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(Apr. 14, 2013) — America was once a great country and it is extremely difficult for this author to helplessly watch while it disintegrates into a third-world, mirror image of a Weimar Republic because of a fatally flawed ideology that exploits human weakness ….. for votes, implements social policies that make people dependent on government ….. for votes, institutes economic and financial Ponzi schemes that are doomed to fail ….. for votes and passes into law radical environmental policies that are destroying our economy and could send us back to the Dark Ages, not to mention violating fundamental constitutional rights and pillaging this nation’s wealth.

From an article we wrote in January of 2009, we said this:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are sick to death over the power struggle between parties, without the application of principle.  We are sick to death of law, after law, after law that restricts our freedom of choice, our freedom of movement, our freedom of what to buy, our freedom of what to eat, our freedom of what to wear, our freedom of where to live, our freedom of where to work, our freedom of what to drive, our freedom to live on and use our property without draconian government restrictions, and our freedom to roam freely throughout America without having to go through check points and body searches.”

“We are sick to death of the social and environmental propaganda being taught to our kids in public schools.  We are sick to death of open borders and illegal immigrants coming into this country and feeding at the government “pig trough” (Russians, Asians, Mexicans, etc.). We are sick to death of politicians that keep adding “feed” to that “pig trough” with our money in exchange for future votes.  We are sick to death of seat belt and cell phone laws that are only designed to provide revenue for government, when in fact it’s just another tax in a different form.”

“We are sick to death of politicians making law from the wish lists of narrow-focus lobby groups (socialists, environmentalists, corporations, unions, elitists, etc.), that violate our Federal and State Constitutions.  We are sick to death of environmentalists who have taken over every level of government and lobby their radical agenda on a party of liberals that aids and abets their every whim. We are sick to death of radical environmental protection, SMART GROWTH and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT policies under UN’s Agenda 21, with no due process, much less compensation for the affected. There isn’t a wetland (no matter how small) that government won’t protect, at the expense of increased taxes, erosion of property rights and the loss of our individual freedom. We are sick to death of land use laws like the Endangered Species Act, the Salmon Recovery Act and the Clean Water Restoration Act that are a reckless disregard of our very foundation of property rights, freedoms and liberties, that were paid for by the blood and treasure of all of our brave men and women in uniform, who are even fighting today for our freedoms.  One could ask, what freedoms are left that they are fighting for?”

“We are sick to death of irresponsible citizens whose only interest in Government is what they can take from it, not what they can give back to society by being a productive member.  We are sick to death of government bureaucracies that waste billions of our tax dollars. We are sick to death of politician’s arrogance and the constant violation of their oath of office. We are sick to death of government spending our tax dollars to engage in the fight against the fraud that is man-caused global warming, when the science is crystal clear that man is not the cause. If man is not the cause, then why would they do this? The answer is obvious; central control of land, water, air, food and energy.  If you control these, you control the people.”

“We are sick to death of some citizens of this land denigrating our war on terror, while our brave men and women in uniform are in harms way and losing their lives, limbs and minds defending our freedoms. We are sick to death of the unmitigated “bull” coming out Hollywood’s radical left wing and we are sick to death of individuals and the media who tear down our country, or fabricate crises for political gain.”

We can tell you with extreme confidence that nothing has changed since we wrote this four years ago.  It has only gotten worse and it will continue to get worse because “Conservatives are flailing in the dark” and have been for decades as they try to move left with the Progressives in order to maintain party viability.  Conservatives are just as much a part of the problem as our Progressives by failing to preserve the principles of freedom at any cost and giving into the pressures of an ignorant population that have been bought off by offers of “free stuff” from government.

We discuss this issue in our new video entitled “Conservatives Are Flailing In The Dark,HERE.


Conservatives are up against a powerful force that may be impossible to overcome because of human weakness, negligible intellect and the wide range of issues that divide Conservatives.  In fact, Europe, the U. S. and the West in general are afflicted with this “Progressive-Keynesian-Fiat Money” disease and it may take the entire world economy down as a result.  It is a fact that “free stuff” from government is a much stronger inducement to vote than some nebulous, vague principled argument from Conservatives about freedom, liberty and smaller government, that you can’t eat, drink, sleep in, get out of the rain, drive, or spend.  Virtually every segment of the population is getting something from government and they will not bite the hand that feeds them.  This is a result of Progressive indoctrination and unconstitutional legislation being passed in the last 100 years.  It is also a fact that when the “free stuff” is reduced or taken away by government’s attempt to save the economy from pending collapse, the people resort to riots and violence in order to maintain the continued supply of the “free stuff.”  In most cases, government just capitulates to the rioters’ demands and the doomed cycle to oblivion continues.

What the Republican Party is currently doing to “pick up” a significant share of the votes to win elections is tantamount to capitulation to Progressives and a sell-out of freedom and liberty. They are now pandering to Blacks and Latinos who will never vote for Republicans in any significant margin because they have been bought off by government.  They are pandering to seniors who are now totally dependent on Medicare and Social Security and won’t vote for any politician who even hints at making changes to a fatally flawed system, because they too have been bought off by government.  And they are pandering to single women and gays who want free abortions, birth control and gay marriage because they have been bought off by government as well.  All this pandering has just made the job of reclaiming freedom that much harder.  It is disgusting to watch the Republican Party grovel, while Progressives laugh at the Conservatives’ impotence.

If there was a way and we had a large enough “voice,” we could lead Conservatives to victory over the Progressive movement, but it would take the combined, unified voice and tens of millions of dollars from the estimated 55,000,000 American-voting Conservatives to do it.  Conservatives could peacefully save this country overnight if they weren’t so dumb and divided and had a workable plan to do it.

Nevertheless, in our desire to get Conservatives involved in saving their country, we have tried at least five separate initiatives at great cost and effort to us to get people to take a stand as Conservatives and unravel the strangle hold that Progressives have over the economy, the environment, energy, land, water, food, education, the news media, money, foreign policy and politicians.  But alas, each of those initiatives has fallen flat on their faces, which leads this writer to the conclusion that he is wasting his valuable time and at 75 he has little time left to waste.

It takes a great force to stop an avalanche in its tracks, even if it was possible to do.  The Progressive Movement started that slow-moving avalanche about 100 years ago and it is now institutionalized and embedded in the body politic.  It is without a doubt that no such force currently exists in the land of Conservatives to stop the avalanche, unless Conservatives stand united, together, as one.   Even if Conservatives got together en masse on just one issue and applied that unified force and money to change the single issue or dissolve it, Conservatives could make a significant difference, immediately.   United, Conservatives could reclaim our Constitutional Republic, virtually in one four-year election cycle.  Divided, American freedom and sovereignty are in grave peril.  The Progressive “hurricane” is poised to destroy America if Conservatives don’t close ranks and meet this domestic enemy of freedom head-on.

But the tens of thousands of articles by Conservatives and all the gnashing of teeth on radio talk shows won’t stop the Progressives.  Only directed action, one issue at a time, by tens of millions of Conservatives, willing to spend a few bucks a month, will.  Today, Conservatives are about as effective as a million mice running in a thousand different directions, trying to kill one tiger.   The tiger is going to win and the hapless mouse that gets too close will be the Tiger’s dinner.  We have no intentions of being that mouse.

In light of these developments, we are reassessing what we intend to do from here.  Wasting our time and going broke is not in that reassessment.  There are many Conservative authors that feel the way we have just described, but either by sheer stupidity, or a distorted sense of patriotism, they continue trying to make a difference when nowhere enough Americans are listening, or are just too scared of government to take them on.  If we were to go away tomorrow, only a few would miss us.  Some other dumb schmuck would take our place and his or her readers would encourage the new author to “keep up the fight,” even if they have to go broke doing it.

Well, we have been “keeping up the fight” for almost ten years non-stop and besides writing our weekly column, we have, all alone, taken on the IRS and a multi-national company and won.  We provide needed services to rural landowners through the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO).  Because of our efforts to openly challenge government, we are under constant surveillance by one or more agencies of the government.   The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has labeled us a “patriot” group.  In SPLC’s mind, “patriot” is a pejorative.

If you want us to continue writing about what we are convinced are solutions to the Progressive dilemma, then join or make a monthly donation to NARLO or the PARALLAX PROPHECIES INSTITUTE so that we know that you might even give a damn.  Your response will determine where we go from here.  In any event, for those very few out of the thousands that read our weekly column that have joined or recently made a donation, we are sincerely grateful, but the little we receive isn’t even enough to pay the light bill.   The only thing that barely sustains us is the sale of NARLO’s powerful, legally intimidating No Trespassing sign.

Einstein gave us the definition of insanity ….. “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is what Conservatives have been doing for way too long, while Progressives have been getting stronger every single day and pushing Conservatives’ collective noses in it.  The unfortunate reality is, “Conservatives are flailing in the dark,” as are the thousands of Conservative authors and radio talk show hosts, all because Conservatives either don’t care or are hopelessly divided, even though the solution is staring them in the face.  Now that IS the definition of insanity.

There is a continual price to pay to defend and maintain freedom.  If you don’t want to pay the price, then don’t complain when you are forced to “dance” to an ever-more powerful government’s drummer.  But then ….. you are already “dancing,” aren’t you?

Ron Ewart, President


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