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How much have high gasoline prices hurt the U.S. economy over the last four years?

(Apr. 17, 2013) — How’s it feel? In less than three years, since Obama was sworn in by the arch traitor to his country, Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court (for accepting bribes paid directly to him from the Federal Reserve Bank to “look the other way” about Obama’s ineligibility to be hired as a government employee as president), the price of a gallon of gas has doubled.

Gas is over $3.00/gallon, but when Bush left office it was under $2.00/gallon. So this is the real face of “Hope and Change?”

I’m afraid so, and I’ll tell you why. There are more poor people than well-off people, which translates to the fact that the cost of energy for the poor is a greater percentage than the rich.

Two families:  one poor, one not. For demonstration’s sake, let’s have the poor guy make $100/week and the rich guy make $1,000/week. Each has to drive the same distance to and from work, church, and the grocery store.  Let’s further say that each of them gets the same MPG: the poor guy drives a gas hog that needs a tune-up and tires while the rich guy drives an exotic foreign sports car.

Each of them uses 30 gallons of gas/week. If the cost of gas is $1.00/gallon, the poor guy uses 30% of his income for fuel, the rich guy 3%. Now, if the price of gas is $3,00/gallon, the poor guy uses 99% of his income for energy, the rich guy 30%.

The poor guy can no longer make his mortgage payment, and he gets foreclosed. The rich guy keeps his house but cuts back on dining out and supporting his local pro team by not purchasing season tickets.

The poor guy is really in bad shape now, so he’s now on some government assistance program (Social Security Disability, Food Stamps) and has to rely on the government for his very subsistence.

Remember, now, there are more poor than rich, so now there are more people relying on the government’s handouts than ever before, which has been the plan all along.

This meltdown of the social fabric of America is nothing more than a clever orchestrated ploy to get as many people as possible to be totally dependent on the government, and the best and most efficient method possible was to just double the price of gas, and keep it high, by whatever means possible.

That’s right:  keep America unemployed, factories closed, strangle the poor even more.

So, how’s that “Hope and Change” working out for you or for any of us?


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