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by Neil Turner, ©2013

For nearly two years, Congress has refused to tackle the declaration by a law enforcement investigation that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery”

(Apr. 8, 2013) — In Part I of this series on the FUQ (Frequently Unasked Questions) titled Rhetorical Questions?  We don’t need no more stinkin’ rhetorical questions!, we discussed why all the rhetorical questions of ‘why would Obama and his administration commit all its anti-American acts’ were meaningless and obfuscatory.

In Part II of this series on the FUQ (Frequently Unasked Questions) titled The best DEFENSE is a good OFFENSE! we discussed some ideas on FUQs to ask those who would support and defend ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people’ (©2012 Clint Eastwood).

Here in Part III, we define and refine the FUQ (Frequently Unasked Questions), to include a direct question for those in Congress, the Judiciary, the Military, and the Media:

First, the term INELIGIBILITY (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5) is obviously understood by Congress to mean what Congress and Obama said it meant in S.Res.-511, when they declared that John McCain was a ‘natural born Citizen because he was born of two U.S. Citizen parents

Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it:
That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

– when Obama had already his forged short-form (and later his forged long-form) Certificate of Birth, that he was not born to American citizens, and;

Second, the term acts of TREASON is obvious to all when the person unlawfully occupying the Office of President has obtained that Office by fraud, forgery, deception and deceit:

1. A forged and fraudulent Certificate of Birth, indicating that he was born anywhere but Hawaii:

2. A forged and fraudulent Selective Service Registration, meaning he was either a Foreign Exchange Student in 1980 (and therefore INELIGIBLE for the Office of President), or he failed to register as required of a male U.S. Citizen (and therefore INELIGIBLE for employment in the U.S. Government – Executive, Legislature, or Judicial):

3. Self-published but unlawfully obtained (stolen) Social Security #042-68-4425:

4.  His stolen SS#042-68-4425 fails E-Verify, a U.S. government program to determine ELIGIBILITY for employment in the United States:

Finally, the term ‘blithering idiots’ has been changed to ‘TRAITOROUS CO-CONSPIRATORS’, as the word ‘blithering’ means talking foolishly (there is nothing foolish about treason), and ‘idiots’ refers to persons of profound mental retardation (an idiot would not be able to so conspire in the acts of Treason).

So the real and true FUQ (Frequently Unasked Question) of the day – to be asked of anyone traitorous enough to legitimize his treasonous occupancy of the Office, and to even call him ‘President Obama’ is:

Who (or what) has the power to make the issue of Obama’s INELIGIBILITY and acts of TREASON not fit for discussion, only derision … and to turn you (Congress, Judiciary, Military, Media) into a TREASONOUS CO-CONSPIRATOR?

Neil B. Turner graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1957 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He served his country for 7 years as an Army Aviation Officer, then lived internationally in such diverse countries as Germany, The Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. In 2008, he was a CA Elector for the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Chuck Baldwin, and has been involved in the Article II, Section 1 constitutional requirements for the Office of President ever since.

He can be reached at: NBTurner@RoadRunner.com

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  1. ME!
    I was harmed by the fraud that is being perpetuated by the ongoing charade of masquerading a Cheap-Suit-Muslim-Illegal-Immigrant-Felonious-Lying-Identity-Thief-Money-Launderer so called “Obama” (or whatever the lying BUM calls himself today) and all his traitorous cohorts who falsified votes, who violated every citizen’s Constitutional rights in denying the leagal citizens of the US a fair election, and depriving the US citizens of their Civil Rights, as practiced by the TSA.
    Also…the DOJ has failed in their job of arresting, tried, and found guilty the Fraud that IS NOT the president, but some imposture, some plant, some low-life whose ONE job is to destroy Israel and trash the United States Constitution.
    Me, a QUALIFIED Presidential Candidate chosen over a FRAUD, an UN-VETTED FRAUD, FAKE Birth Certificates! My Birth Certificate IS NOT FAKE!
    WE don’t have a president, not a legally QUALIFIED president. What we have is A JOKE. A CLOWN. A USURPER. A FRAUD!

  2. Mr. Turner,

    Please read or re-read the 1790 and 1795 “an Act to ESTABLISH an uniform Rule of Naturalization” … and please read them carefully to understand who was and who was NOT a Citizen under the terms of the Acts so that you can CONSTRUE what the “uniform Rule” IS that was ESTABLISHED by the Acts.

    You can then read ALL of the subsequent Acts on the subject of “naturalization” and come to the conclusion, as I have, that the “uniform Rule” survives as was ESTABLISHED in those Acts and that NO Amendment has enlarged, abridged or otherwise modified that “uniform Rule”

    You will also find that the ability of a child to be “considered as a (U.S.)natural born Citizen” when born abroad to a married Citizen father, as in J. McCain’s SR 511 case, was REPEALED by the 1795 Act which makes the conclusion of the SR 511 UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  3. Neil, as usual, you are absolutely right.
    There is no doubt about that.
    There is no doubt about what needs to be done.
    There IS doubt whether the people WE elected are man enough to do it.