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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Did the U.S. State Department mishandle security and the response to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012?

(May 8, 2013) — After 8 months, the whistleblowers are coming forward and the truth about Benghazi is shredding Obama’s treasonous cover-up and lies.

Obama position

The attack on Benghazi was merely a response to a YouTube video on Islam by a guy no one had ever heard of before.  The people were reacting and protesting…you know, they had some sort of reason for attacking.  US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said on five different shows on Sept. 16th that the attack was in response to the YouTube video.  Hillary and Obama boldly agreed.

Obama also put out in his official statement that no one was told to stand down.  Help was not denied, yet according to the SEALS, Doherty and Woods, who were working with the CIA in Benghazi, they heard the shooting and promptly called for help.  They were told to “stand down.”  When the shooting continued, they called for help again and were told to stand down again.  They kept shooting and killing as many terrorists as they could while trying to get help.

It was confirmed that there was a drone flying overhead and a C-130 aircraft heavily armed that was in the area and could have responded.  It was told to stand down as well.  Heroes Doherty and Woods were eventually killed while Obama betrayed his troops and nation.  Blood was on his hands when he got on the plane the next day to campaign in Las Vegas.  Then we saw the sea of spin and lies grow.

Now in the latest investigation

Greg Hicks, deputy chief of mission in Libya; Mark Thompson, official with State Department Counter Terrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, diplomatic security officer, weighed in.    Their testimonies also expose the lies and lack of help given at the hands of Obama.  Hicks said to CNN that he thought they should have sent a plane in.  Well,  duh…there was an armed C-130 right there they could have used which was told to stand down.

Regardless of what overt or covert things Ambassador Stevens was involved with, it is a known fact now, supported by the statements of Libya’s own President, that Al Qaeda led the attack and it was a planned one. 

It is also a confirmed fact that Obama lied and he did tell those requesting immediate help to stand down at least three times.  Obama is the only one who had the authority to tell them to stand down and the bold help that could have gotten to them all in time didn’t. 

With the heat turning to lava for Obama and Hillary now, the lawyer/Saul Alinsky games are growing… ‘I didn’t know that’…‘I turned it over and trusted their judgment’…‘I don’t recall’‘It already happened, let’s move on.’  It is the Obama circus of lies, deception, corruption and treason.

As the stage lights are shined yet again on Obama’s lies and treason, will Congress make Obama and all involved pay with arrests, impeachment or treason charges???  This is not about Democrat or Republican; it is about murders, lies and betrayal that happened on Obama’s watch by Obama’s own hand.

Sorry, Obama, you can’t blame this one on Bush or the Tea Party.

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  1. I watched the testimony. I was amazed at how many times Susan Rice’s appearance on 5 Sunday talk shows was mentioned, and how little Hilliary apologizing to the Muslim World about the “video” for 2 weeks was. Obama as well, said over and over again that it was a “spontaneous attack” because of the the video. The tone of voice was apologetic, like “I’m sorry these Americans insulted you, we understand.” What the ???

    And still maintaining that 2 weeks later at the UN, again, the apology about the video, by Obama. This was the narrative, along with we don’t know anything, we will get to the bottom of it and it is too dangerous to send in the FBI, and so on.

    If they are unable to “get to the bottom of it” why are we spending billions and expanding the NSA, DHS, and other surveillance agencies?

    Why are witnesses being suppressed and threatened? This government is clearly out of control. Hiding Obama’s botching of Benghazi and many other things because of politics is untenable. The man clearly does not value America or Americans. He is not doing anything to protect or build up this nation. He should be removed.