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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.)

(Apr. 5, 2013) —


A group of twenty-nine (29) ordinary citizens came together in peaceful assembly to call attention to the spectacular government corruption discovered in East Tennessee about two years before the Chattanooga Times Free Press began its investigation and reportage in 2012.

Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2010.

Time: Morning

Venue: Madisonville, Tennessee – Monroe County seat.

There were three reporters in Madisonville that day. Two from the print media, one from WBIR-TV. This brings the total muster of this group I describe to thirty-two (32). I have thirty-one (31) names. 

The folks at WBIR-TV can give us the name of the 32nd person, their reporter/cameraman. WBIR-TV is the Knoxville, Tennessee NBC affiliate.

This population of 32 ordinary citizens arrived in Madisonville to encounter an armed camp of military proportions comprised of local, state and federal law enforcement officials and other government operatives. 

This pseudo-military deployment was made up of from 150 – 200 LEOs utilizing air and ground assets of various descriptions. 

Combined estimated cost to Tennessean and federal taxpayers hovers somewhere between three-quarters of a million dollars to a million dollars.


Beforehand, word regarding the peaceful assembly was made public through word-of-mouth and the Internet.

A political activist group called The FOGBOW (previously named POLITIJAB) exploited announcement and news of the peaceful gathering in Madisonville that triggered The MADISONVILLE HOAX.

I describe The FOGBOW as a collective gang of a number of allied satellite groups and individuals joined in common cause.

FOGBOW GANG members learned about the publicized peaceful assembly and exploited the information to serve their intended political purposes and agendas.

FOGBOW GANG members carried out an aggressive phone and email campaign disseminating disinformation intended to and successfully incited a violent confrontation between law-abiding ordinary citizens exercising their freedom of assembly and a military-like state and federal police force.

The FOGBOW GANG members called and emailed local Monroe County government officials.

FOGBOW GANG members issued warnings and threats reporting that I, Walter Fitzpatrick, was planning an armed assault into Madisonville on 20 April 2010. That I was “promising a legion of followers” in a planned act of “domestic terrorist” violence that included intent to bomb buildings, carry out aggravated assault and kidnap. FOGBOW GANG members likened me, and my “supporters” to the likes of Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber), white supremacist James Von Brunn (2009 Holocaust Museum shooter), and James Cummings (2008 dirty bomb-plotter and white supremacist from Maine).

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