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from Erica Michelle Henderson

Erica Michelle Henderson is hoping for more overnight visits with her seven children and to eventually regain custody of them

(Apr. 5, 2013) —[Editor’s Note:  The following was posted today by Erica Henderson, who recently enjoyed two overnight visits with her seven children, who have been in foster care through the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for almost two years after Erica and her husband Jeffrey were jailed.]

Good news for April! The rent and internet/phone bills are paid.

This morning I finally finished a legal letter to my appellate attorney for S******’s case, which as we all know, should be open and shut. When I spoke with her on the phone two weeks ago I learned that the court records are not complete (surprise, surprise, lol), and the title XX’s are nowhere to be found. (Title XX’s are the departments notes on communication with the client). These are two very important factors because part of DCFS’s argument is that we did not communicate with them, and they are denying my lack of due process claims because they are trying to say I never asked to represent myself. As you can see this was a very important letter needed to clarify the events for my appellate attorney.

Jeffrey has applied for two local positions this week one for a dry cleaner, and one for the local health foods store. He is working on finishing his law school app today. If I could just hang in there financially until he starts school, I will be all right.

I have requested overnights this weekend for friday and saturday nights. I have heard nothing yet. This makes things difficult as I need supplies for their visit, and lugging this on a bus last minute is just not an option. Hopefully it will be good news. I will keep you posted.

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