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by OPOVV, ©2013

Where is the America we knew and loved, ca. 1940, where safety, security, and happiness abounded?

(Mar. 31, 2013) — Dear Readers,


I’ve a favor to ask: read this and, at the end, follow the link and listen, really listen, to the song.

So there was this valley, a basin, really, couple of hundred square miles, and it was peaceful until the Federals moved in and took over with Gestapo. Tactics, and a number of the population went along with it, even helping the outsiders steal and destroy what was once a tranquil place to have a family, grow old and spoil the little ones.

These traitors were no good anyway; nobody gave them the time of day before the Federals took control of everything and nobody gave them the time of day afterwards. The Federals offered money, positions and trinkets of silver, worthless items, really, compared to the worth of a person’s honor, the credit of his integrity or the value of his soul.

Draconian measures were put into place by the Federals, even to the point of attempting to confiscate the people’s weapons. Oh, searches were made, even warrants issued by corrupt judges who turned their backs on their Oath, a justice system comprising Judas, the lowest possible denomination of maggot, lower than a jailhouse snitch.

But the people were smarter than their enemy thought, than their turncoat neighbors believed possible. When the signal was raised, when the people threw the Federals and the traitors off their backs, it was a sight to see.

After the Revolutionary War, the supporters of The Crown were encouraged to leave the United States of America. Some required an extra push and everyone turned a blind eye if any so-called improprieties occurred in “helping” the traitors decide to leave or not. They left.

The title of this short (yet clear and concise) editorial was prompted when I was listening, really listening, to Gogi Grant sing “Suddenly There’s a Valley.”  I want you to do the same, to listen, and picture America as our valley, our home. We can do this. We can get our country back.

Thank you,


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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, lyrics and pictures. The thought/saying, “I remember when” comes to mind.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.