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Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Cold Case lead detective Michael Zullo announced at two press conferences last year that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries”

(Apr. 23, 2013) — Carl Gallups (Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups and PPSIMMONS founder) says that he has recently spoken with Lt. Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the Arpaio Obama Fraud investigation. Here is what Gallups says is happening right now:


1. Lt. Zullo confirms that a meeting with a large “group” of VIPs is now on the schedule. This is a huge step forward in the potential prosecution of the Obama fraud. This meeting arrangement was just finalized in the last couple of days. The group of VIPs has asked to see the Arpaio evidence, in light of all the recent exposure that Gallups and Zullo have brought to the case with their recent trip to CPAC and Capitol Hill. Zullo will soon give them a presentation that should prove to be overwhelming evidence of the fraud, felony, and fabrication perpetrated by the White House. If this group endorses what Arpaio and Zullo shows them – it could prove to be a huge advancement in the potential prosecution of the case. This presentation is scheduled to happen just weeks from now.

2. Another, and very important, VIP of standing is still promising and laying specific plans for a monumental exposure of the case and movement for criminal prosecution. We are still hoping this plan will come to fruition within the next couple of months. If this comes off as planned, it will be huge, especially if that plan then has the backing of the large group of VIPs mentioned above.

3. A couple of other meetings with additional VIPs of standing are on the calendar. They too wish to personally see and hear the evidence that Arpaio and his investigators have amassed in this criminal case of national fraud.

Gallups says, “As these meetings, events and plans come together we are hoping for a snow ball effect. We believe that more and more people of standing will come on board as they see the boldness and courage of others who are willing to speak to the truth of the matter and bring this case to full light and prosecution.”

When asked what the “the truth” of the matter was, Gallups responded, “The truth is that the birth certificate proffered by Obama himself as his ONLY identifying document presented to the public thus far – is a fake. It’s a forged and fabricated document. The question has to be asked – ‘Why would the POTUS present a forged document to the nation and proclaim this to be his legitimate identification?’  It doesn’t make sense – unless, perhaps, he has no legitimate identification. If this is so, it goes directly to national security, constitutional law, federal law, and a potential constitutional crises.”

We asked Gallups to define what he means by a “VIP.”   Gallups responded, “A VIP is a very important person of standing. That is a person who can DO something about this case – a person who can move this case to the prosecution level. There are several State and Federal officials and law enforcement entities that can make that happen. These are the ONLY people we are dealing with at this point. The investigation has been done. The evidence is in. The document is a 100% proven and signed off on – FRAUD. There is no more question about that.”

Gallups went on to say, ” Now the only questions that remain are 1. Who did it? and 2. Why did the POTUS offer it as his own?   These are huge questions and we are dealing only with people now who have “standing” in the matter – people who can get this case to a prosecution level. That is finally happening. We are further along now with this matter than ever before. I know people are anxious. Mike Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio, and I are asking people to be patient – something will happen soon.”

Gallups said that DONATIONS to the Arpaio Cold Case Posse can be made at http://www.mcsoccp.org/joomla/index.php/donations

The ONLY money used by the Cold Case Posse in this investigation comes from donations. No taxpayer money is used.

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  1. Hypothetically speaking, of course, what if there were an arrest warrant but no one to serve it?
    Let’s go a step further, what if the arrest warrant was served, but no court to hear it?
    Warrant served, Obama goes to court (well, really now, his attorneys go to court) and the judge rules that the plaintiffs have “No Standing” (don’t laugh, it’s already been done multiple times), case dismissed, fines levied against the plaintiffs.
    Okay, how about warrant served, court schedules case, court hears case, court rules against Obama. Who will enforce the ruling? DOJ? I don’t think so. FBI? No, they’re part of the DOJ. ICE? Nope. Homeland Security? Right, they hire Muslims, you know. Joint Chiefs of Staff? Funny, they stand and shake Obama’s hand at the State of the Union Address.
    Which leaves us, where?

  2. America is ready for a lobster tail dinner with all the fixin’s.

    Why Lobster Tail to celebrate Obama’s being exposed for fraud?

    It is a delicacy that he himself will NOT eat.

    When he fed it to a recent gathering in his presence he would not

    eat it, saying that his “taster” had not been available to try it.

    Or might it be that, at least for Sunni Muslims, lobster and crab

    are not HALAAL, but rather are considered, “HARAM” or forbidden.

      1. One imagines that they are sweating profusely, as the threads are unraveling all over the weave of deception and soon will be but mere shreds, seen for the lies they were and are.

  3. Are you a “strawman” or are you an “administrator” in 100% liability of yourself and a “freeman under God” not in “limited liability” as written in the original pre-corporate trust law system? Is it time to stand up to “ultimate corruption” in our “law system” that refuses to follow the law they took an oath to uphold? How can you prosecute a crime when the “system/public trustee’s” that operate it REFUSE to FOLLOW the LAW and commit “Misprision Of Felony” at all levels and make up their own laws as they go? Then, if that is the premise of logic, we have no Law System that was originally written under “The Law Of Nations” and Emerich De Vattel and the “founding fathers” who labored to create a fair/balanced system that was created to serve the people, not just the public trustee’s that work for it. Our Constitution still stands as one of the greatest works guaranteeing access to the law and a fair trial and other rights as citizens to speak, bear arms, etc. The fools that are criminal actors illegally operating under an identity fraud POTUS and criminal assistant groups of Democrat attorneys, Federal employee’s and other criminal assistants may soon be revealed in something greater than the Watergate Scandal which would be miniscule compared to this professional theft ring operating from the White House and should reveal the pages of names responsible for the Grand Theft of our economy.

  4. The best approach from here on out is to not publicly update the next moves. Sure we are anxious citizens that care about our Republic, but we can be on need to know basis only.

    Surprise the Alinsky-ites. Without a clue of coming, slam their fraud operation like a checkmate champion playing 16 boards simultaneously.
    The fraud, forgery, and ID theft have a been methodical, well planned and orchestrated with many players. Enemies in the gates at this point of treason are numerous. All barry appointments have full knowledge of his deceit. CIA, FBI, DHS (the napster) is complicit big time. WHAT? Homeland security director has an undocumented boss? UNBELIEVABLE ! America has (had) an impostor for nearly 5 years destroying the freedoms of every citizen. We continue to pray for every person involved in the stand for righteousness to prevail.

  5. We are patiently waiting and have been for 5 long years while watching multiple outstanding Military Officers try to stand up for the Constitution as Obama and criminal assistant’s installed cowards and sworn “officials” in Military and civilian courts to illegally try and sentence good men for trying to expose Constitutional crimes, Identity Fraud, Election Fraud, High Treason, Perjury, Obfuscation, Misprision Of Felony, sabotage of our American economy and Military that Obama’s administration is carrying out every day. Why aren’t their cases in front of Congress/Senate every day? Why are there so many COWARDS hiding behind the “LAW” to keep a paycheck as “sworn officials”/”Public Trustees” of a system that is in collapse and so deep in corruption, coverups, sex scandals, filled with liars and money laundering that have created a “Serpico” environment so large that only a few good men/woman like Arpaio, Gallops, Zullo, Fitzpatrick, Lakin, Wood, Taitz, Rondeau, Trowbridge, Berg, Donofrio, Sibley and a few others whose names are seen over and over that have been vigilant in the fight to expose this “administration’s” crime spree and money theft? We can only surmise that more people will have to die as Jihad crescendos over the next few years in America, unbridled, uninhibited, unchecked as more “Muslims” and “Mexicans” are allowed to be ignored as they flood into America to bring more votes to the Democratic “agenda” of more control and spending? As America approaches real numbers of 25-30% unemployment, less gainful employment, more dead end low pay jobs, less benefits for all, less positive cash flow, 55% unemployment for college grads, more discrimination against workers over 45 or older people that have to work, workers being disenfranchised at all levels, it is time to get away from what is left of any real “truth” in media reporting and look at America’s streets, cities and small towns and what is REALLY happening in America. As long as we allow a Sunni Muslim usurper using identity fraud to operate and aid CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood agendas along with all the Democratic operatives, Democatic LEO’s, Judges, Federal employees and other criminal elements using/gaming the “system”, we will all continue to lose what is left of America and continue to enter third world status as can be seen in so many cities across America in the decay, public trustee fraud, high tax bankruptcy, corruption, high crime, obfuscation from top to bottom, outright lies of “officials” and other criminal Godless cowards hiding behind “the walls of Justice” and abusing positions of “authority”, empowering Muslim/Sharia interests over Christian/Judeo values to gain Democrat votes, we will see America fall deeper and deeper into moral decay, bankruptcy, violence, crime and political crime coverups at ever increasing levels that will bring us to a potential revolution as deterioration levels increase. Without real leadership at the top of any group, it is doomed to fall to it’s own corruption, without accountability, responsibility, God and truth and the Constitution, we have only to look around to see the destruction, theft, greed and out of control situation that has been created by having a usurper in the highest office in America. I have tried to contact several of the people mentioned above and have not been able to as with FOX “Fair And Balanced” and all the other VIP’s whose claim to fame is “untouchable” status, layers of security emails that you can’t send attachments on and a never ending lineup of impossible to reach “celebrities status” letdowns and people hanging up the phone when you try to submit important criminal evidence. The bureaucracy is so thick that virtually anyone can hide behind it as in Radical Islam, Terrorists, Bombers, Highjackers, Democrat Operatives, criminal Politicians/Military Command Racketeers, Etc. The sad part is, that citizens/Veterans/elderly/children oftentimes can never be heard because of all the walls of protection/security that exist. Obama and criminal assistants know that and use it to their advantage to forward their agenda and have gotten along 5 years while using taxpayers money to pay the DNC Law Firm of Perkins Coie in Seattle over $4 million dollars to keep Obama’s background and identity papers hidden from the public and real law enforcement officials that are willing to do something about the crimes being committed every minute that Obama’s henchmen are stealing, lying and ignoring America’s written Constitution, depriving American’s of their rights, Grand Jury and Criminal Presentment rights under the Constitution. We hope that “DISCOVERY” will be part of the “VIP” move forward. We have been working on it for over 4 years and every effort to get a Criminal Presentment to Discovery in any court has been in vain or has fallen on deaf ears was deliberately ignored/obfuscated so that law/political/judicial criminals could continue to operate behind closed doors to game the system and American people. We will pray for Pastor Carl Gallops, Sheriff Joe/Mike and others that the “VIP” effort will be a success and that prosecution WILL move forward before things begin to rise to a more uncontrollable level and citizens are forced to protect themselves and force/demand a complete removal of all the parasitic criminals in both “political” parties, demanding a “complete” removal of both parties that are gaming the taxpayers and to return America to the Constitutional nation it once was.

    1. Dear gigclick,
      I, OPOVV, hereby bestow upon you the Sacred Order of the OPOVV Patriotic Award in “Telling it Like it Is”.
      According to the scenario that the Obama regime is following (the Nazi Party subjugating the German people to become inmates at Death Camps or “Slaves of the System”) an event will take place to cement the “suspension of the Constitution” when Martial Law will take effect and Obama will, once again, find himself “elected” for a 3rd term. Surprise!
      Communicating via the internet will cease and “Thought Control Police” will be everywhere listening to every whisper, even in your home.
      But we’re already in their sights and the Constitution has been rendered null and void.
      The march to the complete destruction of America started on 9-11, 2001 when we didn’t round up every Muslim and deport them. On the contrary, we did just the opposite, so much so that we have a Muslim in the White House.
      Stupid us. We deserve whatever happens.
      However, when enough of us can’t, or won’t take it anymore, that’s when we’ll have our chance to get our country back.
      There’s more of us than them, and we have more weapons. It’s just a question of when.

      1. Both of you are spot on in your statements, but here’s another likely scenario… when the pressure mounts and the mountain of lies are exposed to the public, snake barry will plan another diplomatic trip on his private biz-jet (Air Force One) to Saudi Arabia or such other country where he can get political asylum from prosecution and AFO will return empty. That’s why he needs to be arrested now, for the sake of the country and all civilized people therein.