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April 9, 2013

The leaders of the Boston Tea Party were labeled “traitors” by the British Crown after throwing tea into Boston Harbor after an additional tax was levied by King George III. Were they traitors or founders of a new nation with new ideas about liberty and justice?

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to Mr. Jamison Faught, head of the Muskogee, OK Tea Party organization.

From: Richard Irish
To: muskogeeteaparty@gmail.com
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 12:29 PM
Subject: Tea Party Goals

Dear Mr. Faught,

To my knowledge, we have never met, although I did live in Muskogee (Goose Neck Bend) in 1978-9.  I am an 83 year old codger suffering from heart disease who served in the Army during the Korean “Police Action” and never “unswore” that Oath to our Constitution.  “Old Glory” proudly flies in front of my house.

You state that you are also a bunch of citizens “concerned about the direction our nation is headed” and that you “disapprove of recent actions by the federal  government that are unconstitutional, wasteful and socialistic in nature”.   You also state that you “are dedicated to doing whatever we can to put America back on the right track.”

I am not familiar with your organization; but I must ask if in fact you ARE doing “everything” to direct our nation BACK towards our Constitution and a constitutional government?  Are you aware that we could very likely have someone in the Oval office who does NOT meet the Constitutional REQUIREMENTS?  Our Founders were very specific of the kind of person they wanted to be commander in chief of our country and at the reins in times of stress. They wanted a person of unquestionable loyalty to the United States and the Constitution.

The person currently holding that office not only has shown a proclivity of tolerance for our enemies; but has repeatedly demonstrated a disdain for our Constitution and the Rule of Law, although he is REQUIRED by the Constitution to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”!  Not only has he FAILED that oath miserably; but there are repeated cases of what I think could be indictable actions under our RICO statutes, including extortion, graft, fraud and identity theft.  I assume you ARE aware that Mr. Obama has, since roughly 1985,  been using a social security number that was issued in the state of Connecticut (a state Mr. Obama had NEVER set foot in at the time) to an individual BORN IN 1890!

I do NOT know Senator Coburn.  In fact I have only spoken with him once at a speech he gave in Oklahoma City about 6 years ago; but when Obama became known to me in early 2008, I started to research this man and did NOT like what I found out about him.  I started conveying my opinions to Senator Coburn; but found myself getting absoluteley NOWHERE.  He basically claimed that Obama was a friend of his and therefore was eligible to “be” president.  He steadfastly REFUSED to answer my questions as to what PROOF he had that Obama was even who he says he was, as his (supposedly) autobiographical writings were chockfull of “inaccuracies”.  When Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse did do the forensic testing on the computer-generated (so called) “certificates of live birth” and thoroughly debunked the authenticity and also determined that his Selective Service registration was bogus (not counting the great work of Private Investigator Susan Daniels), we tried and tried to get Senator Coburn to pay attention to these actions; but he chose to ignore us.  Finally, Mrs. Miki Booth of Wyandotte, OK, “badgered” Senator Coburn at a Claremore town hall meeting until he agreed he would look at this information.  Going back on his word, he never did. Instead, he had staffer Keith Ashton telephone Michael Zullo, lead investigator for Sheriff Arpaio on this matter; whereupon Mr. Ashton was informed that Senator Coburn would have to contact Sheriff Arpaio DIRECTLY as the Sheriff was the custodian of this evidence.  A couple of weeks later, Mr. Ashton again called Mr. Zullo in an attempt that seemed to be more wishing to “provide cover” than to get to the truth and, again, Senator Coburn did not contact the Sheriff.  At this time, staffer Ashton was told that his telephone call could not be construed as “Senator Coburn contacting Sheriff Arpaio”.  To my knowledge, Senator Coburn STILL maintains that “no one has shown him any proof” there are any questions concerning Obama’s qualifications.

The Oklahoman, the Oklahoma GOP and the media might refer to the Senator as a “conservative”; but, to me, a “conservative” is someone who FOLLOWS OUR CONSTITUTION and where I come the Senator would be called a liar and a hypocrite!  This is why it has bothered me that I have seen no evidence of tea party support for investigations into Obama’s legitimacy in the face of such strong evidence, reinforced by his willingness to spend millions on millions of dollars keeping his past hidden.

I look forward to your response.


Richard H. Irish
Edmond, OK
Korean”Police Action” E-5

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  1. Lucas Smith sent packages of all the information to each and every Congressman and Senator. They all know and they are lying when they say they believe the fraud is eligible. Cover up pure and simple. It is time to march to Washington ppl. IT is our only choice now.