Package with Explosive Addressed to Sheriff Joe Arpaio Intercepted


by Sharon Rondeau

Joe Arpaio is serving his sixth term as Maricopa County, AZ sheriff

(Apr. 12, 2013) — Fox News and other outlets have reported today that a package containing “an explosive device” was held by a postal inspector in Flagstaff, AZ after she noticed its exterior appeared “wrong.”

The Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office has issued a press release which states that the explosive was diffused by a bomb team:  SuspiciousPkg

Arpaio received death threats from a man apprehended and convicted in Tennessee early last year.  In September 2011, his office commissioned the Cold Case Posse to investigate allegations of forgery and fraud in the creation of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website in April two years ago.  The posse’s conclusions that the image is a “computer-generated forgery” have recently been presented to federal-level officials who have pledged support to advance the probe to the level of public awareness.

The Selective Service registration card bearing Obama’s name issued to requesters through the Freedom of Information Act was also found to be a forgery.

Two private investigators drew information from various databases which indicated fraud in regard to Obama’s Social Security number.

Further movement in the case is expected within the next two months.

Since 2007, the mainstream media has refused to report on the question of whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president nor whether the images presented on the internet are fraudulent.  After then-CNN anchor Lou Dobbs asked why Obama would not release his birth certificate in late 2009, shots were fired into his home.  TIME Magazine later characterized Dobbs’ questions as having “used his megaphone to become a mouthpiece for the cult of ‘birthers’ who insist that Obama is not a U.S. citizen, even in light of evidence presented by the government of Obama’s home state — and by the president of Dobbs’ network.”

TIME suggested that Dobbs would join Fox News, where “divisive politics” might be more likely to be aired.

A group called “Respect Arizona” has embarked upon an effort to recall Arpaio, although Attorney Larry Klayman, who is representing a group opposing the recall, has stated that the challenge to Arpaio’s candidacy is not timely since six months has not passed since the election. Klayman has represented a plaintiff in Florida in a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility and has been termed a “birther” by many in the Arizona press.

Klayman has filed a lawsuit against two news outlets for defamation.  He has a pending appeal on Obama’s legitimacy at the Alabama Supreme Court.

Another threat against Arpaio was found on a Facebook page in February.

Arpaio describes today’s discovery as “one of many threats.”

2 Responses to "Package with Explosive Addressed to Sheriff Joe Arpaio Intercepted"

  1. gigclick   Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 11:45 AM

    I wonder if ole’ PJ Foggy was in on that or maybe some of his Democrat “buddies”???

  2. unbontir   Friday, April 12, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Package Bomb Sent to Sheriff Joe Arpaio Whose Volunteer Cold Case Posse Has Determined That Mister Obama’s Identification is Fraudulent.

    Death Threats Previously Received From Mexican Drug Cartels Which Received Weapons ‘Fast and Furiously’ From Mister Obama’s Justice Department.

    Lap Dog Media Obfuscates Its “Fourth Estate” Responsibilities and Refuses to Report on Most Pertinent Information Surrounding Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Soon to be Released Information Claimed by Lead Detective of the Volunteer Cold Case Posse Mike Zullo and Pastor Carl Gallups of to be Real Progress in Moving the Ongoing Investigation to a “Prosecution Level.”

    The mainstream news outlet reporting Darryl Webb of Reuters news service’s story at which is linked to in the short introduction ‘Who Mailed Explosives To Sheriff Joe?’ doesn’t even bring up the most pertinent recent activity of the heroic Sheriff Joe Arpaio: his leadership behind the volunteer Cold Case Posse’s investigation into the eligibility/ineligibility questions surrounding Mister Barack Hussein Osama.

    Keeping in mind that “That investigation is still underway with many recent announcements of real progress in moving it to a possible prosecution level.” (, Ap. 12, 2013) consider the magnitude of the deliberate dereliction of duty on the part of news reporter Mr. Webb, and the disregard for any semblance of a professional code of journalistic ethics on the part of America’s purported ‘Fourth Estate’ in general that is regularly exemplified by obsequious journalists who collectively justify the currently popular appellation of the main stream media as the “lame stream” media.

    American journalists historically assumed the important responsibility of holding ALL public figures accountable for their actions, but now largely behave as if they are the official state propaganda agency tasked with publicizing their ‘lord and savior’ (to use Jamie Foxx’s words), Mister ‘Bath House’ Barry Soetoro—America’s fraud-in-chief—as a superior being construct who is impervious to the imperfections of mere humans in a manner indicative of what philosopher Frederic Bastiat described in his landmark work ‘The Law’ as a Liberal-socialist ‘Superhuman’ and ‘Legislative Leader.’

    A prayer: Thanks to God Almighty, the risen Lord Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and even now is seated at the right hand of God the Father until the time when He will come again, that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was not injured in this attempt on his life! Amen and Amen. Hallelujah!

    When I attended the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for the preliminary release of the findings of the Cold Case Posse as a journalist, I encountered about 20 or so protesters in front of the property when I was leaving whose main ‘beef’ with the Sheriff was clearly illegal immigration—so said they to me.

    Though Sheriff Joe has Liberal-socialist enemies who certainly wish that harm should befall the sheriff, my personal inclination regarding just who made this package bomb attempt on the Sheriff is that it was an amateurs attempt at collecting the reward which Mexican Drug Cartels had put out on the Sheriff’s life. No mention of that fact by Mr. Webb of Reuters. I find that fact encouraging though. As the reader can see, I need to improve my grammar skills, but at least I am not afraid to report the facts surrounding a story however they should present themselves. There appears to be a great need for responsible journalists in America—journalists with a moral compass, with a conviction to reporting the news accurately, truthfully; what our grandparents would have described as “honorably.” To put it plain and simple so that even a Liberal might understand: Reuters news services’ Mr. Webb is not a man of honor. He personifies the obsequious ‘lamestream’ lapdog media personality; a spineless worm; a disgrace to the profession of journalism.

    If Obama had wanted to call in a hit on the Sheriff’s life, he has the resources of professionals who could have made a Breitbart-like “accident” occur on queue.

    It was at the March 1st Preliminary release of the findings of the volunteer Cold Case Posse investigation where Mr. Breitbart’s untimely death was announced by Dr. Jerome Corsi having happened only hours earlier.

    Mr. Breitbart had only hours earlier spoken with Sheriff Joe concerning the explosive news he was about to release regarding the criminal usurper presently illegally occupying the Oval Office, the ‘Empty Chair.’ Then an apparently healthy member of the Coroner’s office which performed the autopsy on Mr. Breitbart up and fell out dead as a doornail. What a coincidence!

    As Pastor Carl Gallups and lead detective of the volunteer Cold Case Posse Mike Zullo approach the release of their soon to be released shocking revelations that will push the investigation of Mr. Bounel, Harrison J. to the ‘prosecution level’ one wonders if we might not expect more “packages” to be delivered by “courier,” “air mail” (read drone), or even “express overnight delivery?”

    The mainstream media is ignoring other cases of great newsworthiness as well; for example, the Kermit Gosnell court case. Kermit Gosnell is currently standing trial on 7 counts of first degree murder for killing newborn babies delivered during abortions. He has also been charged with one count of third degree murder for the overdose death of his abortion patient, yet the mainstream media completely ignores the horrific news because it undermines the Liberal-socialist abortion agenda. Instead of performing its ‘watchdog’ duty to a free society within a constitutional republic the mainstream media behaves as Liberal-socialist lapdogs. Then there are the Benghazi and the ‘Fast and Furious’ stories…, need I say more?

    ‘We the People’ love you Sheriff Joe. All God’s richest blessings to you and yours and all the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept.

    Hope I can be in the courtroom of the Alabama Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Roy Moore when you testify to the evidence against the usurper-in-chief, Barack ‘King’ Hussein Osama, the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa—as a news reporter. I’ll do my best.

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