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by OPOVV, ©2013

The European Union consists of 27 “member states,” or countries, using a common currency and observing common laws

(Apr. 27, 2013) — Put all your eggs in one basket and if you trip, or the horse is spooked, your goose just got cooked. On the other hand, placing the eggs in multiple baskets has its advantages, to be sure.

Of course that’s not to say “unity” can’t be an advantage at times. War College lesson #1 is “Attrition is Good,” and indeed it is, if it’s your enemy getting wiped out. The second important topic to learn is that there are many different forms of “attrition,” and it may not be as headline-worthy, but denying your enemy his required supplies is just as important as capturing a bridge or hilltop. Poisoning the well is as basic as it can get, and, who knows, maybe the source of the Black Death will someday be attributed to a deliberate attempt to kill people holed up in a fort in Kashmir.

Unity comes to the forefront when a common goal is agreed upon, as in a nation’s tribute to a fallen hero, as was done when the USA put a man on the moon and returned him safely to earth.

The side that wins wars is the side that made one less mistake than the other; that’s the difference between winning and losing. Look at Hitler’s colossal blunders during World War II. First, he didn’t have to attack Norway, England, France or all the other countries to his West.  All he had to do was go after Communism (Stalin) to his East, if it was a fight he wanted to win (maybe). Just imagine all the resources that he wasted killing people in his ccncentration camps, the first guests being union members, a “unity” of narrow-minded people who saw the world through tunnel vision and the heck with the consequences.

Here’s the logic on Hitler’s persecution of unions: any group of people who actively supported his deceit and lies would, perhaps, someday turn on him when they finally realized they were used and been had. But, really now, the biggest advantage the Allies had was Hitler himself.

Moving along, unity was good for the settlers who ganged up on the Indians, and the Indians might’ve gotten together had they listened to Tecumseh, but didn’t, and now, each and every one of us is standing on land once maintained by Indians, and I must add they did a better job of passing the land down through their generations than the white man has.

The European Union is an excellent example where unity isn’t as beneficial as diversity. Another prime example is that of the United Nations, where the countries will all eventually be lowered to the lowest common denominator: rather than assist the lowest to attain the attributes of the highest, the lowest will be the norm. It reminds us of “Affirmative Action,” does it not, where the standards are lowered to accommodate the unqualified.

Concluding, unity has its moments but becomes a hard taskmaster if allowed to linger. Human diversity is the key to our survival as a species, and if this so-called “New World Order” hogwash ever takes hold, buy yourself a stopwatch because the countdown to our demise will have begun. I know that this editorial is a sophomoric approach to a difficult subject: consider this an introduction to the pitfalls of unity, although there are instances where unity is most welcomed, like now in gathering Patriots to fight for our country.


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  1. The Orwellian mantra of “our strength is in our diversity” is actually believed by many, including the Boy Scouts of America who teach the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity. But consider the focus and unity of the WASP’s who founded this country. They surely didn’t do it thru diversity. Diversity will be (is?) our downfall!

    1. Dear “Zeb”,
      Good comment, and each (unity & diversity) has its moments in history.
      Extrapolate the human condition to other species, birds, for instance, and you can readily see the advantage of having isolated populations.
      With the advent of air travel, us humans have lost our edge of protection against plagues, although the sailing ships of the last millennium sufficed as an excellent vehicle in carrying rats who in turn carried fleas who in turn carried the Black Death from port to port. Imagine Da Vinci inventing the jet airplane and the chances of any of us being alive today are problematical.
      The old rule “The majority are always wrong” has been proven more right than wrong throughout history, and the exceptions are truly notable, Abraham Lincoln, for one.
      The old saying “Diversity is the mother of invention” is yet another example of “out of the box”, Albert Einstein being the prime example.
      In this case it’s possible to be right AND wrong at the same time, but if I were a betting man (and I am), I’d bet on diversity uniting in a common cause, in our case, ALL Americans, Birthers and Obots alike, in defeating the enemy that wishes to destroy our Constitution and, by proxy, America.