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May 5, 2013

Are new laws being passed by the states and contemplated by Congress making firearms use safer?

Fellow 2nd Amendment Supporters:

The US Senate recently narrowly defeated the Senate Bill referred to as the “Universal Background Check.”

The Bill number is S.649.PCS and the correct short title of this Bill is “Safe Communities, Schools Schools Act of 2013.”

But this bill has (had) so much more than “Background Checks” and “Making our Schools Safer.”

Read this fairly short Bill to see what the media failed to report to Americans. The passage of this Bill would have made it very easy for most legal gun owners to unknowingly become criminals and and in many cases felons. Unless legal gun owners basically kept their guns in their own hands on their own properties they could easily run afoul of this law. Forget lending one of your guns to a family member or friend unless you go through time-consuming and fee charged legal “gun transfer.”

This is the link to the Bill:

You may be saying to yourself:  This Bill was defeated, why take the time to read it now?  By reading this Bill you will begin to see and understand the true intent of the people and organizations who want to “infringe” upon and erode our 2nd Amendment Rights.

This Bill or one similar to it will be brought up again. Perhaps not this year or next year because of the mid-term elections, but it will be brought up again before the next Presidential election.

Gary L. Perry
Turn Albany Upside Down

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