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by Sharon Rondeau

Lt. Mike Zullo was the featured guest on “Freedom Friday” hosted by Pastor Carl Gallups on April 5, 2013

(Apr. 5, 2013) — The “Freedom Friday” radio show was evidently overloaded on Friday evening when Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo was Carl Gallups’ guest discussing the investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate and other purported documents.

Audio of the two-hour show has been made available by ObamaReleaseYourRecords.

Gallups stated at the beginning of the show that the bandwidth was normally adequate but could become overloaded because of the popularity of the show and the new information to be released on the birth certificate investigation.

Zullo began speaking about seven minutes into the first segment of the show and briefly discussed his background as a detective in New Jersey before relocating to Arizona.  Zullo is “chief investigator” of the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse, which has been investigating of Obama’s Selective Service registration card and long-form birth certificate for the last 18 months.  On March 1, 2012, Zullo and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ann0unced that the posse had concluded that the two purported documents were “computer-generated forgeries.”

Gallups asked callers to limit their queries to one question because of the high volume of calls.

The first caller asked about letters allegedly sent to the Hawaii Department of Health by Obama and his personal attorney requesting that an exception be made to release his long-form birth certificate in late April 2011.  Zullo stated that the decision not to issue the “long-form” as a matter of routine did not arise from legislative action, but rather, from a policy change at the Health Department.

Gallups asked Zullo to clarify the reason Zullo was asked to become involved in the Cold Case Posse.  Zullo explained that Maricopa County, AZ County Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been approached by approximately 200 constituents who believed their voting rights might have been violated by a fraudulent birth certificate image presented to the public on April 27, 2011 bearing Obama’s name.  Zullo said that he had not previously followed the controversy over Obama’s eligibility or documentation and that Arpaio’s goal was to “clear the president and move on.”

Zullo said that after “about 72 hours” of scrutinizing the birth certificate, he called Arpaio and said, “I think we have a problem.”

A second caller asked why a grand jury had not been assembled to review Zullo’s evidence compiled from the investigation.  Zullo responded that he believed that assembling a citizens’ grand jury would be “symbolic” only and would release sensitive information prematurely.

A third caller said that she had contacted her U.S. Senators and representative as well as The National Enquirer about the allegations of fraud in regard to Obama’s documents.  She asked Zullo why Congress appears to be in denial about the forgery and continues to deal with Obama as if he is legitimate, suggesting that everything he has done should be nullified.

Zullo responded to “Shirley” that Obama “is the sitting United States President,” but that he is “very concerned” at the manner in which the issue of citizenship has been presented “through the mother.”  He said he believes that citizenship has historically been passed down from the father.  Obama claims that his father was a citizen of Great Britain and later, Kenya after it achieved its independence, although Zullo referred to Barack Obama Sr. as “purported.”

Gallups added that Zullo’s “issue” is not Obama’s birthplace, but rather, a “fraudulent, forged, fabricated document” which was “committed in and around the White House.”  Zullo responded that the forged documents are perhaps “the worst” crime perpetrated against America.  Zullo added that in the United States, no one is supposed to be above the law.  “Anybody possessing this document, trying to use this document for gain, would be arrested and prosecuted,” Zullo said.

Gallups described Zullo’s investigative file as “massive…proving that the documents are fraudulent.” Zullo said that the birth certificate image is “not a representation of where this man was born.”  Gallups then said that if Obama had come forward with the microfilm of his birth certificate, he could have been cleared.  He claimed that “obfuscation” and other techniques have kept the truth from emerging.

Zullo responded that he has become “educated on disinformation and disinformation techniques.”  He equated the mainstream “media blackout” to a pretense that an event is not taking place when it is.  He then mentioned internet users who he called “strawmen” set up to “chip away at the truth” in regard to the posse’s criminal investigation.  “What’s going on now and what’s being waged against the American people is techniques…that are called ‘psyops,’ and they’re used to keep you in the dark,” Zullo said.  He added that Obama’s birth certificate was “put together piece by piece.”

In regard to the “strawmen,” Zullo and Gallups suggested that they are “irrelevant” and should be ignored.  “That’s what the White House has done on this issue,” he added, referring to the issue of the fraudulent birth certificate.

The next caller said that the birth certificate image had been included by Obama’s defense attorney in a ballot challenge filed in Illinois to vouch for Obama’s “natural born” status.  “What can be done about this?” he asked.  “Could a criminal complaint be filed?”

Zullo responded that because the birth certificate is fraudulent, “no evidence was offered.”  Zullo said that in order for a prosecutor to “take on” the problem of the forgery, he or she would have to overcome the “ridicule” which would be expected from detractors of the investigation such as the “strawmen.” “Ridicule is the number one weapon that keeps people away,” Zullo said.

Several websites continue to publish propaganda, defamatory remarks, ridicule and obscenities about the Cold Case Posse’s findings and others’ work aimed at uncovering the truth about the man who calls himself “Barack Hussein Obama.”  Zullo specifically mentioned the word “debunked” having been used frequently to discredit investigations into Obama’s past.

One such website, “Turning the Scale,” appears to be offline as of this writing.  Another’s latest entry is September 11, 2012, the day four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya during a terrorist attack which the White House and State Department attempted to portray as a protest over an obscure internet video.  A third has not posted since November 14, 2012.

A Canadian caller who said she has been following the eligibility issue for 4-5 years asked Zullo why he hasn’t been working with Atty. Orly Taitz on the matter of Obama’s allegedly fraudulent Social Security number from Connecticut.

“The problem that we have here is the majority of Orly Taitz’s work has been done in the civil arena,” Zullo answered. “We are in the criminal arena; we are in a different court, different set of standards, different burdens of proof,” he said.  “We are compelled to have the highest standard of evidence.”  Zullo said the “criminal” evidence the Cold Case Posse has cannot be joined with civil cases.

Gallups said that he and Zullo both appreciate what Orly Taitz has been doing and that some “VIPs” might be advancing the criminal aspect of the investigation, referring to the recent presentation to several congressmen at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in mid-March.

Zullo said that the birth certificate image could not withstand scrutiny in a courtroom situation.  “This document has to be brought on trial,” he said.

Gallups then said that the questions “Who produced it?” and “Why did they produce it?” need to be addressed.

Zullo said that his investigation has focused on the forgery but not where Obama was born.

Gallups reported that he had just received a question from “a friend who is a judge” who wanted to know where the PDF came from which is posted on the White House website.  Zullo responded that the image was sitting in a computer in a program called “Preview, 20 minutes before it was uploaded to the White House server.”   He explained that footprints of the graphics programs used to create the image were apparent to the posse’s investigators. “It was compiled through a variety of different programs,” he said.

“Do we know up-front the location of that computer?” Gallups asked, to which Zullo responded,  “We don’t know where the computer was…we don’t know the location of the upload…all we know is it was uploaded to a secure server, the White House server.”  He said that by working backwards, the person who created the forgery can be identified.

The next caller raised the fact that gunshots were fired at Lou Dobbs’ home after he mentioned the birth certificate controversy on the air while working for CNN.  The caller asked Zullo why others such as Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were “so afraid of this.”  Zullo responded that the posse knows that certain “VIPs” in radio were threatened “by the administration” not to mention the questions about the birth certificate and that discussion of the birth certificate ceased 24 hours after it was put on the White House website.  Zullo reasoned that if there were nothing to the claims of forgery, the White House would not care if there were discussion about it.

“This will not go away,” Gallups said, “because it’s so big.”  Gallups stated that if someone presented verifiable evidence contradicting the posse’s findings, he would “declare that from the rooftops.”  Zullo said that that was not going to happen.

The last caller asked if Zullo had presented his findings to “other law enforcement agencies,” to which Zullo said that if that were done, “political agendas” would be encountered.  “We’re trying to cut a clear path,” he added.

After a break, Gallups said that new information would be announced during the last ten minutes of the show.  He then spoke about the visit to CPAC he and Zullo made and their brief meeting with former Rep. Allen West, who chose not to take action on the evidence Zullo possessed on the forgery.

Gallups then said that another “VIP” who had promised action on the forgery “backed out” and made a phone call in which he stated that he “didn’t remember” making a promise.  Gallups said he will be revealing the person’s identity in the near future.

The next caller asked Zullo if he had evidence that Obama had himself committed a felony, to which Zullo said, “No,” although he qualified his answer by stating that there are “some legal hurdles” to using a fraudulent document to “get a benefit.”  “Those are legal battles that will have to ensue,” Zullo said.  He said that generally, if a person offers up a fraudulent document to satisfy the public’s curiosity and then gleaned a monetary benefit from it, the person “would be indicted immediately.”

Another caller named “Fred” asked why Zullo did not include work from a “conservative” named “John Woodman,” who had reportedly offered to help the Cold Case Posse by providing information which contradicted the allegations of forgery of the birth certificate.  The caller suggested that Zullo was “a liar” for not accepting Woodman’s offer of assistance.  Zullo responded that he “had no correspondence” from Woodman and that Woodman is “a defunct entrepreneur” and “no longer in the computer business.”  “I don’t believe that any of his work…we went through the scenarios that he outlayed in his book…none of them…could be duplicated.  Everything he put in that book was merely speculation and conjecture,” Zullo told “Fred.”

Zullo then told the audience, “This is part of the tactic…when I talked to you about disinformation…this is part of the tactic.  They take a guy, they prop him up there; they call him an ‘expert.’  And they trot him around, saying that he’s got the solution, he’s got the answers, he can disprove this when in fact, he can’t.  Then they go to the next level and they call you a ‘liar’…  Well, I want to make this really clear.  I have the evidence; I have undeniable evidence that this document is a 100% forgery.  Make no mistake about it.”

In addition to hosting “Freedom Friday,” Carl Gallups is pastor of a Baptist church in northwestern Florida, is an author and co-founder of the PPSimmons media enterprise

Gallups then joined in, saying that “big, big people” were “freaking out” about the “evidence” they had seen and whom Gallups believes might take action on it.  Gallups recounted that Zullo is working with a large sheriff’s office and “is not out to help people sell books; you’re dealing with a criminal fraud perpetrated against the United States of America.”

Zullo responded that he is “going against a machine” with “one of the most sensitive investigations that can be done.”

During the final segment of the program, Gallups began by thanking his local sponsor, The Local Yokel.

Gallups then asked Zullo if it were true that in the last two days, new information had been found that reinforced the belief that the long-form birth certificate is a forgery, to which Zullo answered in the affirmative.  “It has been haphazardly put together…and this new information solidifies it,” Zullo said.

Gallups asked if it were true several “VIPs” were making arrangements to see the evidence and were speaking “very seriously” with Zullo about advancing the investigation to a new level, to which Zullo said, “That’s true” but would not say more.

“There is a plan of action in the works,” Gallups then said.  “The new authorities are involved and/or are promising to get involved…and just in the last couple of days, new evidence came to light from a very legally-credible source…”  Gallups then described a scenario whereby federal and/or state officials could come forward to see Zullo’s “gift” for them.  “The work that we did over the last 15, 16 months has been verified; that’s how strong it is,” Zullo responded.

Gallups then reminded the listeners that the Cold Case Posse is a non-profit organization which depends on donations from the public to continue its work.

Gallups asked Zullo how long it might be before definitive action is taken if “VIP” promises were kept, to which Zullo responded, “Three to six months.”

“This is serious; it’s of national concern,” Gallups said.  “I want to know who did it and why.”

Zullo told the audience that while they were at CPAC in Washington, DC, they visited Mt. Vernon, the Lincoln Memorial and other historic sites.  “You have to really put this into perspective,” he said.  “The sitting president is no longer a private citizen.  A sitting president, once he gets into that exclusive club, he is now part of a chain of history that goes all the way back to George Washington.  And if you go back in time, every sitting president was transparent about records, places of birth, anything that they were asked.  It was there, and it was easy for anyone to see.  This is the only time that I can recall that it’s happened this way, where everything’s been secretive, and shoved away, and out of sight.”

Gallups then recounted that when they visited Mt. Vernon, including the bedroom where Washington died, Zullo asked a tour guide if Obama had been to Mt. Vernon, to which the guide responded, “He’s the only president in U.S. history who’s never set foot on this property.”

“Mike and I were so ashamed,” Gallups said.

“Mike and I know why, we think,” Gallups said, laughing.  “When you’re there, all you see and hear about is ‘character, character, character.’  I think I know why Obama has not been there.

“Some big stuff’s gettin’ ready to happen!” Gallups concluded the show.


Editor’s Note:  Forbes Magazine is still reporting that “A few hardcore conspiracy theorists will probably now claim that the newly released document is a forgery. Most “birthers,” however, will likely accept the document for what it is — the genuine article. But, my guess is that instead of admitting they were wrong all along, many birthers will merely shift the attack to question the president’s motives in not requesting a waiver of Health Department policy sooner.”

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  1. When will Pelosi be prosecuted for falsifying the DNC papers to 50 states for falsely vetting Obama as “Constitutionally Eligible”?

    1. Pelosi seems to have done it the first time via a sin of VOLITION, as she put Eligible according to the Constitution in the Hawaii Letter, but left it off elsewhere, didn’t she?

      In retrospect, one has to ask oneself why McCain was SO WILLING to let Obama get away with a ransacking of the Constitution.

      The Senate all “made nice” in that non-binding “natural born” declaration they passed regarding McCain’s Panama Birth.

      How could a Senate declaration circumvent the Constitution?

      Perhaps McCain WAS “natural born” if there is an exception made for babies born on foreign soil while parents are in the military (he was born off base wasn’t he?), but the Senate shenanigans at that time seemed to be a bluff to divert attention from Obama’s artifice.

      McCain is supposed to be a bright and courageous albeit patriotic man of high calibre, and yet it appears at the surface that he was only too willing to “go with the flow” so that there would be no problem with HIS candidacy, hence giving a “pass” to Soeotoro.

      There is a glaring lack of patriots and altruistic servants in Congress no matter how much they wrap themselves in the flag, kiss babies and put their hands over their hearts saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

      Their actions and lack of leadership speak for themselves.

      Columnist Diana West’s recent column is a crack in the moratorium on INELIGIBILITY reporting. Ron Paul2012 is joinng the Minutemen now urging members to be with Orly Taitz on April 22 for her court date.

      When Obama is through with Korea he will have to look at what is happening in the USA as the public becomes skeptical of him, while realizing it has been hoodwinked in a mad and fraudulent scheme which ALMOST worked.

      It will be fascinating to read history books 10 years from now.

      The DNC will NOT be the author, that is for sure.

    2. And when they get done with Pelosi, they’ll have to go after Biden for the same thing. He’s the one that certified him eligible for the ballots this time around.

  2. The Taitz and Posse work is complementary, although many of Orly’s supporters are frustrated that Arpaio has not brought the charges already. It is beneficial that both approaches are ongoing, as, together, they are heightening awareness at mercurial speed. Why would Issa and Goodlatte finally respond to Orly? Why would Diana West be so adamant about Obama Fraud in her syndicated column.

    The ensuing hard feelings when Obama is removed and probably prosecuted will undoubtedly be tough for many in America and shall be met with some measure of incredulity around the world.

    However, in the end, it will be an example of the worth of democracy which only is possible with eternal vigilance and struggle.

    The alternative is one party rule such as in Cuba, increasingly Russia, and North Korea.

    God bless The Post Email for keeping its readers up to date every step of the way.

    It is our contemporary Federalist Papers, Sons of Liberty and Paul Revere in one.

  3. Part II,
    Number 9.
    9.The information should be shared with “Other” law enforcement agencies.
    10.If Zullo doesn’t have any evidence that Obama has committed a felony,have him call me. There is a plethora of evidence to conclude that Obama is a Traitor,Spy,RICO Criminal miscreant.The hell,there isn’t any evidence.It is in front of everyone’s noses…common knowledge.
    11. Insofar as Obama is NOT the bona-fides POTUS nor is he the “sitting President” (even if he were,he is NOT immune from prosecution,Clinton v. Jones),Obama IS quite incontrovertibly a “Private Citizen” that can be arrested by any law enforcement official in the District of Columbia.,the Proper venue for Obamma’s prosecution for usurpation according to U.S. Magistrate Leslie Foschio of the U.S.District Court in the Western District of New York.
    12. “Birthers” are not wrong,Forbes. Obama is NOT “the President*.
    * See: “There is NO ‘President’ Obama” in the P&E archives.

  4. 1.Obama is NOT a “sitting President”.
    2.Obama is NOT the bona-fides “President”.
    3.A Natural-Born Citizen is one who meets BOTH Jus Soli.,”Born on U.S. Soil AND Jus Sanquinis.,”of parents who are [BOTH]Americans”.
    4.”A Sitting President is NOT immune from acts committed by him before he took office”,Clinton v.Jones,SCOTUS
    5.”Citizen’s Juries” are distinct from “Grand Juries”.They are called “Presentment” Hearings. Zullo was asked “Why a GRAND Jury was not assembled…” and not “Why a Citizen’s Grand Jury was not assembled?. “Presentmeent Hearings” are what a Citizens Jury is called. I would like an answer to the caller’s question why a “Grand Jury” has not been enpanelled. There have been several “Presentment” hearings. I served on two of them. They are NOT “Symbolic”. That is what the rulemakers of the FRCrimP would have you think but it is not the case.These “Presentment” hearings are enshrined in the Fifth Amendment.
    6. The “issue” IS Obama’s birthplace as well as his Parent’s status at the time of his birth.
    7. I do not bellieve that the evidence the Posse has may not be “Joined in a Civil case”.However,it CERTAINLY can be presented in a Criminal case.
    8.It cannot be assumed that several media commentators,even on FOX are all “afraid” because they were threatened. Perhaps they are simply misprisioners and complicit with a cover-up….