Breaking: Carl Gallups’ Radio Show Guest Has Benghazi “Revelations”


by Sharon Rondeau

A report referenced by a guest on Carl Gallups’ radio show on Friday stated that the events which took place in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 could bring down the Obama regime

(May 3, 2013) — 6:15 p.m. EDT – Dr. Grace Vuoto, a guest on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” radio show, is revealing as this article goes to press that new information showing that guns were being run to Syrian rebels up to September 11, 2012 through the U.S. “consulate” in Benghazi, Libya “could bring down the president of the United States.”

Dr. Vuoto, known as “Dr. Grace,” said that a report of which Congress is now in possession shows that Hillary Clinton “clearly lied under oath” when she testified to two congressional committees on January 23 that she played no part in diminishing security at the outpost.

Clinton had also asked “What difference does it make?” when pressed as to the cause of death of the ambassador, an information specialist, and two former Navy SEALS who bravely tried to defend those inside the besieged compound.

Gallups asked Vuoto if Mitt Romney had raised the question of “gun-running” through Libya to Syria during the presidential campaign, to which Vuoto responded that “the president’s re-election premise” was that Al Qaeda had been defeated.  “There was some murmuring about this gun-running scheme,” Vuoto said but added that Sen. Rand Paul is demanding answers to the media reports and that the truth could be stunning.

“There are going to be congressional hearings on May 8,” Vuoto said.  As has been reported, she said that Amb. Christopher Stevens had requested more security prior to the attack on September 11 which took his life and those of the three other Americans.

Gallups commented that Dr. Vuoto’s news dovetailed with things he and Lt. Mike Zullo have been “working on,” referencing the investigation into Obama’s long-form birth certificate which determined that it is an abject forgery and is approaching the level of federal prosecution.

Four “whistleblowers” will be testifying to Congress beginning on Wednesday whom Vuoto described as having been “intimidated,” which has been reported by Fox News and other outlets this week.

Vuoto discussed the fact that chemical weapons have been found to have been used by Syrian dictator Bashir Assad.  Although Obama had stated previously that that would be “a line in the sand,” when the use of the weapons was confirmed, he merely said that he would leave the remedy to “the international community.”

Gallups agreed with Vuoto that Obama’s comportment has been unacceptable for a president of the United States, particularly recently, and stated that Obama’s presidency has been “a fake.”

Referring to Obama’s press conference on Monday, Vuoto called it “a joke.”

Following the September 11 attack, members of the Obama regime told the American public that it had resulted from “a protest.” However, former CIA Director David Petraeus testified to members of Congress that talking points provided by the agency to United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice and Clinton had been altered to omit references to Islamic terror.  An article by Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard describes a report obtained from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence containing emails which indicated that the official story on Benghazi had been changed several times to avoid the admission that a terrorist attack had occurred.

The report is now in the possession of the chairmen of five committees in the House of Representatives.

Hayes stated that “If the House report provides an accurate and complete depiction of the emails, it is clear that senior administration officials engaged in a wholesale rewriting of intelligence assessments about Benghazi in order to mislead the public.”

Earlier this week, a guest whose identity was protected stated on camera that witnesses of the Benghazi terrorist attack had been threatened with “decapitation” if they were to speak out about what they know.

Gallups interviewed Zullo during the first part of his show this evening.

Gallups’ show is heard on 1330 WEBY on Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. central time.

4 Responses to "Breaking: Carl Gallups’ Radio Show Guest Has Benghazi “Revelations”"

  1. gigclick   Monday, May 6, 2013 at 11:21 PM

    My “Revelation” will be seeing Obama in handcuffs and shackles going to the prison bus with his creepy wife, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Panetta, Holder, Axelrod, Perkins Coie management, Hillary, Feinstein, Weiner, just to list a few of the outstanding Democrats that all deserve a firing squad! Fast And Furious/Benghazi/Blackhawk Down, these Democrats are ruthless and will stop at nothing-murder, telling lies under oath, you name it-they will try to pull it off!

  2. Loggia   Friday, May 3, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    PS Mrs Trowbridge: the reasons, according to L.C, that O wanted Stevens Dead or, at least, was innerly content, included those that proper company would not speak about in public. The reticence to expound on some of the reasons is indicative of how inappropriate they are.

  3. Loggia   Friday, May 3, 2013 at 8:55 PM

    Dear Mrs Trowbridge and Mrs Rondeau:

    I remember when Benghazi happened, the blogspot “LAMECHERRY” was reporting this too and promised that Drudge and other outlets would finally find out and release it.

    Whoever “Lamecherry” is, they/he/she certainly seem to have their sources and are steps ahead of any mainstream media.

    L.C. also said they were, as Mrs Trowbridge says, “left to die.”

    L.C. also goes on to say that Obama was only too happy to see the ambassador die, as, if one remembers correctly, the assertion was that said official may have been able to divulge Obama-secrets which would have damaged (even further) the quickly crumbling putative potus.

    May the Lord forgive anyone whose hand was in this, as it is painful for any decent human being to hear. All involved should be put away in prison for life.

  4. Martha Trowbridge   Friday, May 3, 2013 at 6:44 PM

    I read somewhere today that the only conclusion – given what has now been validated – is that these men were deliberately left to die. I sense we need to step back even farther, and ask: why did O+Company want Stevens dead?

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