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How much have lax and unenforced immigration laws cost America?

(Apr. 2, 2013) — It makes no difference how many trips around the sun one has under his belt, everyone needs to take a little time out now and then for contemplation. I used to go to Sunday School and then attend the Service.  I always looked forward to the time that was set aside for prayer, when the minister would instruct us to “think about what you did since we last met and how you could improve your life for the next week.”

I’d think back that my throw to first wasn’t so great and that this next week I’ll make 10 free throw shots in a roll. Next I’d think of the ways of women and God’s plan. I mean, the girls I liked, they didn’t like me, and the ones I really liked didn’t really like me. These were the years in grade school, when my life revolved around baseball, with basketball as a fill-in when the fields were too muddy or covered with a couple of feet of snow.

Fast forward to now, Easter Sunday in the year of Our Lord 2013. I’m older, having spun around the sun a few times.  Ssome of my grey hairs were put there, not by the years, but by life, things happening out of the ordinary, like a hernia operation, or getting shot at a long time ago in a place far away. I was a different person then, immature and thought I knew everything. Now that I’m older, I know I don’t know everything, but I know enough about liars, cheats and untrustworthy people to be wary. One thing I did learn, first-hand, back when I was in the military, was not to trust the government any farther than you could throw it.  Some things never change.

This Easter I made a list, and here it is:

Me: Guns for everyone.

The Government: guns for the military, police, crooks, robbers, thieves, people with bad intent, car-jackers, home invaders, bad/mean lawbreakers.

Me: Deport illegal immigrants.

The Government: Open borders, food stamps, free housing, college, medical, Social Security payments.

Me: Get out of the UN.

The Government: Invite UN troops into our country, abide by anti-American resolutions.

Me: Deport Muslims.

The Government: Import as many Muslims as possible, millions, allow Islamic armories (mosques) to sprout up everywhere, allow al Qaeda training camps to operate freely within our borders, allow the DOJ, Homeland Security, of which TSA is a part, our military and the White House to be infiltrated by our enemy; allow CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to operate with impunity within our borders.

Me: Foreign aid to our friends.

The Government: Give weapons, billions of dollars, to peoples who hate Americans and Israel.

Me: Fire teachers that don’t teach.

The Government: Reward teachers who are failures; so what if Johnny can’t read nor write? Socialism is good, the US bad and must be destroyed, the Constitution replaced with Sharia Law.

Me: Abolish the IRS in favor of a Flat Tax.

The Government: Gives the IRS and other agencies sweeping powers to tax illegally, to violate Constitutional rights.

Interesting, is it not? The government and I are 180 degrees apart on EVERYTHING. Makes you wonder whose side they’re on.




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    1. Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” and “The Castle” are two prime examples of what you say.
      For those of you who haven’t been yet fortunate to read those books, stand by for the real meaning of “frustration.”

  1. Which only shows that the “GUBBER-MINT lives is a “PARALLEL UNIVERSE”, their “POLARITY” is REVERSED!!-(just consider the +/Positive and the -/negative being switched~all VOLTS ‘n NO AMPS= ALL Talk ‘n NO JUICE!!)~