Obama Won’t Confiscate Guns?? Are you Blind???


by Bob Russell, ©2013, blogging at Conservative Daily News

(Apr. 9, 2013) — Since Barack Obama has said he is going to send federal agents into Oklahoma and other states to enforce Obamacare, what is there to make me believe he won’t send federal agents in to enforce his gun registration/confiscation scheme? If he “dictates” an executive order that I have to turn in or register any weapons and I refuse, who is going to enforce that dictate?  If Congress decrees that I cannot own particular types of weapons or magazines and I refuse to comply, who is going to enforce it?

In his E/O decree on Obamacare he essentially said the states have no right to oppose the federal government, that the federal government has the final say, PERIOD!!!, he is the ultimate authority of the land  Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution say different!!! Obama and his “Gangs of ??????” in Congress, both political parties, see themselves as rulers rather than servants of We the People.

Back to: “Who is going to confiscate my weapons and any accessories they say I cannot have?”  Is Obama going to send his DHS Gestapo thugs to attack me and those of like mind? Will he use the purse of the federal government to pay state police to invade my home, shoot me, and steal my private property? Will the state team up with the local sheriff and/or police department to kick in my door in the middle of the night and shoot me in my bed like what happened to a man a few days ago in Auburn, Washington?

Do I have to worry about the government kicking in my door because I exercise my rights as written in the Constitution? Will I wake up in the middle of the night and find masked men in military garb at my door with automatic weapons, face masks, body armor head to toe, and an armored personnel carrier; all there with the intent to arrest me for violating a law that is clearly unConstitutional?

Some say I am paranoid, a fear monger, and a “radical right-wing extremist” for asking these questions. I’m none of those things. I am a patriot who believes in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the right to live by both as our founders intended. I am a citizen who sees rampant abuse of the Constitution by those we elect to uphold and defend said Constitution.

We see incidents like these I list becoming the rule rather than the exception. Police dressed head to toe in military garb, face hoods, and body armor are taking a “shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later” attitude in everyday contacts with people.  In California SWAT teams, also dressed in military uniforms and equipment, are rounding up firearms from those who have been “deemed” to now possess them illegally. No court hearings, no due process, just a kicked-in door and shots fired if resisted.

And what about the 68-year-old man shot over his medical alert bracelet being accidentally activated? Need I go on? There are literally pages of incidents where police and/or SWAT teams have needlessly shot citizens, many fatally.

During the Chris Dorner incident, police riddled two different vehicles with bullets without bothering to find out who was in the vehicle before opening fire. One vehicle contained a white man who was uninjured (Dorner was black).  The other vehicle contained two Hispanic women, one elderly, both of whom were wounded. In both cases they were in pickup trucks that were nowhere near the description given of the truck Dorner was reported to be driving. It seemed that merely being in a truck at that time in California was enough to get one shot by police. Why should I believe those with the same attitude won’t just shoot me out of convenience?

Those who call me paranoid or a fearmonger must see the same things I see, or do they?  What do the naysayers think about the Marine who was shot to death in a 2011 Gestapo-style “drug” raid that found nothing illegal? They shot this veteran 60 times in his own home without so much as identifying themselves, and then let him lie there for over an hour while they ransacked the house to no avail. If you naysayers will look at the link to this story you will find it is from The Huffington Post, hardly a “vast right-wing conspiracy” publication.

How can people see what is going on every day and say it can’t/won’t happen here?  Why not? How does one see DHS arming itself to the teeth without wondering why they need such armaments? Who are they going to use this military hardware on? At the same time, politicians at all levels and in both political parties are breaking their necks to disarm citizens. If we are all defenseless, why do they need armored vehicles and automatic weapons with billions of rounds of ammunition? It is as if those in political office don’t believe in the vision of the founding fathers. Those who say it won’t or can’t happen here are living in a dream world, one that will turn into a nightmare before their very eyes. There were many who said it couldn’t happen in Germany, but it did. Hundreds of thousands of Jews left Germany when they saw the steps Hitler was taking.  Some went to other European countries and were eventually rounded up when German forces conquered Europe.  Some came to the United States and contributed to the defeat of the Axis Powers. Some came here to live normal working-class lives and survived the Holocaust that killed 6 million of their people.

We hear stories from people who have experienced tyranny in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, yet many Americans thumb their nose at those who know from first-hand experience what life is like in totalitarian societies. Those who deny what is obvious will suffer when the shoe of tyranny drops, and they will deserve what they get. They won’t be the only ones to suffer, however. An entire nation will lose the liberty won and preserved with the blood of millions of patriots.  It certainly won’t give me any pleasure to say “I told you so,” assuming I survive the initial attack.

Most of us don’t have a choice but to stay and fight for our future. Some can move to countries that don’t have despots and wanna-be dictators running them, but they won’t be safe there for long once America falls. When we are gone as the “shining city on a hill,” it won’t be long before the rest of the world is subjected to the same tyranny we saw in 1930’s Germany.

According to the Constitution I am part of the defensive militia of America. If the government was following the Constitution they would be arming me and my neighbors instead of a DHS force that has no Constitutional authority to operate inside the United States. What is the point of disarming the citizens and arming a federal police force to the teeth with military-style equipment? What possible justification do they have for this? Who do they plan to fight with all of this hardware? We are far gone from the vision of our founders.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma

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  1. meyerlm   Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    In a word, “YES”, but add DEAF, DUMB and STUPID!!”
    “Ignorance IS Bliss~”

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