by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

(Apr. 24, 2013) — The way the ‘progressives’ are going, it will be considered sexist or a ‘walking hate crime’ to simply be a heterosexual and be attracted to the opposite sex.  After all, being attracted to and having sex with just your husband leaves everyone else out.  It deprives and judges others by our exclusive sexual choice.  Surely, that is wrong. 

Does the above scenario sound absurd?  That is exactly what the progressives and leftists are trying to do…draw up new 1st amendment rights for just them and no one else.  They are re-writing the English language, how rights are defined, erasing our real history based on Judeo-Christian values, and indoctrinating our children to believe Big Government and Obama is God.

This week I thought I would lose my mind when I saw the latest ‘oversensitivity’ moment in my own state of Washington.  Over the last six years there has been a bold effort to get what they call “sexism” out of the English language.  Just this week it was signed into law.  Gender-neutral vocabulary will now replace classic words like ‘fisherman’ and ‘freshman’.  Now, they will be ‘fisher’ and ‘first-year student.’  Thank God this finally happened.  For years I have been in therapy overhearing my husband and friends refer to themselves as fishermen.  What about me?  What about me?  The loneliness of it all…

They are also replacing those evil words…”journeyman” and “penmanship” to ‘journey-level plumber’ and ‘handwriting.’  3,500 code sections have been cleared of ‘gender bias.’

I am all for playing fair ball and not living in denial regarding stereotypes and racism.  During the women’s suffrage movement, just because women had not been allowed the right to vote didn’t mean it was right.  That needed to be challenged and changed.  We also needed to wake up and smell the coffee with slavery and throw that out.  We did.

Now, however, the progressive and leftist movement is pushing America, her core Judeo-Christian values and history away from God and morals reflected in the Holy Bible, away from the Constitution and known use of words for hundreds of years.

Just because I am against marriage between gay people doesn’t mean I wish them harm or disrespect.  It means I acknowledge that marriage was defined by God himself in the Holy Bible as between a man and women.  I didn’t define it. 

America’s cultural core and skeleton was built on Christian values, believes and reference for the God of the Holy Bible.  It was not built with a ‘Unitarian’ like ooze of political correctness, ‘no right and wrong’ and morals defined as you go along based on anything you feel like. 

Words are important but so is common sense, tradition and our history.  The notion that we can’t have the words “journeyman plumber” and “penmanship” because it is sexist tells us just how far the progressives plan to go if given a chance.  Are we not humans anymore?  Perhaps we are ‘huits or ‘hupeople’ or just ‘hu’ for short.

Progressives will rewrite the entire English language, take out every reference to the God of the Holy Bible and rewrite all public school curricula with the platform ‘Common Core’ already in place. 

Morals, God, The Bible,  traditions, American tradition and history be damned.  That is the real message from progressives.  Is that what you want?

Since we are being ever so careful with words these days, so will I.  The minds and people behind this bill and movement aren’t morons….that would be ‘junior high’ and offensive to call them that. They are idiot,  un-American,  anti-God,  psychotic, perverted,  money wasting,  waste of mind space,  jerk weed morons.  There – I said what I could.  I have to be careful about my reputation, you know. I am a professional.

I am also a word serial killer. Hear me roar.

Airwoman, alderman, bailsman, bandsman, bandyman, anksman, bargeman, batwoman, beadsman, bedesman, busman, boardman, boatsman, bogeyman, bondsman, boogyman, bothyman, brakeman, brideman, brinkman, buttyman, chainman, chairman, choreman, clansman, classman, coachman, colorman, corpsman, cragsman, dairyman, dalsman, Doberman, doomsman, doorsman, dragonman, Dutchman, earthman, everyman, feeryman, floorman, foilsman, forgeman, frontman, fugleman, funnyman, gamesman, gangsman, glassman, goadsman, gownsman, handyman, headsman, helmsman, henchman, herdsman, hielaman, hoastman, hoistman, horseman, hotelman, houseman, huntsman, islesman, landsman, laywoman, leadsman, liegeman, linesman, linksman, locksman, lodesman, madwoman, marchman, marsman, peresman, merryman, moneyman, motorman, nobleman, nonhuman, oversman, panhuman, penwoman, pterman, pilotman, pithman, placeman, plaidman, plateman, pointman, prehuman, pressman, prizeman, proseman, puntsman, puillman, radioman, raftsman, rampsman, ranchman, reinsman, rifleman, riverman, roadsman………..

I love men.  See all they have done.

I have to hurry up and finish my article.  I have a signalman, journeyman plumber, fisherman and a freshman coming over for dinner.  We are having Chicken De la man for dinner.

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  1. Gosh and I have Aviatrix on my license plate! Fortunately, most liberals don’t even know what that means. If they look it up, I will probably be chastised!

  2. Dear Fellow Patriot,
    Mother Earth.
    “She’s a great ship”.
    Mother Teresa shall now be known as “Kind Human of the Female Gender Teresa Who is Affiliated with the Catholic Church Who, in turn, Honors ‘Male Gender Who Did Good Deeds and Spread Good News’”
    However did we survive until now?
    This Political Correctness will be the death of us.
    So a Muslim is now just a “Person Who Will Slit Your Throat in a Heartbeat just for you being an Infidel, but that’s All Right Because it’s Their Religion”, is that it? I mean, this ‘non-gender’ thing, is this part of “Creeping Sharia”? Are we back to “moderate” Muslim when there is no such animal on the planet earth? Are we being hoodwinked?
    Good editorial.