps to purge invalid voters from the rolls in the runup to the 2012 presidential election.

The Obama regime has urged Congress to pass an “immigration reform” bill which could “could have a dramatic effect on future U.S. elections.”

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  1. M class solar event today. Will arrive shortly. R3 radio blackout. X class would be worst case. This is one click below that. Awesome events coming not planned by BHO.

  2. Gee, I hate to say this … but … what difference does it make anymore? This country (the one it used to be) is TOAST. Hallelujah, damn the torpedoes, pass the ammunition, circle the wagons, put your head between your knees and say goodbye.