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from Elizabeth

Someone filed a false police report with the LAPD regarding Jeffrey Henderson, which has stalled the reunification of the Henderson family after a visitation plan had been liberalized to the point of overnight visits on long weekends

(Apr. 22, 2013) —[Editor’s Note:  The following was posted on a Facebook support group page for the Henderson family Monday evening and relates to their two-year ordeal wherein they have been separated from their seven children, the youngest of whom was taken when he was five weeks old.  After Erica and Jeffrey Henderson were falsely arrested in May 2011, the elder six children were placed in foster homes, with the judge in the case threatening to place them with permanent adoptive families.  Last month Erica began enjoying unsupervised weekend visits with all seven children.  However, after the second such visit, suddenly there was no further news until this evening.]

It is no secret that I have very openly supported the reunification of the Henderson family. It is also well known that my name is Elizabeth and that I have daughters that had a dance party with the Henderson children on their first unsupervised overnight visit. I have not hidden my children’s names or my support for the reunification of the Henderson family, and this has been used as fuel for someone to make a false accusation against Jeffrey. Someone took it upon themselves to make a phone call to an anonymous police tip line in Los Angeles and tell them that Jeffrey molested my 9 year old daughter. Not only did they make this false claim, they went further and said that they were friends of Erica, Jeffrey and myself, and that I told them Jeffrey molested my daughter and I was not going to report it because I was a part of a sovereign party.

This is a lie. This is a false accusation. Nothing in the phone call was based in truth. Jeffrey Henderson is not a molester. I am not a member of some sovereign party. I am not friends with anyone that I would ever make a statement like this to.

This was investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department’s sex crimes unit. Police were sent to look for me. I spoke with officers from my area and told them this was a complete lie. I gave them proof that there was an online support group with close to 2000 people in it on Facebook and that I was an outspoken member of this group who supported the Henderson family. I showed them of the recent discovery of a group of online trolls, who were making false profiles to gain access onto the support group and then watching the online support group to extract bits and pieces of information in order to make these false reports on the Henderson family in an effort to sabotage the reunification of the family. I showed them the profile of one TROLL who admitted on her troll group that she sent emails and false information to the caseworkers of the Henderson family. I gave them all the information I could in order to expose this group of online bullies and cyber stalkers. Apparently this group has been trolling for quite a number of years. They pick on, harass and bully other women who are online. They attack women who were part an online community at mothering dot com(MDC), etsy and Facebook and I am not sure where else. If you were ever stalked by members of TWWS please message me privately.

Following my first conversation with law enforcement I received and phone call from a detective in the LAPD. She said she wanted to question my daughter and that if I did not cooperate and allow the questioning, the officers would go another route and get CPS involved. In an effort to put an end to the false accusations myself and my daughter had to be interrogated by two police officers from LAPD. I agreed to meet with them at our local law enforcement agency and allow them to question my daughter. The officers questioned my daughter. My daughter told them the truth. She told them that Jeffrey has never touched her. She told them that Jeffrey left Erica’s home before we went to sleep. She told them that we had a dance party and a fashion show with the clothing that we bought for Abigail. The officers questioned me. I told them the truth. I told them that I am not a member of any sovereign party. I told them that my top priority was to protect my children. I told them that I had no idea that there were a group of people who were so spiteful and hateful that they would intentionally make false reports to police. I told them that in an effort to keep my children out of the line of fire I would no longer be bringing them with me to play with the Henderson children. I told them that I would not allow these people to bully me into withdrawing my voice of support for the reunification of this family.

This has created a setback for the Henderson family. These people are sending private messages to other supports and who knows what other things they have done. Please I ask you to contact me if you have received a private message from anyone who has suggested you not support the Henderson family and also if you have ever been attacked or harassed by this group of cyber bullies even if it has had nothing to do with the Henderson family, let me know.

None of us is perfect. We are growing learning individuals and we evolve over time with experience. Erica needs our help right now more than ever and she has never claimed to be anything that she is not. She is a loving mother. She has made her share of mistakes but she continues to learn and can walk holding her head up high. She has put herself out there again and again and shared her truth and the truth of her story the good the bad and the ugly. She is in an impossible position. She is having to do things no mother should ever have to do but she is doing them. She loves her children and will continue to fight for them. Please do not let these trolls sabotage Erica’s effort to regain her family and the ability to nurture her 7 beautiful children. We have come together time and again as a community to help Erica and the children and today we need to stand together more than ever. She has 8 days until $1700 in rent is due. Please consider helping if its within your ability to do so. If you need to speak to someone to verify what is happening, I have no problem speaking to anyone who would like to have a conversation with me. Let me know via private message and we can talk. When you do the right thing because its the right thing to do, not only are you blessed, everyone around you is also blessed! Thank you wise loving community.

The best thing you can do to support Erica is to send her loving thoughts and energy. If you pray please do so for her and her family. May she be surrounded by love and peace.

Here is the paypal link for Erica: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=zV4p9Flpbf8V4Ps-_wntj0sfL4qKWMFk54Ii2AK56LV0h0EL4PzlKQ7sk9i&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d96fc0752e9614158f04872d2f2ae25dc

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