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by OPOVV, ©2013

A red flag has symbolized socialism and communism since the French Revolution of 1848

(Apr. 12, 2013) — I’m not saying all the time, but I am saying most of the time you think you’re smarter than your boss, and you know what? You’re right, and you’re not alone. A myriad of studies has been conducted on why Socialism doesn’t work, and not one study since Homo sapiens took their first step on the planet Earth has been conducted on the success of Socialism. You’d think that everyone would have received the message by now, but there’s always a bunch who “missed the bus, the train, the opportunity,” and so on. These people have no hope of becoming truly human: somewhere their family tree-mated with species that go extinct, which is the name of the game when referring to Socialism.

The most obvious and easiest example to prove the point I’m going to make is the dismal failure of the Post Office. Let’s see if I’ve got at least part of the puzzle right. Post office doing okay, then they buy thousands of jeeps and then they start losing big money big time. Forget the unions, the jeeps are enough reason; but then, if it weren’t for the government’s inability to run a business as a business, the offshoot successful enterprises wouldn’t be with us today.

Let’s extrapolate that last thought a step further. Now what I’m about to say isn’t anti-American; it’s just good common sense, which translates into successful business sense. There’s no good fiscal sense why the United States should be carrying any debt. Debt is bad. Debt shows poor planning. Debt is indicative of  an improper fiscal philosophy.

Let’s say your family is in debt to four credit card companies, so you get another credit card with a $3,000 limit, get the money to pay down the debt of the first four credit cards, then you have to go out shopping for a sixth credit card to pay down the debt of the previous five credit cards. It’s a NO-WIN proposition and is exactly what our elected officials have done to us for the past 100 years: borrowing money to pay down the debt of money previously borrowed. It’s a recipe for financial ruin; there are no two ways about it.

We’re a rich country. We have wealth. Oh, sure, we have rivers and fields and factories, but we also have people who want to work, who want to explore, who want to get ahead; at least we used to. Now all that’s left is a mere shell of what we once were, and all you have to do is notice the malaise in our military to know that something is terribly wrong.

[I’ll tell you one thing, though. What the Joint Chiefs of Staff allowed to happen to LTC Terry Lakin never would’ve happened when I was in the military. I’m not saying I would’ve stopped the railroading of Lakin in a kangaroo Court Martial by myself, but I’m saying that ALL of us CITIZEN SOLDIERS NEVER would have allowed one of our own be treated with such disrespect. No way.]

America should have a surplus of money and no debt. All it takes is the right person with the determination to do what’s honorable, proper and right.

Now, getting back to Socialism: the reason why it’s always failed is that the people in charge tend to hire others who do not threaten their job stability.  In other words, they’re afraid to hire someone who will (possibly) take their job, replace them. It’s only human nature, yes, but it’s the way things are done in the real world of big government. In the private sector, however, I can’t advance unless I can demonstrate that I have a qualified replacement, and, yes, I’ll accept that promotion.

That’s all there is too it, little people protecting their little lives, or, to put it a little more truthfully, little greedy people protecting their turf at whatever the cost. So the next time you hear someone advocating Socialism as the cure-all, suggest to them that they, and all the future generations of their family, work in the factory with the same chance of advancement (survival) as those who lived under Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot.


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  1. Three workers are making widgets. One makes 3, the second makes 5 and the third makes 10 a day. They each get paid per widget. This is Capitalism.

    One day the boss comes in and says: “I don’t think it’s fair for some to make more than others. So I am going to pay you a flat rate for making 3 and then divide evenly the money for any made over 3 each”. How many workers will now make more than 3? This is Socialism.

    1. Why??, the 1871 41st. TRAITOR Congress and their creation of “The United States Corporation of the District of Columbia”-(CRIMINALS)